Border schizophrenia? BP Union opts for fence and amnesty

Arizonans are in the front line fight against illegals who swarm over, under and through the state’s porous southern border. Those other than Mexican are known as OTMs. Many come from nations designated by the U.S. State Department as sponsors of terrorism. The Blaze provides the details. In May 2011, SRAZ posted Hezbollah on our doorstep: Radical Muslims in border towns, which includes a shocking ABC News 10 (San Diego) video.

Juxtapose that information with the recent PPP poll of Arizona voters which clearly illustrates John McCain is in “deep trouble” with Republican primary voters. His bottom dragging approval ratings place him at serious risk of losing the nomination. At 80, the man who has made a career of colluding with Democrats is arrogantly running for yet another 6-year term.

Most recently John McCain and Jeff Flake led the Gang of Eight, rife with leftists and RINOs in another failed attempt to promote amnesty for those who enter the U.S. illegally. Previously Jon Kyl was McCain’s partner in the effort.

John McCain has been a consistent supporter of amnesty for illegals, going back to 2005 and his days of colluding with liberal icon Ted Kennedy on what was euphemistically referred to as “comprehensive immigration reform.” McCain has vowed to name such legislation in honor of Kennedy.

NumbersUSA provides this record and analysis of all of Sen. McCain’s illegal immigration related congressional votes, co-sponsorships and other actions during his career in Congress. 

On March 30, the National Border Patrol Council endorsed Donald Trump for President, breaking its longstanding practice of not endorsing presidential candidates in the primaries. Trump  has been steadfast in his stated intention to build a border wall.

Now try to square these facts in conjunction with this bizarre endorsement of McCain issued by Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol union: 

“Senator McCain understands the challenges we face out in the field. He routinely meets with agents, and takes their concerns to Washington and gets things done. In the past session alone, Senator McCain stabilized wages, forced the GAO to review the poor sanitation and working conditions attributed to our bases of operation, and secured critical technology like towers and drones to provide better intelligence to agents in the field. We are proud to support John McCain.”



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  1. State Delegate says:

    I wonder if Brandon Judd is representing himself or the Border Patrol? I’ll bet many of the agents disagree with this endorsement. They see the damage and crime firsthand making it unlikely they all agree with this foolish endorsement. The fact that the Border Patrol endorsed Trump for President stands in direct opposition to support for McCain. McCain has always been for amnesty, which is a major reason he was censured by elected statewide Republican delegates at the 2014 annual Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party. I was proud to join in that overwhelming censure vote!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Seems likely that this union man has been paid off or is being blackmailed.

    Regarding our open borders and what it brings US:
    The baby who was born at Hackensack hospital in New Jersey a few days ago is a victim of the Zika virus. Born with microcephaly and who knows what other disabilities.

    The mother of this child is a Honduran resident who became ill in Honduras and was turned away by doctors there.

    So, the only logical thing to do is jump on a plane and fly to New Jersey and give birth within days of arrival, right?. Wonder who paid for the airfare?

    It is estimated (although how can we really know, early on?) that the cost of caring for a child born with the permanent disabilities caused by the Zika virus will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

    It is well documented that Zika is rampant in Honduras.

    A major league baseball player returned recently to the US after contracting the mosquito-borne virus in Venezuela. Two weeks on, he is still very sick despite having the best medical care in NYC.

    Public health officials from many countries have been pleading with Olympic officials to cancel the summer Olympics in Brazil because of the Zika virus.

    Zika is the new AIDS, only much easier to spread and causing immediate, devastating disease.

    This is population control, done on the cheap, using mosquitoes.

    Back when we were still sane, immigrants arriving on Ellis Island, in New York Harbor, were immediately given physical and mential status exams exams by licensed physicians.

    Large numbers of immigrants were kept for periods of time in quarantine conditions there on Ellis Island, cared for by healthcare professionals, until their health issues were corrected or they were deported back to their home country.

    Also of interest, if a person could not speak And write in English, they were immediately deported. The exception to this was at the times leading up to the world wars, when it was deemed too dangerous to send civilians on transcontinental ships. During those times people were detained indefinitely, unless family members or friends who had previously come in legally, would come to their aid and take responsibility for them, but only with the permission of immigration authorities.

    Currently, it is being reported that one in every five Somalian immigrants in Minnesota was allowed to enter our country with active tuberculosis, which is a highly contagious airborne disease.
    It can be diagnosed with a simple chest X-ray which costs just a few dollars, or with a tuberculin skin test (which takes 3 days of observation in order to obtain an accurate reading).
    There is absolutely no routine health testing of anyone who enters the US illegally.

    We are told that God’s Mercy is infinite. I pray that it remains so.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      My grandfather entered the U.S. LEGALLY through Ellis Island. He told stories of people who were coughing or had what was called “pink eye” (conjunctivitis) being sent back on the ship’s return trip. He sailed on the lowest deck in what was known as steerage…with the animals that were inboard to provide food, eggs, etc. for those immigrants.

  3. Kathy says:

    Brandon Judd – liar, liar, pants on fire!!!! Hey McCain where is the “dang” fence??? Oops another lie by Lyin McCain!

  4. Rob Haney says:

    This is further evidence of the rampant corruption which exists in our secular as well as our religious governing authorities. You will recall that the NRA attacked McCain repeatedly for his anti-2nd amendment stances such as his attempt to close the gun shows.

    They then reversed course and endorsed McCain when he was challenged by Hayworth who had a 100% pro-gun record. You will also recall that AZ Right to Life endorsed McCain vs Hayworth after McCain donated $5,000 to them. McCain had a terrible pro-life record (he supported embryonic stem cell research as well as research using aborted babies and opposed pro-life efforts in the Republican caucus. Hayworth had a 100% pro-life record.

    Unbelievably, the National Right to Life organization has just endorsed McCain in the Republican primary.

    The Catholic Bishops give lip service to pro-life and pro-family issues, but their actions belie their rhetoric. Most of the Protestant denominations now actually support pro-abortion and homosexual agenda.

    Satan could not have done a better job than Obama in destroying our Judeo-Christian society. Yet the Catholic and Protestant leaders have repeatedly joined and honored Obama and his surrogates for their actions taken to destroy our way of life. The Lord has never been merciful to those nations who have turned their back on Him. We are now suffering through that consequence.

  5. William Heuisler says:

    But this time McCain panics, sends lawyers and smears Ward

    McCain sicced Libel Lawyers on a critic of spoiler Meluskey… and then smeared Dr. Kelli Ward. On May 11th McCain’s Grassroots PAC sent me a 4-page certified letter from Lawyers Wright, Welker & Pauole (10429 South 51st Street, Phx) demanding changes in descriptions of Alex Meluskey, PT Burton, Joel Frewa, Craig Bergman and their connection with ex-County Prosecutor Shane Krauser’s Liberty Groups. Lawyers threatened to, “pursue available legal measures necessary” to protect his reputation.

    So, John McCain has to defend disgraced prosecutor Krauser to defend his spoiler Meluskey. Ironically, early in May McCain’s PAC mailed phony smears about his major AZ opponent Kelli Ward.

    But all descriptions of Alex Meluskey must include people he chooses to work with – like PT Burton. McCain-decoy Alex Meluskey’s First Director on his 2015 ACC Senate application was PT Burton, a Robert Morris Group (RMG) “Corporate Partner”. Second Director is Craig Bergman, RMG President. (Click box #04952478 at the bottom)
    Meluskey’s 1st Director for US Senate defrauded Republicans of $50,000 at the Scottsdale Resort. Meluskey’s 2nd Director for US Senate, RMG’s Bergman, swore he was “witness” to Burton’s fraud. Meluskey Campaign Communications Director, Joel Frewa (RMG’s East Coast Operations Director) was PT Burton’s “roommate” during the 100-day Resort fraud. All say they are “victims” of the fraud. But no Meluskey people lost money in Burton’s fraud; none called police, none warned any victims.

    And all Descriptions of PT Burton must include people he chooses to work with – like Shane Krauser. Krauser was known to Tea Parties & Burton invoked Krauser Enterprises during the Scottsdale fraud. Burton – Senior Marketing Director, Shane Krauser Enterprises. Krauser was a Maricopa County Prosecutor “Sanctioned” by AZCC for defrauding many AZ investors.
    In 2014 Alex Meluskey was printing false election slates with Republican logos to steal PC seats from the Toschiks in Precinct 59 and County Prosecutor Shane Krauser was plea bargaining with AZCC for defrauding his Arizona investors so he could pay his mortgage, his credit cards and buy some land.

    So, all McCain’s Meluskey-spoiler-schemers are frauds and con-men. Just last week FEC & Senate Ethics violation complaints were filed against McCain/Meluskey for their Super PAC mass mailing of no-identification, no-return-address, anonymous (= unlawful) smears against candidate Kelli Ward.
    McCain-decoy, Alexander Meluskey has consorted with frauds and cons ever since he arrived in Arizona 2½ years ago and stole two Republican PC seats by lying, cheating and printing fake Party Documents to take veteran Republican PCs, Edward and Christine Toschik’s Precinct 59 positions.
    Meluskey apologized for his Precinct fraud only to conspire with PT Burton on his Scottsdale fraud.
    But McCain’s PAC Lawyers can’t protect spoiler-Meluskey and Republican voters will not be tricked. Doesn’t McCain realize suing me will force Meluskey & frauds to answer my questions under oath?

    Bill Heuisler – Marine, CIA Contractor in “Operation Mongoose”, Tucson Police Officer, DPS Licensed Investigator, author of three books about my experiences. Spread the word about McCain & frauds.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Brandon Judd seems like a good guy. Somehow McCain weaseled himself in with the Border Patrol union – for votes. He’s using them like he used Sheriff Paul Babeu.

    Retribution: Border Patrol Agent Suffers After Blowing Whistle to Congress

    Union Representing 16,000 Border Agents Endorses Trump : NPR

  7. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    One “friendly amendment” to the above: McCain didn’t USE Babeu…the Pinal County Sheriff was a willing participant, becoming the “Poster Boy” for McCain’s fictional “Border Plan” Bill. Why? Well, because Ol’ Paul figured the best way to get ahead politically was to “suck up” to the Senior Senator!

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Just now on Drudge in red. Something more for McCain to ignore.

    Smuggling network guided illegal immigrants from Middle East terrorist hotbeds to U.S. border – Washington Times

  9. Doc says:

    SRAZ & ALL: I got an e-mail from Carlyle Begay for Congress this morning. Now, after the expert tutelage I’ve received here over the years, I did a minute’s research & found the following:

    …flip-flopped from dim-0-crap to (r), but I read a little further down & found….

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    So, you just jump on a plane from a third world country and voila! A new American citizen is born with a dreaded health problem for us to take care of. Did Obama pay her way?

    Mother of Zika baby born in New Jersey talks about coming to US for treatment | Daily Mail Online