Proof Dr. Kelli Ward frightens John McCain

Ann Kirkpatrick is an example of McMisdirection. Primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward presents actual threat

The negative commercials have hit the airwaves.  They not only show a distorted image of Dr. Kelli Ward, a two-term Arizona state senator, military wife, mother and  physician, but also grotesque misrepresentation of her conservative record while absurdly claiming she would “leave Arizonans vulnerable to attack from terrorists.” 

Unless you’re paying close attention, it would be easy to miss the group putting out the vile deception: Arizona Grassroots Action PAC. Lisa Lisker is listed as the PAC’s treasurer. The address of this PAC attempting to present itself as Arizona grassroots activists is curiously based in Alexandria, Virginia — a stone’s throw from the seats of power in Washington, D.C. The high-dollar donors are listed in the Federal Elections Commission April 15, 2016 Report of Receipts and Disbursements — covering the period from January 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016.

Even after making disbursements of $127,619.20, the PAC still has $714,062.44 listed as “Cash on Hand.” Take a guess where that money will be directed. Lisa Lisker, owner of a D.C. area firm which provides political financial consulting and collaboration with PACs, was coincidentally the treasurer for Marco Rubio’s failed presidential bid. Rubio and McCain were connected by the golden amnesty chain holding together the ‘Gang of Eight’ Republicrats and Dems, all committed to the flood of cheap illegal labor entering the U.S. The Chamber of Commerce generously funds the candidates who tender their votes resulting in undercutting wages of American workers.

Among the scant smattering of Arizona donors, the list is rife with big spenders from California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan — all of whom obviously have the best interests of Arizonans at heart — people like San Francisco resident Gregory Wendt.

Writing about John McCain’s retaliatory actions including colluding with Obama donor Gregory Wendt after his embarrassing censure by his home state’s elected delegates, FrontPagemag, correctly noted:

“There’s something obviously slimy about a powerful senator using out-of-state money to try and purge local critics in his own party. It’s anti-democratic and exactly the kind of thing that McCain, who claimed to be for campaign finance reform, was expected to oppose.

Except he’s been doing it for a while.

This is the problem with McCain. He’s not only a liberal Republican, but he’s vindictive and ethically challenged. He doesn’t seem to represent Arizona. He represents a handful of wealthy out-of-state donors trying to manufacture voters still willing to blindly pull the lever for him.”

Although John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day and is arrogantly running for another 6-year senate term, sends out numerous campaign beg-a-thon emails citing Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick as his challenger as if he has a clear route to the General Election. He knows — as do his donors who fund this despicable PAC — that his actual challenge is Dr. Kelli Ward. That fact is made all too clear by the fact that it’s solely Republican Kelli Ward who is in the sights of the vicious, liberal-funded ad campaign. McCain’s tried and true modus operandi is to tack right at election time and revert back immediately after the votes are tallied. He and his junior sidekick, Jeff Flake, who has honed the same strategy, were working with far left Democrats Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin other amnesty”gangsters” within hours after the ballots were counted.

Kelli Ward says, “Send a fresh, new voice to the U.S. Senate: Let’s shake up Washington together.” Arizonans have that chance!  Let’s not botch it. Show these deceivers Arizona Republicans can’t be bought by out-of-state leftists.


5 Responses to Proof Dr. Kelli Ward frightens John McCain

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Another excellent post, guys! If we make it a point to talk to people and let them know the truth about the conservative hating “maverick,” we can defeat this deceiver. Talk up Kelli Ward. Another candidate in this race is self funding his televised campaign ads. Conservatives need to get behind Kelli Ward.

    Send her what you can. She needs to compete with this well funded liberal PAC and McCain and his beer heiress wife.

  2. Braveheart says:

    For some reason, though I have never voted for John McCain, I receive his emails. My observation is the same as mentioned here in today’s post. McCain acts as though the Primary is a done deal and he’s the victor, who will be going head to head with democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the general election. My contention is that is nothing more than self aggrandizing hype to make himself appear relevant. He isn’t, and won’t be. Donald Trump’s soaring numbers show that Republicans are fed up with the status quo, and who is more representative of that than RINO, democrat colluder John McAmnesty??

  3. Longtime GOP PC says:

    John McCain also has long tentacles that reach into the governor’s office and beyond. He owns current Governor Doug Ducey and when Jan Brewer took over after Janet Napolitano left office to move to the Obama administration, McCain operatives were all over the 9th Floor of the Executive Tower, moving Brewer around like a chess piece. This is not rocket science. All you need to do is pay attention and talk to those who know, such as any bold Republican state legislators.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    I’m a lifelong Arizonan. My family goes back generations in this state. John McCain has never represented me or any other Republican I’m acquainted with or related to.

    The people of Virginia defeated their RINO U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, who thought he was untouchable as House Majority Leader. Conservative David Brat, a college professor and political novice was massively outspend by Cantor, but in the end the people had the last word. So it will be with Kelli Ward. We need a doctor to address the fraud that is Obamacare. McCain says his work isn’t finished. As far as I’m concerned he’s done nothing but screw us over for decades. Besides which he’s got a hell of a lot of nerve running for another 6 years term at age 80.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    PS: My previous comment in no way is meant to imply Kelli Ward doesn’t need campaign donations. Of course she does and I’ve done my share as well. Please join me and those who realize that McCain needs to be retired, This is what the Senate Conservatives Fund says about McCain: