Explosive upsets within the GOP focused on illegal invasion

David and Goliath Republican races favoring David

Economics professor David Brat’s walloping defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in June 2014 ushered in one of the most stunning Republican primary election upsets in congressional history. Cantor, who spent lavishly — reportedly $5.7 million — on his campaign, was soundly defeated by the conservative who had hammered him for being insufficiently conservative — and raised just $231,000 doing so — the equivalent of congressional peanuts. Exposing Cantor’s  amnesty for illegals mindset was a major component of Brat’s winning campaign. It helped that nationally known conservatives Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter were on board.

The stunning loss of the GOP squish who was widely perceived as the successor to  former House Speaker John Boehner whetted our appetite for more of the same.

We see similarities in the Arizona U.S. Senate race where Dr. Kelli Ward, a solid conservative, is mounting a challenge to relentless amnesty and open borders promoting Republicrat John McCain (scroll down under link for “McCain at a Glance“) — who spends big bucks gifted by PACs and lobbyists as he disgracefully runs for a sixth six-year-term at age 80.  Dr. Ward is a physician, military wife and mother of three, who has served two, two year  terms in the state senate. She believes in actually securing the border, and has the support of Mark Levin, nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show and Levin TV host, who is editor-in-chief of Conservative Review.  Breitbart News  is also in her corner.

The same scenario is playing out with the surprising ascension of Donald Trump who is the last Republican standing after a brutal 17-candidate state-by-state vetting. Trump was the first candidate to address the illegal invasion elephant in the room, which other candidates either ignored or gave their full-throated approval.  Trump’s vow to build a wall as a step in securing our sovereign nation, moved him to the front of the pack with an increasingly angry citizenry weary of being deceived by those who are supposed to represent us.  The untrustworthy and double talking John McCain says the danged fence he promised to complete, is a waste of billions of dollars.

Current House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is “just not ready” to commit to Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, is facing an unexpected challenge from conservative businessman Paul Nehlen, a first-time candidate who has traveled to all nine sectors of the southern border and is making border security a front and center issue. Conservative author and blogger Michelle Malkin is stumping for Nehlen. Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District primary is August 9th. It’s another race to watch closely.


15 Responses to Explosive upsets within the GOP focused on illegal invasion

  1. jakesez says:

    We need to stop this splitting our votes when going after an elected official. In order to defeat McCain we need to consolidate behind one candidate. I have waited for a couple of month and, at this time, Kelli Ward is the one candidate whom is able to pull away for the pack to defeat McCain. Sorry, but defeating McCain is the goal.

    86 the 80 year old (Hope I got that correct)

    • Kathy says:

      Ditto – the other candidate Meluskay (whatever his name is) is a front man to split the anti-McCain vote and assure a McCain win. In my opinion Mr M is being supported by McCain’s dirty people to do exactly this. McCain is a liar, always has been a liar and always will be. But hey, that’s the establishment way. The People are awaken and the ruling class aren’t happy.

  2. azgary says:

    once again an insider posing as an outsider.

    among other things she wont say deport illegals, she tried doing the common core, the CoC ond governor mcducy’s bidding by legislating to take power away from ELECTED diane douglas and giving it to unelected bureaucrats.

    she might not be mccain, but shes not much different.

    and the constant citation of the support of mark “hillary for president” levin for anybody is getting to be comical

    • State Delegate says:

      There you go again, as Ronald Reagan was known to say. Your vendetta against the well qualified and actual conservative in the race makes me think you’re nothing more than a poser working for one of the lesser candidates. All they do is aid McCain. How many times have we seen that vote splitting benefit him? Get real. Alex Meluskey wasn’t even a registered Republican until he decided to run. Van the Radio Man is an uneducated and egocentric jerk. The others are also rans…..Let’s be wise, for once..

      • azgary says:


        just like refael, and just because levin says things dont make them true, makes them more like horse manure.

        Hillary Pledges Open Borders, Levin Responds with Attack on Trump


        and btw, I DO prefer Van to ward, though im not working for him, he is actually an outsider who places American Citizens over the political machine, ward not so much.

        so if i support another candidate, i should give up because they “split” the vote, that can be said about any, heck why doesnt ward get out shes “splitting” the vote.

        we see how the splitter strategy worked with cruz/kasich, all they were doing was trying to keep the America over the globalist candidate from being elected.

        if they will not say deport illegals, they are not “conservatives” and the certainly do not want whats best for America and American citizens

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      You’ve got to be kidding! Van the Radio Man is a perennial candidate who generated zero support while running against Trent Franks, and will do no better against McCain, but he’s too self absorbed to care.

      He ran for the seat held by Jon Kyl and was decimated in the Primary. After that lofty ambition fell flat, he lowered his sights to run for the AZ House as a write-in, too arrogant and lazy to file the necessary paperwork and collect nominating signatures to make the ballot. Anyone with a brain knows write-ins never win, but once again, all he cares about is himself. That time around, he received 0.1% of the vote.

      His claim to fame is parading his bombastic self around and acting as a spoiler, siphoning votes from the actual qualified candidate in this tight and crucial race . Van the Radio Man has worked a variety of marginal jobs that equate to his high school education level. The man with the woman’s name is McCain’s dream candidate and you are McCain’s dream voter. BTW, there is no Van the Radio Man on the ballot.

      Check out how well he’s resonating with the voters, at the Federal Election Commission website. His Committee ID Number is S2AZ00216. His committee is still open from his 2012 debacle.

      Funny there’s no one named Gary who contributed to his measly fundraising efforts.

      • azgary says:

        Arizona Conservative Guy says:
        May 16, 2016 at 1:21 pm
        Funny there’s no one named Gary who contributed to his measly fundraising efforts.

        thats funny, creepy and stalkerish all at the same time.

        trying to find out personal information about me, Wow, just Wow.
        very cruz supporter of you.

  3. Doc says:

    …oh for pete’s sake! Look-while I’m not sure what your whole story is azgary, what I DO KNOW is that l’il orphan annie is the dim-0-crappic alternative to ‘ol jonny mac. THAT’S as unacceptable as mcTraitor himself! We DO need to get behind 1 person. Van & meloozy ain’t nuthin’ but spoilers, & everybody on this blog knows it. Senator Ward will serve Arizona well. I’ve done my homework on her. She ain’t perfect, but NOBODY is. She’s made errors, as we all have. But I believe she’s learned from them. If we were all held to our past, we’d all be in hot water. And we’ll be in exactly that if mcSlime or kickerNdahead becomes the Senator from Arizona in 2017!

    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD S.O.B.!!

    • azgary says:

      none of the mccain opponents really have much of a chance, ward more gope insider than than you folks want to admit, ward supporters stridency will not, cannot change that. van has good ideas but lazy.

      and trying to tell me or ANY body else who we have to vote for doesnt work, Trump thumping everybody severely shows that the badgering of voters is doomed to fail, your candidate cannot win my vote with positions, you folks hectoring me/us certainly wont do it.

      to beating mccain:

      somebody might have a chance if the primary were closed, but even then who knows. the reelection of graham and the shenanigans the party insiders in a conspiracy with him to throw out the voting results show the azgop to be like chicago democrats.

      If we had a TRUE outsider, insurgent candidate there may be a chance, ward is not that candidate, she plays the game and says some of the right things, but its talk.

      and again, not saying deport illegals is a deal breaker as is her cahoots with ducy and the CoC common core gang as i mentioned in my previous post.

      mccain probably has a bigger chance of losing to kirkpatrick than losing to ward, that is the reality of the azgop.

      and they dont care.

      • Claire Voyant says:

        what a charmer you are. it was a nice break from name calling and snark when you were offended and took a hike.

      • azgary says:

        I have only responded in kind and have not called names at anyone.

        please show me where i have.

        but thats ok, just keep using those tactics to silence those who disagree with you.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    azgary, There is nothing “funny, creepy or stalkerish” about checking the public filings available to all on the Federal Election Commission website. That’s where the information is and where people who want information go to retrieve it. In fact, that’s the purpose of making the information available. Many people check the filings each quarter to see where the various candidate’s support is coming from. It’s very revealing. You can find the same type of information at the Secretary of State and Maricopa Country Recorders Office,for state and county elections. Cities and counties throughout the state and nation have this open system. This is called America and we operate under a system that is known as freedom. Have you ever heard of the Freedom of Information Act? From your odd comments, it appears you prefer secrecy. Try Russia. You also won’t be as free to name call and lie.

    • azgary says:


      keep telling yourself that while acting like mccains mafia

      • Claire Voyant says:

        I’ve read your comments long enough to know your MO. You hurl unfounded accusations and invectives such as “Lyin’ Ted” and repeatedly use “Rafael” in an effort to demean. They when called out by others on this site, you resort to coyly asking “what did I say?” Your tactics reveal a lot about you.

      • azgary says:

        lyin ted lies, and his name is rafael, do you have a problem with obama being called hussien too?

        no, your selective outrage reveals a lot about you