London poised to elect Muslim mayor today: Has defended terrorists

Unrestrained immigration alters demographics, dooms native cultures

Is “So what?” the appropriate response to the fact that London is poised to elect its first Muslim mayor? The Washington Post thinks so.

The distance between Phoenix, Arizona and London, England is well over 5,000 miles, with eight hours separating the two time zones. But there are myriad ties that bind us from shared history and language to our legal system based in part on English common law.

 The Spectator, a British publication, features a report titled, “Muhammad really is the single most popular boys’ name in England and Wales.” The Daily Mail, a well-respected British news source reported in December 2015 on the proliferation of Sharia courts dispensing ‘justice.’ At the time the article was written, there were eighty-five such courts.

Breitbart (London edition) headlines its article, “London is about to elect a Muslim mayor who has defended Islamists, 9/11 terrorists, and who is endorsed by anti-Semites.” That news is definitely worth more than a casual shoulder shrug accompanied by “So what?” Londoners go to the polls today to choose a replacement for the outgoing Mayor, Boris Johnson MP, the conservative who has held the post since 2008. Despite the fact the Labour Party is currently mired in an anti-Semitism scandal, if all things remain equal, expect the party’s candidate Sadiq Khan MP to be confirmed in the early hours of Friday morning. Zac Goldsmith is the conservative candidate.

Regardless of the laissez-faire attitude exhibited by the tolerant-of-everything Washington Post, this is serious business, with far-reaching consequences, as Europeans throughout the continent stand at the brink of becoming minorities in their own countries. Prolific Muslim mass immigration coupled with exceedingly high birth rates will topple the ethnic Europeans and their unique cultures in short order. 

Gatestone Institute identifies “The True Cost of Europe’s Muslim “Enrichment,” pointing to the dire consequences of the demographic changes, coupled with the resistance to assimilation. Country by country the effects of unchecked immigration are staggering. Europe’s immigration/migrant/refugee crisis is not a “So what?”

Neither is ours.

Donald Trump’s repeated vow to “build a wall” has given him the GOP nomination, surprising establishment pundits. 


7 Responses to London poised to elect Muslim mayor today: Has defended terrorists

  1. Doc says:

    Idjits! Sadly, they asked for it. I personally know some fine medical professionals who are muslims. They all seem decent enough. However, in a firefight…would I give them a weapon to use along side of me?

  2. MacBeth says:

    Fundamental Islamists despise Democracy and are willing to tell outrageous lies and bully others to further their cause. Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its leftist allies caused havoc in San Diego recently, but rated little coverage in the MSM… Hundreds of anti-Israel/anti-American activists surrounded the police car in which the President of San Diego State University sat, trapping him inside for nearly two hours demanding he condemn Israel instead of defending free speech, as he had.

  3. jakesez says:

    We get what we deserve. When England has been converted to a Muslim country “what were we thinking” is not going to help one bit. What’s done is done.

    We need to learn from history and ignore the liberal naysayers defending open boarders or we will be in the same boat someday.

  4. PV PC says:

    I travel frequently for business and have seen the dramatic changes throughout England, Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands over the past several years as Muslims have become increasingly dominant. There are areas in France where police do not go since Muslim immigrant mobs have taken over arondissements or sections/neighborhoods. Remember the 2005 riots where sections of Paris were set aflame? Perhaps these thugs (erroneously called immigrants) will feel more at home if Paris and the rest of Europe resemble Beirut and the Sudan?

    Read this…..

  5. State Delegate says:

    Adam Taylor who wrote that incredibly foolish Washington Post commentary linked under the words. “So What?” might remember his position when his daughter and granddaughters are wearing burquas and his male progeny are blowing themselves up, along with actual innocents, for the promise of dozens of virgins in the hereafter. Liberals obviously think with their asses.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Interesting. Muslims everywhere.
    As a monumental wildfire is burning out of control in Alberta, Canada, the photos show large numbers of muslim men and women, all of whom seem to be carrying babies, fleeing.

    The fire started near Fort McMurray, in the province of Alberta.
    This is home to the third largest oil field outside of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Hhhmmm. It has been the subject of many reports lately that the economy in Venezuela has gone belly-up due to government corruption and plummeting prices on crude oil.

    As for the muslims, it is reported that within the next ten years, muslims will be the majority in Britain. Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her 90th birthday. Will the monarchy survive the muslim invasion? The royals are completely silent on political issues. The only things that the heir apparent, Prince Charles, seems to be obsessed with are climate change and his rose gardens.