Anonymous campaign mudslinging hits new low in AZ Senate race

Signifies raw fear permeating  AZ U.S. Senate race

The slick, double-sided hit piece recently arrived in the mail. As campaign mailers go, it’s a costly full color, 8 1/2 x 11 flyer — that had fear written all over it.

Someone — or some PAC, working double time to conceal their true identity, with no “paid for by” tag on the flyer, went to the trouble of securing a Las Vegas mailing permit, while using a Phoenix P. O. Box number — making it impossible to fact check the wild assertions and contemptible conclusions.

If your message is one you’re proud to send, why obscure your identity?

Running against John McCain is not for the faint of heart.  Although his nearly daily mass emailings begging for donations bypass the Primary and pitch the fallacy that his challenge is from Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the General Election, Team McCain is worried that the 80-year-old senator running for another six-year-term, has worn out his welcome since first elected in 1982. That’s a long time to be colluding with the most liberal members of congress and lying to the folks back home who oppose the amnesty McCain‘s been peddling for years, beginning with his 2005 collusion with Ted Kennedy.

His surrogates and also-rans are keenly aware of the censures by elected state committeemen that clearly defined the Grand Canyon sized rift between the very senior senator and the conservative grassroots of the AZ GOP.

In this case, it’s obvious the message is intended to deceive. The putrid piece accuses former two-term state senator and physician Kelli Ward of “taking chances with our national security” claiming her “record on defeating Islamic terrorism is dangerous and weak.”

Going so far as to suggest that a principled and conservative state senator played a role in aiding and abetting “Islamic terrorism” would be laughable if not so egregious. Whoever put together the hit piece, is confusing Washington, D.C. with the state legislature on Washington Street.

Dr. Ward’s husband Colonel Michael Ward, has an impressive military bio, serving as the Arizona National Guard Flight Surgeon, deployed world-wide including voluntary tours to Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. He is an emergency physician and President of Arizona’s Emergency Medicine Specialists. As parents of three children the Ward’s have worked to make their community, state and nation safer.

This is Dr. Kelli Ward. She has been endorsed by Mark Levin, nationally syndicated talk show host and editor-in-chief of Conservative Review. Breitbart News has given her glowing coverage. The influential Second Amendment group, Gun Owners of America, has endorsed her.

Whoever is behind the deplorable hit pieces needs to be exposed. Arizona voters deserve honesty not deception in this most crucial election.


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  1. PV PC says:

    Another informative post, SRAZ. But there was a previous mailer using the same “supportive of terrorist” tactics against Dr. Kelli Ward that was even more expansive and, of course, expensive, than the one you describe. It was the same large size, but was a four-page brochure, also full color and obviously very costly. It featured a distorted photo of Dr. Ward inside and a masked ISIS terrorist on the front.

    Where is the funding coming from for these vicious and irrational attacks? The Arizona legislature doesn’t vote on issues that have to do with national security and terrorism. That’s the job of the US Congress. The questions to ask are who benefits from these baseless attacks and who has the resources to fund them?

  2. William Heuisler says:

    Again, sorry about the length, but the info is important for voters.

    McCain’s Grassroots PAC “intimidation”

    Along with mailers smearing Senator Kelli Ward, McCain/Meluskey/Grassroots PAC mailed me a 4-page Certified Letter from the Law Firm of Wright Welker & Pauole of 10429 South 51st Street, suite285, Phoenix on Friday the 13th. Oblivious to the irony, the PAC Lawyers want my apology to Meluskey cronies – Burton, Krauser, Bergman & Frewa – and corrections on the dubious reputations of PT Burton and Shane Krauser. They threaten to “Pursue available legal measures necessary to protect his reputation.” Copies available – call me – 520-403-2939

    With no apologies, listed First on Meluskey’s 2015 ACC application is Robert Morris Group (RMG) “Corporate Partner” PT Burton. Listed second is RMG President Craig Bergman. (box #04952478)

    So, Meluskey appointed PT Burton to be First Corporate Director of “Meluskey for US Senate Inc”. Burton then engineered a Scottsdale Resort fraud, stealing $50,000 from Republicans. Bergman & Frewa call themselves “victims and witnesses” of that Resort fraud, but neither man lost a cent. Frewa, RMG Officer and Meluskey Communications Director, was Burton’s friend and “roommate” all during the 100-day Resort fraud.

    What’s the point? To properly describe Alex Meluskey we must examine people he chooses to work with – like PT Burton. To describe PT Burton we examine people he chooses to work with – like Shane Krauser. LinkedIn states Burton was Senior Marketing Director for Shane Krauser Enterprises. Krauser was an Arizona Prosecutor “Sanctioned” by ACC for defrauding Arizonans.

    In 2014 while Alex Meluskey was printing false election slates (with Republican logos) to steal PC seats from Christine & Edward Toschik in Precinct 59, County Prosecutor Krauser was plea bargaining with ACC for swindling his investors. Birds of a feather…

    The Lawyer letter demands my corrections and apologies. So all my Republican friends should understand how it pained me to describe the misunderstood McCain/Meluskey election shills as frauds and con-men.

    My obvious point was: Alexander Meluskey has surrounded himself with frauds and cons since he arrived here two years ago and became a Republican PC by lying and cheating and printing fake Party Documents. (McCain=Meluskey=Burton=Krauser=fraud)

    So let’s all ask McCain and Meluskey, if their con men can’t afford to refund that stolen Tea Party Scottsdale Resort money, how can they afford to hire expensive lawyers to correct Bill Heuisler?

    Bill Heuisler – Marine, CIA Contractor in “Operation Mongoose” Tucson Police Officer, Thirty-year DPS Licensed Investigator & author of three books about my experiences

  3. Arizona Bite Me says:

    There are actually two different flyers received.. multiple cities across state.. all registered Republicans we have found so far
    The first flyer was 4 views (17″ x 11″ folded)
    Second flyer 2 days later is an 8 1/2 x 11″ two sided folded. Both slick card stock, full color.. Most likely printed in Vegas…. Bulk mailed from Las Vegas NV Permit #3092
    No PAC name, just PO Box number (42421 – Zip 85604) in Phoenix as return address. can’t even state PAC name… USPS will not release owner of POB…. cites ‘privacy’… same in Vegas.
    No cajones, SMELLS of a McCain tactic.

  4. Kathy says:

    My common sense guess is McCain – funded by Soros – McCain’s favorite buddy!

  5. Doc says:

    So, I haven’t received said flyer…but in SRAZ’s post, it states that “[her] ‘record on defeating islamic terrorism is dangerous and weak.” Well…(& I’m sure this drivel mailer was a mcTraitor trick) I remembered the following:

    In my not very humble opinion, the ONLY person AS Dangerous to our national security (AND who’s as weak on defeating islamic terrorism!) as ‘ol jonny mac is barry soetoro…

    86 TH’ 80 YEAR OLD S.O.B.!!

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain In Deep Trouble in GOP Primary; Trump, Clinton Close in AZ

    PPP, a liberal organization.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Just now got a call from a Washington, D.C. research firm asking for me by name and asked three questions:

    1. Will I vote in November (or not vote, or maybe vote, etc.)
    2. Who will I vote for for president
    3. Between Ann Kirkpatrick and John McCain – who will I vote for?

    #3 – I answered ‘neither one.’

    • Arizona Bite Me says:

      If you don’t pick one of the ordained you’re ‘Undecided’… or uncounted. There’s no checkbox on their poll screen for other option… Just A, B or Undecided.
      Got similar call… same options and I replied, ‘Kelli Ward… So I’m undecided. huh?’…. ‘Which box did you check?’…
      She only said ‘Thank You’… Skewed polls…

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Kelli Ward was not an option. The poll ignored the Primary. I will vote for Kelli Ward in the Primary. There was no “Undecided” as an answer. I listened very carefully.

        It reeked of a McCain-sponsored poll.

      • Arizona Bite Me says:

        I should explain better… You were not undecided, but as far as poll takers screen recording numbers there’s only 2 choices… and if given an answer not on screen choices it’s logged as ‘undecided’ in their poll log results.. This is how polls are skewed to one candidate or cause and why I ignore most of them…I give them a run for their time when I do get a call. All depends on who’s paying for poll and how it’s worded to get results they want for client.
        True, Kelli (or anyone else) was not a choice so they would not be mentioned in poll.

  8. CD 8 PC says:

    Following the info I found reading Arizona Conservative Guy’s FEC links, I found even more interesting information….this time on Alex Meluskey.

    As of Melusky’s most recent filing, he had loaned his own campaign the bulk of the money,

    It turns out his is basically a “self-funded” senate campaign, with 86.4% of his money listed as “candidate loan.” Among his individual contributions were a whole lot of Meluskey’s, retirees and slew of out of state residents, including from the area considered “inside the beltway,” McCain country.

  9. terry dudas says:

    I believe little-old Oro Valley had a slice of that action in last summer’s council/mayoral recall election; magically, a few weeks before the cutoff date, two additional ringers showed up to throw the process.

    Big Pima County spenders were financing the majority-four who were recalled for buying golf courses against the wishes of 1,000s of Oro Valley residents. Oh yes, money talks.

  10. azcatsclaw says:

    i have received three different mailers in just the last couple of weeks of this type. Two in yesterday’s day mail. I live south of Tucson so it appears that this is a statewide anti-Ward campaign