AZ Gov. Ducey’s veto supports gun restrictionist Michael Bloomberg

Action dilutes Ducey’s signing of two 2nd Amendment bills

The NRA enthusiastically reported that two of the bills the organization backed in Arizona  — SB 1266 and HB 2338  were signed by the governor.

The report states, “The NRA-backed bills won support throughout the Arizona State Legislature despite attempts by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s out-of-state gun control groups to derail them with outlandish claims of gloom and doom.”

But that’s only part of the story.

Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed HB 2524, which actually assists dedicated gun restrictionist Michael Bloomberg and leaves a hole big enough for liberals to drive a MACK truck through. The Arizona Citizens Defense League had requested the interstate firearms legislation which would have prohibited Arizona and other member states from enacting firearm transfer requirements that are more restrictive that existing federal law. In his veto letter Gov. Ducey said that he sees “no reason for Arizona to tie ourselves to other state’s decisions on public policy relating to the transfer of firearms.”

By agreeing to follow federal law as part of an interstate compact, enactment of HB 2524 would have derailed the Bloomberg financed ballot measure Arizonans can expect to be filed soon. If this ballot measure passes in November, it will criminalize all private firearms transfers in Arizona that are not conducted through a federal firearms licensee. In order to make this “universal background check” requirement work, state level gun owner registration would have to take place –-  otherwise how would they know you are breaking the law?

By vetoing HB 2524, Gov. Ducey gave the green light to Bloomberg. Now that the Legislative session is over, all that Bloomberg needs for his measure to get on the November ballot is to file the required paperwork and gather 150,642 petition signatures by July 7. Easy work for a billionaire.

In 2014, after passage of a “universal background check” ballot measure in the state of Washington, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety bragged that they were going to target Nevada, Maine and Arizona for the same treatment. In 2015, Bloomberg’s groups successfully met the requirements to get their scheme on the 2016 Nevada ballot. Earlier this year, they met similar requirements in Maine. 

In April, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, hired Pedro Morillas, a New York lobbyist registered in Arizona. That sends a clear signal they are getting ready to start the petition filing process here. The countdown has begun. We can still win!

With the Governor’s veto of HB 2524, we need to shift our focus to defeating Bloomberg at the ballot box in November. In Washington, despite Bloomberg and his buddies spending over $10 Million, their ballot measure passed with only 59% of the vote. That suggests to us that if gun owners show up on Election Day we can tilt the odds in our favor. But, that means we need to pull together to make sure that Arizona’s gun owners understand the issue.

Seeing Red AZ realized something was amiss with the information in the NRA report when Tucson was misspelled by the Fairfax, Virginia based NRA.. Arizona Citizens Defense League is based here in our own state. The NRA lost credibility when it endorsed John McCain in the 2010 Senate race after he worked for years to close what he referred to as the “gun show loophole,” which gun owners know to be a farce. Here’s McCain in a 2008 campaign ad, meddling in Colorado politics. In 2007, the NRA also endorsed then-Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, a liberal Democrat who was dedicated to a city gun buy-back project paying for firearms to be melted down and recast into sculpture.

Such lunacy is the aim of leftists and Republicrats. We must defeat them with our votes. Knowledge is power. Share this post with those you know who value our constitutionally based freedoms.  Our nation’s Founders placed the Second Amendment immediately after the First for a reason.


8 Responses to AZ Gov. Ducey’s veto supports gun restrictionist Michael Bloomberg

  1. jakesez says:

    All of us who are members need to contact the NRA and let them know what is going on here. I called when they supported McCain and will call again. This is one of those battles where the liberals are satisfied with a step by step victory. If it takes years that’s all right with them as long as they win in the end.

  2. Rob Haney. says:

    I also dropped my NRA membership when they endorsed McCain after they had made Mccain public enemy #1 for his attempt to close the gun shows. Instead, I became a lifetime member of the Arizona Citizens Defense League. Now that is an organization you can be proud of. Every second amendment advocate should join the AZ Citizens Defense League. Thank you to ACDL President David Kopp and his officers. Also thank you Seeing Red AZ for your continued excellent reporting.

  3. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Ducey is a mere hand puppet of Insiders who actually run Arizona. He’s a whimpering, gutless mouthpiece who, because he yearns for more power and prestige, will automatically do the bidding of others. As Glen Campbell sang, “There’s a load of compromising on the road to my horizon . . . “

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    This terrible veto was an intentional thumb in the eye to all AZ citizens, but a source of great mirth to the McGovernor as he vetoed the bill (see publicity photo showing his smirk ).

    One may wonder what McDucey is anticipating with such glee as he prepares for the Bloomberg & Brady Bunch millions to start flowing into AZ? Is Sen. Juan McTraitor hiding somewhere in that photo?

    Re the NRA in 2010, that was another betrayal. NRA had been negotiating in smoke filled DC back rooms with McTraitor & Whorehouse Harry Reid on a special exemption from the then pending “Disclose Act.” It seems NRA traded an exemption from them (the only non-profit in the country exempted) by selling promises to endorse McTraitor and to not endorse Reid’s opponent Sharon Engle. NRA endorsed McTraitor, who favored universal gun owner registration, over JD Hayworth – a true conservative American patriot who had a better lifetime rating from the same NRA. NRA sold out, and Disclose Act died without a vote – and look what we got in AZ & NV. For the next four years, Reid would not allow any Second Amendment bill to come to the floor in the Senate. Then he tried to steal a ranch from his own NV citizens so he could sell it to the Chinese Communists. And McTraitor has never stopped throwing US across the border, unarmed.

    And now look what McDucey is selling. Say, isn’t he on the McTraitor team? …doing things the McTraitor way?? Now what will AZ voters do?

    God bless America.

  5. Seen It All says:

    Doug Ducey takes his marching orders from his mentor John McCain. They have long and close ties dating back to when Ducey attended ASU and was hired by Cindy Lou Hensley McCain. He worked at her Hensley & Co. Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship. He’s always admired the guy who wants to “close the gun show loopholes.”

  6. Vince says:

    Bloomberg, the mayor of the city of New York filed charges against 15 gun stores in 5 other states! He did this under the guise of fighting what he called “illegal sales flowing into NYC.” Bloomberg is a Second Amendment hating megalomaniac.
    This was his 2006 press release announcing his outrageous overreaches.

  7. Dennis O'Brien says:

    In the car earlier today I heard conservative talk show host Mark Levin endorsing Dr. Kelli Ward over John McCain in the Arizona U.S. Senate race. Levin said it was time to bring him home!! What rational Republican could disagree with that??
    Now that I think about it, there may be one:..Cindy McCain. Can you imagine the crimp in her lifestyle with that miserable old goat hanging around all the time? The thought almost makes me feel sorry for her, but not quite.

    • Doc says:

      Mr. Levin is a Genius. I’ve been a listener for a while now. And you’re right. He’ll toss a big wrench in her lifestyle. However…she asked for it!!

      86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD S.O.B.!!