More AZ GOP establishment collusion? & Update

AZ’s March 12, 2016 Presidential Preference Election results gave Donald Trump 46% of the vote to Ted Cruz’ 28%. What was the funny business at that led to Cruz sweeping the delegates at the Presidential Preference Convention on Saturday?


Delegates. Delegates, who‘s got the delegates?

Here’s the breakdown of delegates. Good luck in figuring it out.


16 Responses to More AZ GOP establishment collusion? & Update

  1. MacBeth says:

    The answer is our votes mean nothing to the party insiders personified by Robert Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake and Doug Ducey. They are all complicit in promoting schemes that grassroots conservative activists and Arizona GOP voters in general, abhor. They do the bidding of the pro-illegal hardliners of the illegal alien profiteers at the Chambers of Commerce who prefer to undercut the salaries of American citizen workers as they promote the illegal invasion for their own enrichment.

  2. cheezcrisp says:

    State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Councilman Sal Diciccio, Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are correct! Today’s election was NOT a fair election. It was abundantly obvious to everyone in attendance at the State Convention today that Trump supporters showed up at about the same proportion of how Arizona’s voters voted on March 22nd. Almost twice as many for Trump as there were for Senator Cruz. So how in the world did Cruz win the lion’s share of National Delegates?
    It was very obvious; accountable voting disappeared. In the mornings elections, Maricopa County’s voting machines were on hand. But in the crucial voting for the afternoon, those machines were nowhere to be found! And why is that important? Because the County’s voting machines allow that the voting can be verified if the process is contested. We can always go back, and hand count the paper ballots to verify the vote. But the crucial afternoon voting was done online (smartphones or laptops). Individuals could have a record on their device of how they voted, but there is no way to verify with officials and manually count ALL the ballots to certify the election. Once again, abundantly clear Trump should have walked away with the Delegate count, yet he did not.
    There are very serious questions here. First and foremost: Why wasn’t this very important election conducted on the machines that were already in the building which would have provided a paper trail? The answer is obvious, Robert Graham didn’t want there to be a paper trail!
    We were promised by the AZGOP that there would be opportunity given at the meeting to introduce floor resolutions. The promise was broken, and we were denied the process. We demand to know why. Hundreds of people petitioned for it.
    When the meeting began this morning, an outsider (a parliamentarian) was hired and brought in to conduct the meeting, which is a violation of the rules. When several members called out “point of order” to express their concerns, they were shut down. Another violation. There should have been a microphone in the aisle for members to voice a grievance that the rules were not being followed. The grievance must be heard, and answer given, and then a vote taken after a motion to entertain followed by a second. Instead of members being allowed to object, they were improperly ruled out of order and then a verbal threat was made by Robert Graham that those who objected would be removed from the room.
    The Gestapo Bully tactics of Robert Graham were on display, and membership was denied their rights in being allowed their voice of opposition.

    These serious violations must be reported to the media. Lawsuits must be filed! “WE THE PEOPLE” are tired of the ‘the establishment’ putting a muzzle on our freedoms.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I thank Donald Trump for exposing the Republican party, USA.
    The behavior in Arizona is disgraceful. The hoodlums are exposed. We know who they are. They have to know Ted Cruz and Fiorina cannot possibly win a national election, so it must be that they’ll find a way, “legal” of course, to slip in a Paul Ryan or root/vote for Hillary. That’ll fix it! Anything they do will be a problem for the Grand Old Stupid Party.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Jan Brewer, on

    Ted Cruz is no different than John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, or Obama. Liars, all. Pathological liars.
    Do they learn their tricks in law school, or are they born that way?

    • azgary says:

    • Villanova says:

      What’s the anti-lawyer snark about? John Boehner never went to law school and Mitch McConnell has held elective office since the 1970’s, so he hasn’t practiced law in decades. God help you if you ever need a lawyer. You’re so knowledgeable you can defend yourself and have a fool for a client.

  5. azgary says:

    Trump “delegates” even got more votes:

    Results – National Delegate Election

    Turnout: 1106 (89.8%) of 1231 electors voted in this ballot.

    Slate Selection


    Trump 430 (38.9%)

    Cruz 409 (37.0%)

    Select Own Delegates 181 (16.4%)

    Kasich 57 (5.2%)

    Unity 29 (2.6%)


    the cruz/gope way.

    yeah, they believe in the constitution?

    seems they forgot the “We The People” part

    • Hunter says:

      Gary, based on the numbers you are supplying, the outcome does not appear corrupt. Since each person got to cast votes for 56 people, a small majority in votes at the convention translates to a much larger percentage of delegates selected. Trump + Unity = 430 + 29 = 459. Cruz + Kasich = 409 + 57 = 466. The people who selected their own delegates provided the votes that allowed most Trump delegates to be selected. People on the Cruz and Kasich slates vs the Trump and Unity slates would be 7 votes ahead before those who selected their own delegates were counted.

      It would have been better if the voting machines had been used to provide better accountability, but the results are not indicative of improper vote counting or corruption. It’s simple arithmetic.

      Obviously, the state convention delegates are slightly less impressed with Trump than the voters are. It will only matter if there is a more than one ballot – which I hope will be the case.

      As usual, the Trump people are whining and complaining because they lost. If their numbers had been slightly higher and they had won most of the delegates, they would not be complaining about the process being unfair. One could also argue that it is unfair that Trump gets all of the delegates on the first ballot even though he didn’t even win a majority (just a plurality) of the vote in the primary election.

      This process has two steps: the primary and delegate selection. Running to win in each step is what the candidates should be doing. If Trump lost the delegate selection process, that’s his fault. Stop whining!

  6. Realist says:

    I’ll give my version of the shenanigans in two words: Robert McGraham — although I agree with MacBeth’s list of GOP traitors. I’ll answer the question posed here with another: Why are the Republican members of the AZ delegation all silent? I’d sure as hell like to hear from them. We pay them more than decent salaries to “represent” us. Are they afraid to open their mouths and speak some truth??

  7. jakesez says:

    I am a Cruz supporter, however, I am disgusted that the 277,000 Arizona voters who voted for Trump and making him the winner of our primary, had their votes voided by Graham and his gang. I will personally work against anyone who knowingly worked on this sham.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jan Brewer is being interviewed right now by Laura Ingraham regarding the ripoff meeting on Saturday. Brewer said she and the people of AZ were cheated.