McCain in deep trouble as Dr. Kelli Ward ties in poll

AZ U.S. Senate race is THE crucial election to watch

Dr. Kelli Ward is grabbing the spotlight in the Arizona U.S. Senate race as she picks up national endorsements and impresses crowds around the state.

At age 80 and running for his sixth 6-year senate term, John McCain appears to be experiencing more memory lapses, as he neglects to acknowledge there is a Primary Election that precedes the General. He conveniently characterizes his opponent as Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, as he tries his damnedest to ignore the Constitutional conservative family physician and former two-term state senator, Kelli Ward. 

It’s easy to see why.

Breitbart reports on the results of a new poll showing Kelli Ward in a tie with McCain as they head into the August 30 Primary. The poll shows Ward leading among self-identified “conservative” voters as McCain appeals to politically squishy “moderates.” McCain and Ward are tied at 41-41 percent in a head-to-head match-up, despite the fact that Ward currently has lower name recognition. For those needing more information, Conservative Review introduces Dr. Ward, calling her “anti-amnesty“ in its headline.

Gun Owners of America has given Dr. Ward its endorsement.  GOA’s Executive Director Larry Pratt stated, “Senator McCain does not respect the Constitution. He is so irritable and so dislikes being criticized that he actually tried to eliminate the First Amendment 60 days before an election, namely the McCain-Feingold Act.”

As far back as May 2002, McCain, the man who said, “I know how to use guns; but I don’t own one,” called for Republican “tolerance” for closing what he refers to as “gun show loopholes,” as he caved to the leftwing Brady gun control campaign.

In this Issue Paper provided by David B. Kopel and Alan Korwin, Section IV explains the facts behind those so-called “loopholes.”

6 Responses to McCain in deep trouble as Dr. Kelli Ward ties in poll

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We conservatives can’t sit on our hands in this important election. If we want to defeat the wretched, pro-amnesty and anti-First and Second Amendments John McCain, we need to help get the word out about Dr. Kelli Ward.
    Send this link out to your email list:

    Then send her what you can. Washington insider John McCain’s got the DC lobbyists funding his reelection and a pro-illegal team that the newspaper gave “Our Turn” editorial space to this morning. We can’t afford complacency. SRAZ is right. This is THE crucial election. Let’s not muff it. AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham is in the tank for McCain and Flake who are essentially the same. Both are self-serving liars. There won’t be a do-over. Let’s commit to getting this done.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    All Conservative Patriots should remember John McCain accepted millions from the Left to silence Conservatives. McCain followed orders from his multi-million-dollar-donor, George Soros, to help Liberal Democrats construct the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill that exempts News Media, but regulates Conservative, pro-life and Tea Party political speech.
    How has McCain-Feingold silenced Conservatives?
    In 2010 through 2012 our U. S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) delayed many conservative groups campaigning for the 2012 presidential election for 18 to 20 months. In fact, as you read this, some Conservative groups are still not allowed 501(c)(4) fund-raising status due to alleged McCain-Feingold-prohibited-speech. (1) (2) (4) (5)
    George Soros? Look him up (3) & (5).
    McCain’s own Alexandria, Virginia, REFORM INSTITUTE was formed to (among other things) hide funding from Soros’ Left Wing OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE. Soros planned, incited and financially backed McCain-Feingold after expressing anger at many Republican election wins. He may have succeeded; IRS audits may have won the 2012 election for Obama, using McCain-Feingold to target Conservative groups with harassment, threats, unconstitutional, intimidating questions and long delays. Then the IRS obstructed justice for years – blamed “rogue agents” and destroyed evidence of voter-targeting in ex-IRS-Chief Lois Lerner’s computer. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
    In May 2013, a Treasury Inspector General audit discovered how, before the 2012 election, IRS Agents targeted groups with Patriot and Tea Party in their names to enforce McCain-Feingold. Lois Lerner admitted the IRS “inappropriately targeted” conservatives. In February of 2014 Dave Camp, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, confirmed 100% of 501(c)(4) groups selected for IRS audit prior to the 2012 election were conservative! (1) (2) (4)
    Republicans must realize the IRS (their own Government) opposes Republican Conservatives and ignores Democrats. IRS Chief, Koskinen donated $100,000 to Democrats. The 150,000 IRS Agent Union donated to Democrats and endorsed Obama. IRS ex-Chief Lerner spewed anti-GOP insults in emails and called Tea Party members “crazies”. Even our Senate Finance Committee (on IRS thugs targeting Republican Tea Party groups) used obvious cover-words like, ““partisanship”, “incompetence” and “gross mismanagement”.
    But those weasel-words hide ugly crimes against our Democracy. McCain, Feingold, Levin and Soros have corrupted our elections by urging militant and partisan Government Agents to silence Conservative voters by using new Federal police-powers dictated by McCain-Feingold. And, as late as 2013, Senator McCain and Senator Levin still complained the IRS was “not reining in political advocacy groups”. (1) (2) (4) (5)
    I am outraged at how easily our precious right to vote and our Freedom of Speech has been stolen through the treachery of John McCain and his friend, George Soros.

    • Ellsworth says:

      More good information regarding Arizona’s ancient and liberal Sen. McCain. McCain actually means son of Cain. Biblical Cain was cursed by God for being the first murderer after taking the life of his brother Abel and lying about it to God. (Genesis 4:11-16). John McCain is a premier liar, beginning with his first campaign for the US House when he ran as a Republican after being recruited and advised he’d never be elected as the Democrat he wanted to run as. He was running to replace a strong East Valley conservative named John J. Rhodes who was the highly regarded House Minority Leader at the time. McCain has always scammed Arizona Republicans.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Late Breaking News!

    States join Texas’ suit against Obama administration’s transgender bathroom directive
    Eleven states led by Texas have filed suit against the Obama administration, challenging its transgender bathroom directive to school districts. (Fox News)

    Arizona is one of the eleven. I’d like to hear from McCain what side he’s on – as if I couldn’t guess. He and his Democrat family think we’re a bunch of uneducated, transgenderphobic schlubs.

  4. Clementine says:

    Senor Juan McAmnesty is more concerned with illegals than he is with the American citizens who have paid his salary for decades. He sickens me.

  5. The “Iron Lady” of Conservatism endorsed Kelli Ward Yesterday.
    This puts everything McCain/Meluskey are saying about Kelli in a better perspective.