Mexico exports its own citizens to influence US elections

Politico reports that Mexico is promising a “counteroffensive” to defeat GOP candidate Donald Trump in the elections to be held in the USA this November. The impoverished country run by brutal drug cartels and steeped in corruption is encouraging its own nationals living in the United States to become U.S. citizens in order vote in our elections to influence the outcome. Mexican leaders chafe at the idea that we have the right to secure our sovereign border from the continuing invasion of foreign nationals.

This is how Mexico treats those who illegally Invade its borders. Mexico’s own immigration policies, provided by Discover the Networks, are worth checking out

Remittances sent to Mexico by its nationals living in the United States totaled nearly $24.8 billion in 2015 — more than the country makes from oil revenues. This is in addition to the foreign aid Mexico receives from American taxpayers.

It remains politically incorrect to speak the truth about Mexico, but facts are stubborn things.

We wrote, “Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns,” in 2011.  With the rise of Islamic terrorism in the intervening years, the numbers have only worsened.

As far back as October 2001, World Net Daily (WND) reported in an article titled Arab terrorists crossing border, that there has been a “tremendous increase in OTM’s (law enforcement’s term for ‘Other Than Mexicans’). Illegals from the former Soviet Union, Asia, and the Middle East are joining the flood of Mexicans, Central and South Americans — all slipping in through our incredibly accessible and porous Southern border. At the time, 15 years ago, apprehensions included illegals from the Sudan, Iraq, and even Iran.

How dare Mexico try to influence our elections!


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  1. MacBeth says:

    John McCain and Jeb Bush, two losers, have a unique view of the invading Mexicans (and others, I presume). McCain calls them “God’s children” and Jeb says they come here “out of love.” Using that rationale, I suppose the same thing could be said of Islamic terrorists….

  2. Braveheart says:

    Bottom line: The United States of America has every right, actually an OBLIGATION to its citizens, to secure the border. There is no way we can take in everyone who wants to come here. They need to take control of their own countries and make them habitable. This was once wilderness and we created “the shining city on the hill” as Reagan called the USA.

    This is worth watching even if you’ve seen it before.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Reading all of the above links, I think it’s long past time to tell Mexico to go to hell. It’s embarrassing to see how they’ve used and abused the U.S. and that’s, of course, enabled by many Senators and Congressmen.

    It’s worse every day and now Mexico is trying to shape our national election. GWBush’s best buddy, Vicente Fox, used the ol’ F word directed at Donald Trump regarding the wall. Mexicans are taking billions out of our economy every year sending the money to Mexico. We have problems in this country and those billions staying here would certainly help our economy.

    Nothing is ever done to secure the border, even with terrorists entering this country. I think we’re on the road to the much talked about One World which means no borders. Hence, the moving around the world of Middle East “migrants” into societies where they do not fit. Also hundreds of thousand of young children “suddenly” at our border from Central America being ushered in, many with childhood diseases eradicated from the U.S. long ago.

    We can’t go to McCain or Flake on this subject. They lie to get reelected – that’s all that counts with them.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      John McCain and Jeff Flake are both accomplished liars. Flake even admitted his deceit while grinning and saying, “I lied” regarding going back on his pledge to term limit himself while in the US House. The video which I have previously seen has conveniently been scrubbed from YouTube. What power!!

      McCain walked the border with Sheriff Paul Babeu and said he was in favor of building “the dang fence.”

      What did he and Flake do right after the election was behind them? They put together the amnesty for all comers “Gang of Eight” with a boatload of liberal Dems and little Marco Rubio. These people have no core, no values, no regard for the state of Arizona, the USA, or its citizens. As you so correctly state, all they care about is getting reelected. This is a certainty: It will never happen with the votes in this household.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Several conservative news websites have reported over the last few months about the thousands of “Cubans” streaming across our southern non-border.

    How do we know that they are Cubans?
    What is there to test their actual country of origin?—-ask them to roll a cigar?

  5. azgary says:


    BREAKING UPDATE: Nebraska Republicans PASS RESOLUTION to Reprimand #NeverTrump Senator Ben Sasse


    The Vote was around 400 to 8!

    the profiteers of globalism the uniparty and the status quo just wont go silently into that good night, but resolutions like this at least bring focus on them as we have seen with jonny amnesty mccain

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Excellent! Another Hugh Hewitt-“golden boy” of the GOPe.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Here’s the deal:
      Mitt Romney is putting a third party ticket together to include Ben Sasse and John Kasich.