Pertinent info missing in reporting death of PPD officer


It’s become routine in reporting homicides.  Names of suspects are withheld pending what…? Notification of the victim’s relatives has taken place. Release of the location where the crime occurred is not the problem. In the case of the murder of a Phoenix police officer this past week, most of the relevant data regarding the victim’s age, assignment, family left behind to mourn the tragic loss has been made available. Funeral arrangements and memorials honoring the life of the exemplary public servant have been publicized.  The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association has announced plans for a benefit cookout to aid the officer’s family. PLEA Charities is also accepting donations. Flags are flying at half-staff at the direction of the governor.

Again, the missing component is the name of the perpetrator. It took an additional day to find out that Israel Santos-Banos, 19, was the craven shooter who was in turn shot and killed by responding officers at the residence in the 7700 block of South 48th Lane.

The appalling facts: Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser, 35, a husband and father of two young children and a 12-year department veteran was gunned down mid-afternoon responding to a call of a burglary in progress from the father of the cold blooded killer, reporting his son had stolen his guns. Officer Glasser and five other officers dutifully responded to the scene.  That’s what they do. David Glasser’s life was cut far too short in the driveway of the residence by a cowardly punk.

Also missing is the status of 19-year-old murderer, Israel Santos-Banos. If we’re waiting for the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) to tell us if he was an illegal alien or an anchor baby, the wait may be a long one.

Maybe forever.


Photo: PPD


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  1. VINOAZ says:

    The sin of omission is as bad as a sin of commission. The dishonest press routinely does both. You can bet if the killer was white his picture would be plastered all over the place. Why doesn’t the rag print the statistics of the officer killed in AZ, say in the last 10 years? Because it would look very bad for the illegal crowd. We have lost far too many who diligently serve and protect. Illegals are responsible for 11 American deaths every day. Note how the press smeared the sacrifice of Charles Keating IV. A navy seal killed in service of our country and they had to say “grandson of disgraced financier Charles Keating”. They make me sick. I have never read son of illegal alien.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Whenever the dishonest press doesn’t give the name of the criminal, I automatically assume unpolitically correct things such as the criminal is 1) an illegal alien or 2) is black or Hispanic. Pretty soon, we’ll be adding Muslim.

    This tragic story went on and on but the name of the murderer was never given, even though they knew his father, knew his neighbors and even talked with his ‘girlfriend’ on TV. I wondered how long we’d have to wait for his identity to finally be revealed. And when it was, I wasn’t surprised.

    The foolish games the dishonest media play. Who do they think they’re kidding.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Check out this story and scroll to the end for photos of the thug.
    It also appears to be just a stellar neighborhood, with many of the houses having no landscaping except for massive weeds and dirt in the backyards.

    The media in Arizona and in many places around the country is complicit in failing to report the facts.

    By the way, the local news channel in Las Vegas, NV reported this week that “crime has exploded in Las Vegas since January”.
    They played video surveillance footage showing about a dozen suspects running through a neighborhood, breaking into cars earlier this week.

    Also, this week in Las Vegas, a story of a man who murdered a man in front of the man’s small children and seriously injured the man’s wife by stabbing her repeatedly. This happened in their own home.
    Not surprisingly, the perp appeared to be Hispanic and was sporting gang tats on his face, neck and arms.

    Interestingly, the sheriff of Las Vegas was interviewed and verbally blasted the Director of the FBI for having the audacity to have testified before a Congressional hearing recently, with the FBI Director going on record as saying that he fears that there is “de-policing” happening within police departments over concerns that any action taken by an officer is being video taped by passers-by.

    The Las Vegas TV news reporters stated that there is much concern over recent intel that Mexican drug cartel operatives have expanded their California operations into Las Vegas.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      The important thing to remember is that the invasion of the US is part of a collusion between the Democrats who see illegals as a way to permanently expand the Dem base, Obama orchestrating a less white America, RINOs such as Jeb Bush (“they come here out of love”) and John McCain who tells us the illegals are “God’s children.”

      Since God put them in Mexico and Central America, why does Johnny Mac think these uneducated, impoverished and criminal invading illegal hordes should be welcome here?

      Come visit Tucson for a mind-boggling experience. In growing parts of the city, you’d think you’re in another country….Mexico!

  4. Clementine says:

    The Arizona Republic newspaper would choose to go out of business rather than print anything that would use the words “illegal alien” or “anchor baby” or implicate Hispanic killers. The newspaper has its priorities, and you can be sure the safety of American citizens doesn’t top the list.

    This SRAZ post raises a question that we all silently ask when these senseless crimes occur. Will we get an answer? Don’t bet on it.

  5. Kathy says:

    Any word from traitor McCain on this officer’s murder??? Nope nada nothing (as far as I know). McCain has so much blood on his hands regarding murders by illegals in AZ – but but but he is such a border hawk. NOT. He is a coward!

    • Kent says:

      McCain can’t bring himself to comment on the officer.It doesn’t fit his agenda. If the AZ 5 Republican congressional delegation have issued any statements, I’ve missed them. They’re all looking to broaden their voter base and saying anything about the cop’s murder might not be in their best interests as they run for reelection.

  6. Villanova says:

    It won’t be long before we’re told Israel Santos-Banos was a Boy Scout and honor student who was suffering from depression and was over medicated. Then his family can sue the prescribing physician and dispensing pharmacy and his “fiancee” can sue for loss of consortium.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    Don’t forget that your own Phoenix Police Department knew within minutes the identity and status of this miserable rabid animal. They also chose to withhold the info as long as possible. With whom will the new chief’s loyalties lie? Take a clue from the Phx City Council.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

    God bless Officer David Glasser. God bless America.

  8. Rob Haney. says:

    It is not only John McCain who has his hands covered in the blood of the victims of the illegal alien invasion. It is the four U.S. senators who just came to AZ to support McCain’s reelection. It is State Chairman Robert Graham and all the Republican establishment , Ducey, Brewer, etc who support McCain. It is the religious clerics who support ignoring our immigration laws in order that illegal aliens will murder our citizens.

    The cultural fabric that has held our country together has been destroyed and these are just a few of the RINOs and liberals who have done it.