John McCain: His ongoing saga hits the skids

Another rollicking email arrives from John McCain. With a simple tap on “unsubscribe” they would vanish. Though we’ve never subscribed to this gagable onslaught, they do provide a bit of levity during an often grueling work week, so once again the temptation is met with resistance. Besides, it’s instructive to see what his operatives regard as effective tactics. Even the most dedicated among his many non-supporters are up for a chuckle or two and Team McCain rarely disappoints.

At age 80, John the Ancient is suiting up for war in the latest 6-year term installment of his ongoing political saga. His salutation is a breezy and presumptuous, “Happy Friday, Friend.” John the Ancient doesn’t speak the language of the people, making him unable to comprehend he’s a foe rather than an ally.  Speaking in the third person he audaciously closes with, “As always, thank you for your continued support in sending John McCain back to the U.S. Senate. We need his experienced leadership now more than ever.”

Come on, John. You’ve been in Washington since 1982 — before many Arizona voters were even born. We deserve more than you provide, a fresh face and constitution-based, conservative ideals have great appeal. You’ve been self-serving and not representative of the majority of people in the state. You lie about building a “dang fence” one day and the next collude with your senate underling Jeff Flake and a host of liberals and RINOs on shoving amnesty for illegals down our throats.  No wonder you were censured by Republican elected state delegates representing districts throughout Arizona who have had their fill of your deceit and vindictive, retaliatory actions. You’ve worn out your welcome.

Then the man who is beholden to lobbyists’ generosity, dark money PACs and is married to a beer heiress, pathetically begs for campaign funds. Forgetting he has a Primary opponent, McCain tells of his launch of a TV ad criticizing Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick for her “unwavering allegiance to the failed Obamacare system.”

John the Ancient, who has been a frequent visitor to the White House and has counseled Barack Obama on crafting his legacy, is suddenly hurling Obama as an invective. It’s an election year, after all. McCain and Jeff Flake would like us to believe they, not their staffers,  have even co-authored an  op-ed this week blasting the Obama administration’s federal overreach. Not on Obama’s contemptible executive orders bypassing congress,  but….on boating restrictions on Lake Havasu.

Lest anyone think the choice of Lake Havasu was serendipitous, it’s worth remembering that Lake Havasu City is the home of his vibrant Primary challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward and the district she represented while a two-term (two years each) state senator. Who better to address the monstrosity of Obamacare than a physician? Arizonans are primed for a change.


13 Responses to John McCain: His ongoing saga hits the skids

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain is too long in the tooth to be either slick or effective. I’ve thought for quite a while that he’s showing signs of dementia. His “Team” get paid as long as he’s running or elected, so their vested interest is not that of Arizona citizens who deserve representation rather than a sharp stick.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Watching that video I have to conclude the man is a lunatic and for voters and other senators in D.C. to allow him to get away with being such an incompetent is stunning.

    • azgary says:

      he will be re-elected and mcducy will appoint a successor.

      the azgop is no different than chicago democrats

  2. Kimball says:

    Speaking of Jeff Flake, these are worth checking out. He’s the junior McCain and gearing up for another 6 year term in 2017.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The one thing that makes me detest McCain is his steadfast, unwavering allegiance to illegal aliens to honor his lowlife senator friend, Ted Kennedy and George Soros. McCain lives in a border state and has every reason to secure the border and deal with the illegal alien problem. He will not budge and has not budged from day one. His contempt for the people of Arizona on that subject is mindboggling. But – they reelect him every six years – which I’ll never understand. He doesn’t represent Arizonans in any way. He just checks in around election time.

    • azgary says:

      hes not doing it to honor anybody, its what hes been paid to do, everything he does he does because of bribes.

      same with all open borders globalist, opposite of whats best for America and Americans, but it gains them wealth and power.

      thats why so many fear Trump, hence the neverTrump movement despite the FACT he has received more primary votes than ANY republican EVER

      he will actually implement conservatism instead of merely paying it lip service, that terrifies them.

      • VINOAZ says:

        You may be on to something. I love hearing the phonies say “Trump is not a conservative”. Well, who is? McCain? Flake? Rubio? Romney? McConnell, Boehner? The list goes on and on. Trump is the only who may be able to change Washington for the better. Let’s hope it happens.

  4. William Heuisler says:

    Something all us Vets should remember and repeat to our friends. McCain has not kept faith with US Veterans

    Semper Fidelis is the motto of the US Marine Corps – “Always Faithful”, covenant and salute to our American Brothers in Arms. Semper Fi is a solemn promise to keep faith and Leave No One Behind. So Arizonans (AZ) must remember the hard truth about John McCain…and his lack of Fidelity.

    Armed Forces Day is an appropriate day to remind AZ voters they’ve been harboring a deception. Many AZ Republicans believe the carefully disguised information that John McCain is a war hero and Conservative. The hard truth is much less. News Media have covered for McCain for decades, but Disabled American Veterans give Sen. McCain a 20 percent rating; Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America give McCain a “D” grade for veterans’ issues.

    Why? Because Arizona Senator John McCain has voted:
    Against body armor for troops. 5/26/08)
    Against providing Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments to Veterans. (S. 869, Vote 259, 11/20/91)
    Against more funding Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 2099, Vote 470,9/27/95)
    Against a $13 Billion Increase in Funding for Veterans Programs. (S.C.R. 57, Vote 115, 5/16/96)
    Against $44.3 Billion for Veterans Programs. (H.R. 2684, Vote 328, 10/15/99)
    Against $47 Billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 4635, Vote 272, 10/12/00)
    Against $51 Billion in Veterans Funding. (H.R. 2620, Vote 334, 11/8/01; Vote 269, 8/2/01)
    Against $122.7 Billion for Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 2861, Vote 449, 11/12/03)
    Against $500 million mental health and rehabilitation services for veterans diagnosed with mental illness, PTSD or substance abuse. (S. 2020, S.Amdt. 2634, Vote 343, 11/17/05)
    Against providing an assured funding stream for veterans’ health care, annual changes in veterans’ population and inflation. (S.Amdt. 3141 to S.C.R. 83, Vote 63, 3/16/06)
    Against $430 million for vet outpatient care (S.Amdt. 3642 to H.R. 4939, Vote 98, 4/26/06)
    McCain Supported Outsourcing VA Jobs (S.Amdt. 2673 to H.R. 2642, Vote 315, 9/6/07)
    McCain Opposed the 21st Century GI Bill (, 5/26/08)

    But the most important truth: “War Hero” McCain sided with John Kerry on the Armed Services Committee to block or kill POW-MIA search-and-rescue bills like the “Truth Bill” (HR1147) in 1992 and the Missing Service Personnel Act (relaying intel information on MIAs to their families) in 1996.
    Why would McCain hinder any legislation searching for and reporting MIA-POWs in Southeast Asia?
    Why would John McCain break faith with his long-lost brothers-in-arms? Semper Fidelis? Hell no!
    Remember, all our POWs were not freed as he promised when John McCain left Hanoi in 1973.

    And we were told POW McCain refused early release until all POWS were free – more deception. In May, 1967 (five months before McCain was captured) Medal of Honor winner, Captain James B. Stockdale, senior POW, ordered all POWs to refuse the “Fink Release Program”. So McCain didn’t refuse! His commanding Officer had already refused! (Stockdale’s Book: “In love & War”, p. 254)

    All the above is public record. Look everything up; read the references. And after you verify McCain’s treachery make it a point to share the truth about McCain’s fidelity with twenty more voters.

    Semper Fi to all US Servicemen and women (and sorrowfully to our lost MIA-POWs in S.E. Asia).
    Bill Heuisler – Marine, Republican, Tucson cop, author and Investigator – 520-403-2939

    • azgary says:

      Thanks, very nice compilation, I will be borrowing this but will not post your phone number

  5. Enuff says:

    John McCain is Arizona’s embarrassment. If not for newcomers to the state who vote for a recognizable name when they have no real knowledge of his decade’s long betrayals and outright dishonesty and the senior citizens who have bought into his self promoted hero status, we would have been rid of this RINO open borders creep long ago.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I was just on the Breitbart website and there are nasty ads against Kelli Ward paid for by ‘Friends of John McCain.’ I reported the ad. He won’t talk about her in public, but “recognizes” her on a conservative website using Alinsky tactics, making her out to be a nutcase. In her defense, people who read Breitbart won’t be voting for John McCain.

    Here’s the ad:

    • azgary says:

      those ads are no different than the pro ted cruz anti donald trump or any other candidate ads, the site sells time to a service and the ads rotate.

      but when most of the ads are for particular candidates or political bent its kind of different

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Do we know the current whereabouts of McCain and John Kerry?
    Because on Saturday, Obama took off on another apology tour.
    This time to meet with communist leaders in Viet Nam, as well as being scheduled to apologize to the Japanese people in Hiroshima, Japan.

    Who better to guide the tour than the two johns?

    Off Topic,
    But another police officer has been killed in the line of duty.
    This time in Auburn, MA. during a traffic stop.
    Take a look at the murderer and note his name.
    After many hours of a manhunt, and after wounding another officer, the murderer is dead.