Ex State Rep. Mark DeSimone charged with murder

According to a recent account of Mark DeSimone’s travails in the Juneau Empire News, the domestic violence charge that led the first-term Democrat to resign from the Arizona State Legislature in 2008, wasn’t the worst of it.

Now in Alaska, DeSimone has been charged with multiple counts of murder (court documents under link) resulting from a shooting at an Alaskan hunting lodge. KTOO Public Media reports the details.

KHNS Radio describes Excursion Inlet where the homicide took place as a remote and secluded community with a year-round population of less than a dozen residents.


2 Responses to Ex State Rep. Mark DeSimone charged with murder

  1. Maggie says:

    Ongoing anger management problems escalating, ya think? This guy appears to be a real winner.

  2. PV PC says:

    This is the issue that Democrat bar owner Mark DeSimone rode to a House seat in the state legislature. He was elected in what was then a strong Republican District that now elects 2 RINOs and a Democrat.