Schmuck shrinks from exposure


Candidate rolls out unusual LD 18 state senate campaign

 It’s unusual for a candidate to solicit funds by offering to personally “make a commitment” to match every donation “dollar for dollar.” It’s even more unusual to omit the party designation with which that candidate aligns. 

Within a week of launching his latest campaign — he ran and lost in 2008 — Frank Schmuck email blasts out:

“Today is the final day of the financial reporting period. That means I only have 24 hours left to build as big a war chest as possible before the next finance report. In other words, it is critical for me to show my opponent right now that I’m serious about this race and that I plan on winning.” (SRAZ omitted the screaming bold face type, excessive exclamation points and puerile underlining.)

The Republican and Democrat Parties have very different platforms which reflect conflicting positions on a wide range if issues. In order to detect where Frank Schmuck’s political comfort zone is, it took a search of his name at the Secretary of State’s campaign website to find out he’s registered as a Republican. Why he doesn’t want to tell potential voters that fundamental fact, one can only guess.  Unfortunately for Schmuck who obviously wants to appeal to anyone, none of the answers would be satisfactory. Arizona is a state where the top elective offices are solidly in the GOP column, as are the majority of legislators and Maricopa County elected officials. Many conservative Republican precinct committeemen have dedicated themselves to making those facts reality and have much to be proud of.  A search through the incumbent state senator’s donor records reveals an establishment crony, and a list heavy with lobbyists, McCain allies and PACs.

There’s a lot to run on, not from. But right out of the gate, Schmuck has oddly chosen the wrong path.


10 Responses to Schmuck shrinks from exposure

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Catchy title, guys!! Schmuck is obviously trolling for independent voters, and will lose again. You have to stand for something or you stand for nothing. That’s what I see here. Nothing!

  2. Vince says:

    Frank Schmuck sounds like a huckster. That matching funds business shows someone who waited too long to get his campaign going and is trying to make last minute deals. He should offer the potential donors at least two for one.

  3. East Valley Voter says:

    Frank Schmuck could never capitalize on the fact that Jeff Dial is a aligned with “McCain allies.” Schmuck is one himself. He actually headed up a pro-McCain group. End of story.

  4. Sandy says:

    I’ve read the “Schmuck shrinks from exposure” article and the comments from “Arizona Conservative Guy” and “Vince” and can see how these opinions and concerns emerged; in fact I’d probably be having similar thoughts about this candidate if I didn’t know him since he was a teenager. However, I have known him since then and have observed how he conducts his life and need to share that Frank is one of the most honorable, committed, competent and selfless individuals I’ve had the privilege of associating with and have witnessed many times his living according to his motto, which is simply: SERVICE BEFORE SELF. I live in Pennsylvania and can only pray for a candidate such as Frank Schmuck for whom I could vote wholeheartedly and without a single reservation.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      Schmuck ought to run as an Independent since he’s apparently ashamed of the Republican brand, which he does his best to conceal. He also ought to run in Pennsylvania where his duplicity doesn’t seem to matter. His McCain connections don’t play well either .I’m not in LD18, but if I were, I would take pleasure in voting against him. I call his deception SELF BEFORE SERVICE.

  5. theprecinctproject says:

    Yes, perhaps Frank should add Republican more prominently on his web site, in his mailers, etc.

    I received the same email from Team Schmuck. When I clicked on the contribute button, it goes to the Team Schmuck website. If I didn’t know anything about Frank, I’d click on the About button. That takes me to the About page where, at the botton, it says, “Frank has dedicated his entire life to helping people. He is serving in his 7th term as an elected Arizona Precinct Committeeman for the Republican Party.”

    Maybe that should go up at the top.

    I also see a link to Frank’s campaign Facebook account. Going there, on the About page, I read, “I am a Conservative Republican running for Arizona State Senate because I love Arizona, the People who’ve here, and because we deserve better. When you choose your doctor, your accountant or your real estate agent, don’t you want someone with the best character and credentials to treat or serve? The same should be the case when choosing your State Senator.”

    Thanks for the constructive advice.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      More prominently? How about at all? No candidate for public office should make people search on adjunct pages of the campaign website for party affiliation. What’s the point of burying the affiliation unless you are trying to hide it? It’s clear to me that Schmuck is trying to appeal to the PNDs (party not designated) or Independents. He wouldn’t get far running as a PND or Indie, so he runs as a Republican but tries to conceal it. That’s bad enough, but the McCain connection is the sure thing deal breaker. Doesn’t Schmuck know that McCain is rated lower than dirt in recent polling and has been censured by elected state committeemen? Does he know of the despicable retaliatory tactics McCain used on those of us who dared call him out for his years of collusion with the most liberal of Dems? How does Schmuck square his call for border security with his support of John McAmnesty? Too many questions and not solid enough answers for my taste,

      If you’re offering thanks for what you call “constructive advice” are you his campaign manager? If so, you surely know that this is the exact same way he campaigned during his last losing race.

  6. Maggie says:

    Yet another political trickster. Haven’t we all had our fill by now? When I cast my vote, it’s for someone with backbone and the spunk to call out the phonies. An actual phony is unable to do that. Schmuck can’t have it both ways. In displaying his credentials during his previous race, Schmuck proudly made reference to serving as co-chair of Arizona Veterans for McCain. Conservatives would know that’s a deal breaker.

  7. jakesez says:

    If you want to know his view on those important subjects which are close to his heart, ask him. Enough of this back stabbing before you know what he stands for. If he supported McCain, put your information out where we can see and check it out. Just saying something is not enough anymore. Too many people will spread all kinds of misinformation as part of their program. Not saying your not correct, just lets see what you got.