Sen. Ted Cruz’ greatest blunders

For an acknowledged brilliant guy, with conservative values that rankle the GOP establishment, he’s woefully deficient in the strategy department

Talking about “New York values” right before the New York primary was not a smart move. The reverberation from that perceived slam, put this icing on his resounding defeat cake.

Conspiring with the self-centered John Kasich to put the skids on Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign — only to have the undisciplined and slippery spoiler Kasich bail on him. Kasich is hoping for a brokered convention, which has the very real potential to ensure the GOP future political irrelevance .

Ted Cruz’ selection  of Carly Fiorina “I have great admiration for Hillary Clinton” (video) as his Vice Presidential running mate. Fiorina also supports and lauds John McCain (video) as well as serving as an economic adviser to, and  high dollar bundler for his failed presidential campaign.

Refusing to answer”Meet The Press” interviewer Chuck Todd NINE TIMES Sunday as to whether he’d support Donald Trump if he‘s ultimately the GOP nominee.

Where are his advisers?


22 Responses to Sen. Ted Cruz’ greatest blunders

  1. cheezcrisp says:

    Multiple Kudos!

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    Heidi Cruz referring to her Canadian-born husband as “an immigrant” on Sunday didn’t help. His campaign says she “misspoke.” Cruz’ mother is an American, his father was born in Cuba.

  3. azgary says:

    BREAKING: Gravis Indiana Poll: Trump Now 17 pts Ahead of Cruz, Nears 50%

    At this point cruz and kasich are ONLY in it at the command of the gope/uniparty and their globalist owners like goldman sachs to harm Trump in the general election and give it to hillary who is one of them

  4. Realist says:

    Just heard the latest regarding Tuesday’s Indiana Primary. Trump reportedly holds a 15 point lead over Cruz. 57 delegates are at stake.
    I’m a Cruz supporters, but am stunned by the way the campaign is stumbling.

  5. azgary says:

    details on the collusion between robert graham and the gope and cruz to disenfranchise voters and cheat and steal the election.

    seems there is not much love for the “constitution” particularly the “We The People” part

    • Hunter says:

      That’s baloney. The numbers you previously supplied about the number of votes for each slate show why there were more Cruz delegates than Trump delegates. Apparently, the Cruz campaign was clever enough to get many of its slate also on the Kasich slate. Cruz + Kasich > Trump + Unity. That explains the reason for more Cruz delegates.

      It’s simple arithmetic. Maybe Trump should pass out parts of his “good brain” to help his supporters figure it out.

      The simple fact is that the state delegates were less impressed with Trump than the voters were. I’m not surprised. As representatives of Republican voters with a greater familiarity with the issues and personalities, they have a legitimate say too.

      It does surprise me that anyone who supports Trump, someone who has probably never even read the Constitution, is appealing to it. Of course, it is a poorly argued appeal, so I guess it’s not that surprising.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Someone apparently let Heidi Cruz out of her designer strait jacket.
    Why did Heidi not resign from her managerial position with Goldman-Sachs instead of just taking a leave of absence? Even Obama, in his very snarky remarks at Saturday night’s WH Correspondents Dinner stated that he was going to be hitting up Goldman Sachs for some easy money when he begins his lecture circuit as private citizen numero uno..

    FYI: There is much talk among Cuban-Americans in Miami regarding our current political mess. Many are saying that we are on a slippery slope towards Communism.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Watch Carly Fiorina as she falls off stage in Indiana
    “Drops like Cruz polls”

    I’m beginning to pity the campaign. Campaign should have already ended, but I think the GOPe wants Cruz and Kasich to stay in for obvious reasons: Kill Trump’s campaign.

    For any Cruz supporters, he’s on the Mike Gallagher show right now 960 AM.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Carly took a tumble for Ted.
      Meanwhile, Ted is looking to his left and Heidi is waving wildly to the crowd like someone running for MIss Congeniality.

      Carly may have to spend that $500,000 that Ted gifted to her in order to find a good Ortho guy.

      Glenn Beck has given pink slips to 60 employees after he claims that he has spent half a mill bankrolling Ted.
      Guess Heidi and Glenn are taking turns using that strait jacket.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Actually I was on a radio show in Chicago last night with AZ Rep Livingston where he talked about that. He said he’s in Jan’s CD and was there when there was a coin toss and she lost. Then she bowed out of the first vote and got 92 votes in the 2nd. She was on the Unity slate. She lost, no games being played. Interesting.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Were you an invited guest on the radio program or just tuned in as part of the radio audience? If you were an actual guest, why don’t you provide your full name and credentials that placed you in the “guest” category? Vagueness doesn’t cut it.

  9. Doc says:

    I believe the Cruz campaign is a goner. As a Cruz supporter from the start, I find myself saddened by the blunders of late by Senator Cruz as well as his campaign. SRAZ asks one of the most relevant questions, referring to the location (sic) of his advisers. I now am 0 for 3 in Presidential election support, although the original loss was in ’08 when mcTraitor threw the race, so I’m not sure that 1 counts. There really wasn’t a candidate in it. In ’12 my guy was Mr. Cain, & now, this.

    I therefore call “UNCLE”!!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Carly says “Look. I’m a conservative.” Every time I’ve heard her say that – I chuckled. A conservative what? Feminist? Democrat? That list is damning.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      I take no pleasure in quoting Slick Willy Clinton, but “I feel your pain,” since it’s my own. At the onset of the overly crowded GOP field of 17, the one standout in my mind was Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s heroic and victorious union fighter. Ben Carson self imploded, which caused me more heartburn. I agree that Ted Cruz has needlessly blown his chances. So it’s Trump or Hillary, since Obama, who looks to her for his third disastrous term, will see to it she’s never indicted.

      I’m beyond disheartened and fear we are losing our country. Our purposely undereducated youth being brainwashed in liberalism by their unionist teachers, are all in for Socialist Bernie Sanders. I never thought I’d see such lunacy in my lifetime. But we conservatives cannot give up or our Constitution will be shredded and our granddaughters will be wearing burquas and their brothers will be slaughtering innocents in the name of Allah. Of course we won’t be able to acknowledge that because the Religion of Peace’s thought and speech police will haul us off in orange jumpsuits to be publicly beheadied.

      • Doc says:

        Patriot Dad- I truly believe that Mr. Trump beats hillary AND former (r) nominee romney all day, every day! We Constitutionalists could do much worse. “The glass is half Full.”, not half empty! Take heart, Sir!

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    A must read regarding the three mega donors who keep Cruz afloat.

    One mega donor, a guy from Texas, lives in Puerto Rico to take advantage of tax laws.

    Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is in default, as of May 1, on just a few bucks it owes US.