McCain, Biden receive prize for civility?

Funny business at Allegheny College

The officials in charge at Allegheny College appear to be hard at work showing us that academia doesn’t have to be dry, tedious and dare we say, boring? In awarding civility prizes to Joe Biden and John McCain, they broadly display their own sense of humor.

Arizonans know McCain as much for his salty tongue, insults, vindictiveness and vicious slurs — even his heiress wife is not immune — as for his liberal bent, colluding with Democrats against the interests of the majority of citizens in his own state. Civility has never been his strong suit, a fact even more evident as he uses out-of-state PAC donors to lie about his GOP senate opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward.

Biden’s insulting gaffes would seem to take him out of the running, as well.

Yet the college‘s website quotes President James H. Mullen, Jr. calling the duo “two political giants – one from the left and one from the right – [who] regard civility to be a fundamental obligation of leadership in our democracy. And they have aspired mightily to honor that obligation – throughout their careers, and even in the cauldron of presidential politics.” 

We would further add, they are both from the left, which is why McCain has been censured by elected Republican leaders in Arizona.

“Ask anyone who has sat across a table from Joe Biden or John McCain and they’ll tell you the same thing – that these are men of principle who hold strong to their beliefs and will argue passionately in defense of their positions. But they also understand that one need not demonize their opposition in order to effectively govern,” according to Gov. Tom Ridge.  

A couple of thousand miles away, former Gov. Ridge hasn’t been exposed to the demonizing mailers and televised campaign ads John McCain is using against physician and former state senator, Dr. Kelli Ward. We wonder, however, if such information would have made a difference, since the civility award appears to be cooked up to coincide with a tough race for the 80-year-old McCain  — first elected in 1982 and arrogantly running for another 6-year term.


9 Responses to McCain, Biden receive prize for civility?

  1. Claire Voyant says:

    I thought this was a joke until I clicked on the link to the school. What a farce!! Biden is a moron and McCain is a disgusting pig who extended his foul mouth to his own wife who keeps him in fine style. He actually called her the “C” word in front of reporters and it got wide coverage at the time. Tom Ridge must have his head up his arse to present this award to McCain. I’ll bet some money went from Hensley and Co. (Cindy’s mega beer distributing business) to Allegheny College.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Without a doubt. … money has exchanged hands. If I had a farm I’d bet it on this!

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Two lifelong political lunkheads being given a prize for ‘civility in public life’ by a very weak politician from Pennsylvania who once headed up the hated Homeland Security. Biden is from Scranton, PA. Looks like an inside job. I’m sure money went into the coffers of the school.

    The above video reminders of McCain’s “civility” are actually pretty disgusting. He and Biden have always gotten a pass. The media see McCain as one of them. McCain comes to AZ and pretends he’s something he’s not to get the votes of the fools who insist on voting for him every time he needs them and goes back to D.C. to prevent anything of a conservative nature from happening.

    I see negative ad after negative ad on Kelli Ward on TV, Internet and radio and have yet to hear McCain mention her by name. There are people out there, unfortunately, who have never heard of her. All they see are creepy commercials showing her as a kook. I’m hoping she’ll fight back soon.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I just got this email :

    ALERT! You must call your Senators NOW & tell them to vote against John McCain’s NDAA Bill. He has included the Draft/selective service for young women! McCain is CRAZY!
    If a young woman wants to join, that is her choice.
    But they shouldn’t be forced into the front line of battle!
    Thank you,

  5. William Heuisler says:

    Grassroots Action PAC is McCain’s Piggy Bank. Arizona (AZ) Grassroots Action PAC is the enemy.
    And Republicans are learning the hard way. Just this week on radio and TV false, ugly smears of Republican Kelli Ward seem to be everywhere. And we discover AZ Grassroots Action PAC (GAPAC) is John McCain’s own Leftist Piggy Bank.

    We see political ads that spew special hatred for an AZ opponent who actually threatens McCain.

    GAPAC ads flagrantly scorn the truth. With no evidence Left Wing GAPAC links long-time mother, doctor & former State Senator to Islamic terrorists. PAC ads say Military Wife, Kelli Ward wants a vulnerable military even though Ward’s husband is a Colonel in the Arizona (AZ) National Guard. McCain’s Piggy Bank PAC distorts Ward’s Pro-Life stand even after Phyllis Schlafly’s endorsement. John McCain knows the truth, but he’s desperate and will spend many millions to spread crude lies.
    (And the PAC small print admits GAPAC or Friends of John McCain are responsible for the lies.)

    But GAPAC has inflicted purges, frauds, law suits, lies and smears on AZ Republicans for years.
    In 2014 GAPAC purged hundreds of Republican PCs who had all voted to censure John McCain.
    In 2015 GAPAC covered up fraud and dispersal of $50,000 taken from Republicans at a Scottsdale resort by McCain-spoiler-Meluskey’s Campaign Manager, PT Burton and 2 Directors.
    In 2016 GAPAC is crudely smearing Kelli Ward, distorting records & insulting voters with obvious lies.
    In 2016 GAPAC hired Phoenix lawyers to prevent a Meluskey-McCain critic from spreading the truth.
    In 2016 Kelli Ward filed with FEC & Senate ethics Committee against GAPAC’s illegal mass mailings.

    GAPAC claims to be Republican & Conservative, but spends most of its millions against Republicans. In fact, according to the numbers submitted by Lisa Lisker, treasurer of GAPAC (link below) McCain’s Grassroots PAC treachery is extensive. Click on split by cycle to show anti-Republican millions.

    A FEC 15-page report of the Alexandria, Virginia-based GAPAC’s recent filing (1/1/16 to 3/31/16) shows AZ Grassroots PAC’s affection for the Ultra Left. One example out of many, Gregory Wendt (billionaire San Francisco Obama-donor) is listed with hundreds of other wealthy out-of-state McCain Friend donors. (Wendt and wife Lisa have been McCain benefactors for decades).

    We must all remember AZ Grassroots Action PAC smears are funded by McCain’s leftist friends. GAPAC sues critics, breaks FEC mailing laws, ducks Senate ethics laws and donates to con men. Don’t be fooled by millions of dollars of slick negative propaganda smearing a family woman, military wife and former State Senator with an exemplary reputation.

    McCain sees how Kelli Ward’s solid message resonates with most McCain-weary Arizonans. So he spends PAC millions to smear her.
    For years now AZ Republicans have been learning AZ Grassroots Action PAC is the enemy.

    Bill Heuisler – Marine Vet, CIA Contractor in Operation Mongoose Tucson Police Officer, DPS Licensed Investigator & author of three books about my experiences. Research everything. Contact me with questions for links or anything (520-403-2939). Spread the word to ten more Republicans.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Biden’s “insulting gaffes” include inappropriate conduct with women and young ladies in public—and on national television.

    IMPORTANT TODAY from the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals:
    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is ruling in favor of California’s “good cause” requirement, saying the Second Amendment does not protect a right to carry a concealed gun in public. (complete story on today)

    Wonder how much of Obama’s “fundraising” money he laid on the table to either pay off or bribe Bernie today at the WH?

    Paul Ryan will appear on this Sunday’s “Face the Nation” tv show on CBS. It is being said that he will come very close to endorsing Hillary, while bashing Trump.

    I don’t believe that we will make it till November.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Here’s Sunday’s interview on Face the Nation. Paul Ryan does say he is against a Hillary presidency. He’s just a wimp – who is so afraid to say anything ‘wrong.’ He and the rest of the elites don’t like/hate Trump. They’re begrudgingly supporting him, while their minions undermine Trump. Will we make it to November? Who knows.

      Paul Ryan strongly disavows the comment made by Donald Trump (He endorsed Trump a few days ago)

      June 7, 2016, 4:11 PM In this “Face the Nation” interview set to air this upcoming Sunday, House Speaker Paul Ryan talks about the comments made by Donald Trump with regards to the judge handling the Trump University case and the tone of the Republican Party.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Cochise County sheriff gives police radios to some ranchers in his county.

    Story found on drudge.

  8. Braveheart says:

    John McCain is coarse and crude, and a practiced liar, to boot. To give him an award for “civility” is beyond ridiculous. I join with those who suspect there is collusion going on here among politicos with a promise of big bucks for this LIBERAL arts college.

    As an Arizona native, I originally thought this post was a joke. The joke is actually on the parents who foot the bill for this liberal education for their kids who will graduate as uneducated liberal mindless robots.