Alex Meluskey lacking senate creds rips Dr. Kelli Ward

Why is Alex Meluskey tearing into Dr. Kelli Ward in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race?  Rather than promoting what he regards as his own qualities and whatever he would count as relevant experience, he’s sending out vicious attacks on the most accomplished person running to unseat John McCain. Dr. Kelli Ward is a two-term former state senator and physician uniquely able to tackle the nightmare of Obamacare.

Though the Senate Conservatives Fund posts Retire John McCain, Meluskey, most recently registered as PND or Party Not Designated, appears to be soundly in the McCain Camp, as he runs a sham campaign while calling himself a “principled conservative.”

McCain’s strategy has always included “ringers” like Meluskey, whose job it is to skew the race to McCain — first elected in 1982. Rasmussen polling revealed during the 2010 campaign, GOP  voters in Arizona unequivocally expressed displeasure with John McCain by an astonishing 61%, saying he‘s out of touch with the Republican base.

In the intervening years, anti-McCain ire has intensified. McCain has been censured by an overwhelming majority of elected state committeemen, who are tired of his leftist trickery. And Alex Meluskey, believed by many to be an operative for the very senior senator who will be 80 by Election Day, works to muddy the waters.

When it comes to John McCain’s election desperation, there is no sewer fetid or dank enough to contain his schemes. During his 2010 senate race, candidates came out of the woodwork to enter the fray. One widely suspected to be a recruited stooge, had his home mysteriously removed from foreclosure proceedings after the election.

We invite you to review Proof Dr. Kelli Ward frightens John McCain. Then ask yourself why she is being hammered by a marginal candidate lacking even a Republican registration — until it was beneficial to him. And why do you think Meluskey employs an inside the beltway public relations team to do his dirty work?

This is Dr. Kelli Ward, a principled, Constitutional conservative, who will bring credentials and much needed decency to the U.S. Senate. She will make Arizonans proud to finally have representation. Alex Melusky’s tactics are reprehensible as is his faked conservatism. 



11 Responses to Alex Meluskey lacking senate creds rips Dr. Kelli Ward

  1. Doc says:


    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD SOB!!

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    Another information filled post, SRAZ! Thanks for the much needed clarity. McCain is as despised by conservatives as he, in turn, despises us and our values. How can this arrogant man in good conscience run for a 6 year term at 80? Why is this a topic no one touches?

    As to Meluskey, he obviously has no shame.

    • Anna Gaines says:

      McCain runs because he’s mean spirited and vengeful. He has no word of honor as a former Military man should have. Where is the “Darn Fence” he was supposed to build. If he had any self respect he would retire. He made enough money offending his employers, the Constituents of AZ. Time to let in some fresh air in his office. Retire now or get fired McCain!

  3. William Heuisler says:

    Who helps Meluskey afford the DC-based Robert Morris Group and his RMG-connected characters who run his campaign? Answer: McCain allies like Lindsey Graham in DC “invest” to split the Primary Anti-McCain vote. Look up Graham’s “West Main Street Values PAC”. Graham spent over 2 million dollars in 2014 to arrange 6 (six!) decoy primary opponents in his own reelection campaign
    How does this work? Presidential-Candidate-meets, fine hotels, visits to Vegas, and Nashville do not hurt McCain, but may convince enough naive AZ voters that Alex Meluskey is a legitimate AZ candidate. Meluskey came here 2 years ago, became a Republican and broke our election laws to become a PC in Precinct 59.

    Meluskey’s campaign is an insult to Arizona Republican Primary Voters. He broke AZ Laws (16-1003) & (16- 1019) in 2014 by printing and distributing his own phony Precinct 59 slate. His ex-Chairman, PT Burton, conned voters into a 2015 no-show, no refund “convention”. And now Meluskey’s RMG Gang’s admitted Fraud, Shane Krauser, is “Investing” Meluskey’s “loan to himself” to split the anti-McCain vote.
    The Meluskey “campaign” is a fraud run by frauds funded by DC “allies” of John McCain.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Alex Meluskey is doing McCain’s dirty work for him. There will be a payoff.

    • Braveheart says:

      Jimmie Lee Deakin posed as a tea party conservative, duping the ill-informed while syphoning votes from the best congressman Arizona has had in my memory: JD Hayworth!
      He could run circles around the lightweight John McAmnesty and wrote the definitive book on illegal immigration, “Whatever It Takes. “

  5. barries1 says:

    I wish she would say her campaign manager wasn’t Cruz trasher Roger Stone – Otherwise love her!

  6. Army Of One says:

    Meluskey is what the Beatles called a real “Nowhere Man.” He’s got his much chance of winning this senate race as my dog, Tomcat. The point is, why the dirty tricks? I watched the Kelli Ward video in the post, and she gave accolades to McCain for his military service. Proof that there’s a real difference between class and an ass. ]

  7. Anna Gaines says:

    Meluskey should be ashamed of himself for attacking Dr. Ward who is far more qualified than a “Johnny come lately” which is the part he’s playing. If he had any common sense and dignity he would graciously vow out and let Dr. Ward use her experience as a legislator on behalf of, and for the good of all Arizonans.