Vet’s issues? McCain as complicit as Harry Reid

McCain referring to Harry Reid as a “Washington Liberal Elite” playing politics with vets and national security is classic case of pot calling the kettle black

Addressing email recipients as “My Friend,” the less than nimble John McCain is back in begging mode, as he runs for yet another 6-year term at age 80. Clearly, the man with so many homes he can’t keep track of them, doesn’t need our money. 

His solicitation email strikes out at lame duck liberal Harry Reid, who has named John McCain as his favorite Republican. It is campaign season, after all.  

McCain accuses Harry Reid, of “shamefully delaying the debate and passage of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, the bill that ensures our military has the resources it needs to keep our country safe.”

As anyone paying attention knows, when it comes to veterans’ issues, John McCain talks out of both sides of his mouth. This list of key votes (provided by Project Vote Smart) unequivocally shows McCain has either not voted or often voted in opposition to legislation affecting veterans, troops, reservists and their families. The worst scandal involving the Veterans Administration Hospital occurred in here in Arizona under John McCain’s watch resulting in needless deaths of military personnel awaiting care.

John McCain has done everything in his power to block the release of information on American Vietnam era MIAs as evident in this shocking video by Vietnam Veterans Against McCain. It features veterans, U.S. Congressmen and knowledgeable staff.

Voting with all of the Democrats and a handful of RINOs  McCain recently slipped a provision into the Defense bill to authorize drafting women.

This equally stunning video shows John McCain stomping out of a congressional hearing after insulting Delores Alfond, chair of the National Alliance of Families, who spent her life seeking information after her brother was shot down over North Vietnam. McCain intentionally made sure all information was classified and made unavailable.

Ask yourself, “Why?” It’s John McCain, himself, who has the explaining to do.

In March we previously exposed the public spat between the senate duo of McCain and Harry Reid. It’s clear that McCain, in the fight for his political life has to distance himself from his old corrupt and scandal-plagued liberal buddy Harry Reidwho is as good as dead meat and about as useful, since he’s not running for reelection.

Arizonans deserve better.  Send your campaign donations where they can make a difference. It matters.

11 Responses to Vet’s issues? McCain as complicit as Harry Reid

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Very apropos post as we honor America’s military heroes who fought and died protecting our liberty. Memorial Day is not for sales and picnics. It’s meaning is one we need to teach our younger generations since they are propagandized to believe all war is anathema. That’s the message Obama just sent out worldwide with his apology tour in Japan. There are definitely things worth fighting for and protecting: Our great nation, its Constitution and our people.

    Also, thanks for not letting McCain get away with his deceit, SRAZ.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    By his own admission, McCain did not want to attend the US Naval Academy and his academic records prove it—graduating near the bottom of his class.

    Take a look at the newly minted US Naval Academy graduates, from yesterday’s graduation ceremony.

    McCain would have felt right at home.

    These are the young people who will be in leadership rolls in the US Navy and Marines.

    Heaven help US.

    Link to photos of US Naval Academy graduation, May 27, 2016.

    • Army Of One says:

      The Daily Mail calls this shameful display “adorable.” I wonder if the Brits would have thought the Americans who came to their rescue would have been “adorable” if they were this insolent and rude? Of course these are not leaders. They are spoiled brats and bratesses who fill the affirmative action requirements now at play. What a shame!!

  3. Rob Haney. says:

    I note that John McCain is speaking at the Memorial Day event at the Cave Creek National Cemetary. What an absolute disgrace to have this corrupt politician foul the air with his Bovine Scatology.

    The support of this Forked Tongue Express by the Republican Establishment illustrates how out of touch the elites are when it comes to honesty and integrity. And it illustrates why the base of the Republican Party has revolted and back Trump.

    May God bless Donald Trump from the evil doers and guide him in his decision-making.

  4. azgary says:

    the gop in general is just as complicit, paul ryan comes to mind, but so many are the same.

  5. Charlie Conservative. says:

    State GOP Chair Robert Graham must have been in charge of scheduling. Wonder if Reverend C.T. Wright will introduce McCain as he did at the State Convention to his everlasting shame.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      I’ve sat through several of Rev. Wright’s soliloquies at Republican meetings. He is not being used by Robert Graham. They are both showmen, one using politics, the other religion. Maybe both are using a bit of each. He would speak wherever asked and use the forum for his lengthy presentations (not my idea of prayer.)

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Due to the Memorial Day holiday, we’re breaking with our usual policy and allowing this post to run front and center both Saturday and Sunday since it contains important information that might otherwise be missed.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      Great idea to give this post additional exposure, SRAZ. Many of us are otherwise occupied over holidays and might have missed this. I say that since I would have been one of them. The Project Vote Smart link sets the record straight on McCain regardless of how he tries to characterize himself. His votes or LACK of them speak for themselves. That was fascinating reading!!

  7. Kent says:

    PS I’ve also encouraged those I emailed it to to send a donation to Dr. Kelli Ward. She’s the answer to deposing the ancient and entrenched McCain.