Memorial Day 2016


To Those who Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion

On this Memorial Day, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are grieving. May we, as Abraham Lincoln said, “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

 We are blessed to live in the greatest and most free county in the world. As you enjoy the long weekend, pause to honor the 1,354,000+ men and women who died in service to our country since 1775.

 This inspiring video is provided courtesy of Hillsdale College. 

Then take a moment to listen to this poignant rendition of “Echo Taps” performed by the U.S. Marine Band.

3 Responses to Memorial Day 2016

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Alex Jones’ Info Wars shows the shocking ignorance displayed by American adults regarding the meaning of Memorial Day. Thank the leftist, unionist teachers who spend hours each day with America’s students and have taught them the hotly disputed global warming as fact, and homosexuality as a an alternative lifestyle. But they have no idea of the price paid by others to allow them the freedom to be so blatantly ignorant and ungrateful.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    McCain’s worst betrayal
    Merle Haggard died this year. He often sang a plaintive song called “I wonder if they ever think of me”. The words are from a lost brother – one of the men we left behind in Viet Nam… a POW alone and in despair.
    Veterans who fought the War in Southeast Asia 50 years ago remember friends – grunts who never returned. Many ask why our Government abandoned so many of us after the politicians bugged out of a war we’d won.

    Turns out Senator John McCain knows more than he admits about our Missing Brothers in Southeast Asia. McCain, 2012 Republican nominee for U.S. president, was popular in large part because of his record from Vietnam as a prisoner of war who has often said he would not betray his fellow captives even when given the opportunity to do so by the North Vietnamese. We’re told POW McCain refused early release until all POWS were freed. That is a deception. In May,1967, five months before McCain was captured, Medal of Honor winner Admiral James Stockdale, senior POW, ordered all POWs to refuse the “Fink Release Program”.
    All our POWs were not free when McCain left Hanoi in 1973. Worse, McCain blocked a POW Truth Bill in 1990 and the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996. We all should ask him why. Voters must look this up. Stockdale’s Book: “In love & War” (page 254) and in HR1147- the Truth Bill.

    Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator John McCain has inexplicably sponsored and pushed into law measures that have needlessly classified information about our POWs who never came home, McCain has spent decades hiding critical details about POWs and MIAs, halting efforts to bring them home, or at least to learn their fate. Why would he do such a terrible thing to our fighting men and their families?

    The secrets McCain has helped hide came from multiple sources including official documents, radio intercepts, satellite photos of rescue symbols, witness depositions and details of a twice aborted rescue mission by our Special Forces. The U.S. Defense Department admitted “men were left behind”.

    All the classified information strongly suggests many POWs were purposely not returned by Hanoi after a peace treaty was signed in January 1973. In addition, the Pentagon has been withholding details from the families of POWs for decades despite whistle-blowers who revealed the DOD’s policy of debunking intelligence about Vietnam War POWs. In 1991, as a response to pressure from POW families and Vietnam War veterans, a Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was created and chaired by current Sec. of State John Kerry.

    John McCain was the committee’s most influential member. Soon the committee was debunking stories of POWs still alive in Vietnam. When former Defense Intelligence Agency head Air Force Lt. Gen. Eugene Tighe disputed the Pentagon’s position, McCain was instrumental in forcing General Tighe into early retirement. McCain’s culpability was revealed in a transcript from North Vietnamese Gen. Tran Van Quang, which showed Hanoi planned to keep many POWs to make certain it would get war reparations from the United States.

    Merle Haggard’s song reminds me of McCain’s shameful betrayal of our Brothers in Arms. The CIA believes these POWs have died from hard labor, illness, and torture or were executed and that none remain alive today. (H/T WND).

    Why is this disgrace ignored by the Media? By us? When will Republican Voters finally retire John McCain?
    Bill Heuisler – Marine Vet, CIA Contractor in “Operation Mongoose” Tucson Police Officer, DPS Licensed Investigator & author of three books about my experiences. Research everything. Contact me with questions for links or anything (520-403-2939).
    Listen to Haggard again.
    Semper Fidelis. Remember them today.

  3. John Liberty says:

    So many years ago I remember standing at the gravesite of a fallen Vietnam Vet, he was a high school buddy until a snipers bullet laid him down to rest. I’m thinking about that this upcoming Memorial Day. Oh what things we remember if we could do it all over again; the things we have taken for granted are not to be dwelt upon, for there is no dress rehearsal in Life, it is our creator given Life. It is a Gift, a precious Gift given to each of us. It is a Gift to be taken and cherished, understood, and individually protected. For our lives are purposeful to those we know, and those we don’t know yet. Even in our darkest despair we are part of a plan, greater than ourselves, for it’s impossible to see into the unknown by human means. Each takes note, then moves on in Life.
    The whole of our nation is one of “We the People”, not division, it is one of “We” … indivisible. We have fought a Civil War over that word “indivisible”, yet we are divided by a purposeful intent of evil where unalienable rights … have become inalienable rights.
    So as we look forward to another Memorial Day “We the People” should look deep within us as individuals … to see if we would do as our forefathers did, those signers of that Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. Would we be willing to lay down our materialism for a cause greater than ourselves, for our families, or our national heritage?? The Veteran is the one who have given their sacred HONOR for a cause. That is a word in our politics of today that is unknown … for HONOR … is no more, it has been laid to rest as my buddy was.
    A soldier knows his fate; either life or death, a pen or a rifle, life sustaining or life ending. Each has its own purpose. Each its own badge of accomplishment. This is the Grace given to others for sustaining a nation, foreign or domestic, for without that soldiers purpose and HONOR there are no sovereign nations nor world powers.
    We HONOR their heritage, they’re lives … indivisible for all.