Dr. Kelli Ward vs. McCain on life issues

Abortion is not an “unpleasant procedure,” for the baby, Sen. McCain. It’s death.

Nate Madden, writing for Conservative Review exposes John McCain’s squishy position on the fundamental matter of life in his commentary, “McCain Challenger Hits Back at Pro-Life Group for Endorsing Incumbent.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, a conservative former two-term state senator, mother and physician — who is adamantly pro-life — is challenging the decades-long incumbent McCain, running for another 6-year term at age 80. Ward rightly questions the National Right to Life endorsement given to McCain despite his dubious record.

In 2010 Seeing Red AZ posted, “McCain refuses to answer pro-life questionnaire.” In 2007, John McCain called for returning to a Republican Party Platform which did not include the pro-life plank.  

Listen closely as McCain, summoning up the weakest of adjectives to describe the gruesome death of a pre-born human baby, refers to abortion an “unpleasant procedure.”

 “But we all know, and it’s obvious, that if we repeal Roe v. Wade tomorrow, thousands of young American women will be performing illegal and dangerous operations. I want us to be a party of inclusion. I think that we can all be members of the Republican Party whether we are pro-choice or pro-life because we share the same goal, and that is the elimination of abortion, because it’s an unpleasant and terrible procedure. We think, I think, that we must go back to the Platform of 1980 and 1984 and we include people who have this specific disagreement who share our same goals.”

 Do these equivocating words sound like those of a candidate who is deserving of the National Right to Life endorsement? Give NRTL a call and ask them what they were thinking.

This is Dr. Kelli Ward. It’s time for a change. 



11 Responses to Dr. Kelli Ward vs. McCain on life issues

  1. Maggie says:

    John McCain is clearly NOT pro life. He’s pro equivocation on this crucial issue for many voters. Although this video is clarifying, I can’t claim it will change my vote, since I haven’t voted for this chameleon in years.

  2. Maggie says:

    I shouldn’t have insulted chameleons. I meant snake.

  3. Proudly Pro Life says:

    Right to Life organizations national and locally have disappointed for a long time. They go with the $$$. There was a major shakeup at Arizona Right to Life a few years ago when the head of that organization engaged in the same pro-McCain behavior despite McCain’s iffy abortion position. Many longtime board members left in disgust and the number of people attending the yearly dinner dropped to embarrassing levels. My wife and I were among those who stopped supporting AZRTL. John Jakubczyk the lawyer/chairman who ran the group at the time liked to brag that he could get John McCain on the phone anytime he wanted. Jakubczyk was finally replaced, but the damage had been done. Jakubczyk and McCain were both aligned on amnesty for illegals, another issue that had nothing to do with the pro-life mission and which also factored in our decision to leave.

    • Rob Haney. says:

      Marne and I also resigned from AZ Right to Life when they endorsed McCain over Hayworth. They had become an embarrassing laughing stock. We still get funding solicitations from them at least monthly. Those go straight to the waste basket without being opened. The same now applies to National Right to Life. Our pro-life donations go to the East Valley Life Alliance, 40 days for Life, Priests for Life and Church Militant.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I just emailed NRLC (pac@nrlc.org) regarding endorsing the most political animal in the Senate who will not stand up against abortion telling them that it is nothing but politics as usual.

    Kelli Ward is the real deal.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Kelli Ward can run circles around McCain, even before he became decrepit. The thought of her in DC working on retooling the catastrophic Obamacare is heartening.

      Your email to the National Right To Life PAC regarding its endorsement of McCain is one I will follow. I will also call them on Monday morning.

  5. Kent says:

    As an octogenarian John McCain should value life—on BOTH ends of the spectrum—-from conception until death. Instead he nibbles around the edges of abortion, while still running another one of his vicious campaigns as he enters the twilight of his years. What an outsized ego he possesses to think he would be an effective US Senator while staring 90 in the eye! Those are six year terms!!! Give it a rest Johnny and come marching home, because if you don’t Arizona’s voters are sure to help you.

  6. Observer says:

    John McCain, Alan Keyes and George Bush talk pro-life plank of the Republican platform. . McCain slickly attempts to stand firm on the shifting sand of his “pro-life with exceptions” position. (Killing the baby is OK if its father is a rapist or a relative). Watch this discussion moderated by Alan Keyes from 2008 featuring John McCain and George W. Bush:. McCain says, “Do not please, bring my daughter into it (the abortion discussion) it’s a family decision.” As always, he also uses the occasion to remind viewers of his time in Vietnam, warning Keyes, I’ve seen a lot more killing in my life than you have, so don’t lecture me….

  7. Proudly Pro Life says:

    I just attempted to call the National Right to Life office in DC and was electronically rerouted to Nowhereville. They are eager to take our money, but obviously less eager to hear from us. They’ve seen my last donation.

    • Braveheart says:

      Yep. One message after another at National Right to Life. No live person, even when I pushed zero as directed to speak with the operator. Fascinating.

  8. Clementine says:

    They probably see the Arizona area codes and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to respond. How NRTL or AZRTL can support a moral equivocator like John McCain is beyond rational. There is only one exception and that is the life of the mother. Rape and incest are smoke screens.