Romney turns on Trump

Is religion the back story?

In 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney happily accepted Donald Trump’s endorsement. Romney, in fact, described himself as  “delighted,” “honored” and “pleased,” calling the occasion “one of the things you just can’t imagine happening in your life.” An effusive Romney added, “Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works,” citing Trump’s record as a job creator. He concluded, “it means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of Mr. Trump.” 

Trump was a generous donor to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

How the beneficiary of Trump’s generosity has turned in just four short years! Now with Trump the Republican presidential nominee, Romney appears on CNN — liberalism’s media heartland — to tell “Situation Room” host Wolf Blitzer that Trump’s election could legitimize racism and misogyny, ushering in a change in the moral fabric of American society, and bizarrely declaring “I don’t want to see trickle-down racism.”

Romney who now refers to Trump as “a phony, and a fraud,” and sounds as through he shares a brain with the marginal Jeff Flake, says “I don’t intend on supporting either of the major party candidates at this point. I’m certainly going to be hoping that we find someone who I have confidence in who becomes the nominee,” Romney stated. “I see way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides of the aisle and I only hope and aspire we’ll see more greatness.”

Just days ago, Flake used indistinguishable language, claiming discomfort with Trump saying, “at this pointand “I hope to be able to support the nominee. I certainly can’t right now.”

Both Romney and Flake are foolishly hoping for a “brokered” convention — a rare political aberration forcing the nomination fight beyond the first ballot — that will throw the Republican Party into chaos from which recovery would be unlikely.

Does this vicious Republicrat,  censured by elected Republican officials in his home state who Romney has endorsed for reelection exemplify his idea of “greatness”? This is the befuddled John McCain introducing Mitt Romney and mistakenly calling him “President Obama.”

Romney’s change of heart on Trump appears to hinge in large part on Trump’s popular pledge to build a wall along the southern border of the US. Both Romney and Flake are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. More than 1.3 million Mormons live in Mexico, up from 240,000 in the 1980s, according to the LDS Newsroom page. Largely due to successful proselytizing efforts, church leaders have supported more open borders and acceptance of illegals into the United States. The church has focused missionary efforts on Latinos and Utah is now considered a sanctuary state for illegals. Mitt Romney’s father, George, was born on a polygamous compound in Mexico, where his American parents moved to escape persecution for their beliefs, returning to the U.S. when he was five, fleeing the Mexican Revolution.

There appears to be a schism with church teachings on the issue of illegals in the U.S. as exemplified in these two views: Civil Society: The Art of Human Connection — which advocates on behalf of welcoming all regardless of their status, and the LDS Church’s Doctrines and Covenants 58.21 which counsels adherence to the laws of the land.

Looking at the broader base, this Rasmussen Reports survey indicates as far as American voters are concerned — and not just Republicans — Donald Trump has a winning formula for fighting illegal immigration.


23 Responses to Romney turns on Trump

  1. azgary says:

    nothing to do with religion and everything to do with open borders globalism

    same with ALL neverTrumpers

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Sorry, but religion is definitely a component in this equation.
      Google “Does Donald Trump have a Mormon problem?” You’ll find a day’s worth of reading.

      • azgary says:

        Trump has no mormon problem.

        mormons have a problem with Trump because he wants to close the borders and mormons want more foreigners to come in that they hope to convert.

        nice try at spin though.

  2. azgary says:

    Open borders globalist like romney will kill us, just so they can have money and power:


    Gunman Identified As OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN; Born To Afghan Parents…

    but Trumps a racist or something and violence is his fault:

    VIDEO UNEARTHED=> Pastor Calls for Execution of Gays – Then Introduces Ted Cruz at Conference

    Cruz on Trump’s Muslim Ban: ‘That’s Not My Policy’

    Speaker Paul Ryan blasts Trump’s Muslim ban: ‘This is not conservatism’

  3. Suzanne Cavalier says:

    Mitt Romney is a disgusting nasty politician, glad he is no longer in office, when Trump wins Mitt will be a bigger has been than what he is now. We must drain the swamp, and completely change both houses with new people. We must remind these people they work for us and we the voters are sick and tired of their betrayal to us and to the people we want in office.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Glenn Beck is a Mormon, having converted as an adult after being raised Catholic. He has recently, in a very embarrassing and public way, gone off the rails regarding Trump. To the point of being suspended by Sirius XM radio over an interview with author Brad Thor, in which they were gleefully suggesting that a “patriot” come forward and make the Trump problem go away.

    And this, regarding religion:

    Last week it was reported that in the small town of Vermiglia, Italy, the Catholic parishioners arrived at the church to pray the Rosary aloud. This particular parish church is housing dozens of “refugees”. Volunteers from the Catholic organization known as Caritas told the parishioners that they must NOT pray out loud, as it would upset the refugees. The parish priest soon arrived and escorted the Catholic ladies out of the church and advised them to find another church in which to pray. (By the way, the word “Caritas” is Latin and means love for all humankind—-unless you are a Catholic in Vermiglia, Italy who goes to church to pray the Rosary aloud, only to find out that the Muslim refugees are more loved than are the parishioners.)

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The whole world, with the exception of a few sane countries like Hungary, is on a jihad to welcome Muslims with open arms into their culture. What are they thinking? I’m very upset with the Catholic church rolling over for Islam. I thought it was on the same level as all the “great religions” of the world. But the Church is favoring them over we Catholics.

      Zuhdi Jasser was on Fox this morning saying that the ‘moderate’ Muslims need to be heard from. I’m not a believer that there are ‘moderate’ Muslims. They’re silent enablers. I think Mr. Jasser is a great American – served in the US Navy – and is a first generation Syrian-American. He’s the exception.

      Regarding Obama’s remarks earlier – it sounded like it was written by the Muslims down the hall from the Oval Office.

      A radical Muslim wants to kill you.
      A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to kill you.

  5. azgary says:

    Open borders globalist like romney will kill us, just so they can have money and power:


    Gunman Identified As OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN; Born To Afghan Parents…

  6. Blackbeard says:

    Connect the dots, folks. Decrepit octogenarian John McCain says he’s in the fight of his political life as he runs for yet another 6 year term and blames Trump supporters. Mitt Romney is in the tank for McCain, who can’t even remember who Romney is.

    Jeff Flake is also a McCain supporter. Both Romney and Flake are blatantly diminishing Trump in an effort to elevate the feeble McCain. This is the GOP establishment at work. That’s why you can search the RNC website and not see any mention of Donald Trump. Hillary is all over the homepage but where is our Republican nominee?

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I voted for Romney for the sole reason that I despise Obama. He was a sad case running against Obama. Twinkle toes is what he should have been nicknamed. He had no clue as to how he should run against a loser president who was ruining our country. Romney can’t make up his mind if he’s ‘severely conservative’ or liberal. He lasted one term in MA as governor. He didn’t run again as he knew he couldn’t win.

    Now – he’s sticking his nose in the presidential election with really strange ideas for the GOPe to beat Hillary (and Trump). I read that there’s bad blood between his fellow Mormon, ex-Utah governor, Jon Huntsman. When Huntsman backed McCain in 2008, Romney lobbed the ultimate Mormon insult: ‘Your grandfather would be ashamed of you!’

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    June 14, this Tuesday, is Flag Day.

    While you still can, fly your U. S. Flag for others to see.

  9. Dennis O'Brien says:

    McCain, McRomney, McFlake? All peas in the same open borders pod. Clearly pew filling and tithe collecting are what matters most in the faith communities. Mormons are not stand-alones in this arena. Catholics and evangelicals are also complicit in throwing in with the amnesty lobby. You’d think they were all trying to elect Hilary Clinton, and before her, Barack Obama. We’ve stopped going to church over this stomach turning issue.

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Sen. Jeff Flake urges Republicans to withhold Trump endorsement – POLITICO

    Not one of them felt this strongly about the anti-American, pro-Muslim extremist, Barack Obama.

    Not a very flattering photo of McFlake. Flake is a disgusting excuse for a representative of the people.

  11. Conservative Since Birth says:

    New Findings about Islamic killer:

    Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times | Zero Hedge

    “In other words, Mateen who according to preliminary reports, had been on a terrorist watchlist, and who still managed to obtain weapons thanks to his various licenses and permits just last week, was employed by one of the world’s largest security companies, where he may have had extensive clearances well above his pay grade, not to mention access to sophisticated military weapons and equipment.”

    “But where it gets more disturbing is that as Judicial Watch reported several days ago, in a post titled, “DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads Of Illegal Aliens Away From Border”, border patrol sources said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents. As a reminder, the government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate way. Judicial Watch was present when one of the white vans carrying a group of OTMs arrived at the Phoenix Greyhound station on Buckeye Road.”

    • azgary says:

      the “security” company he worked for transporting OTM illegals into the country is owned by…..

      wait for it…..


      Pakistan acquires G4S

      Karachi, Nov 5: The shares of G4S, a FTSE 100-listed company and the world’s largest security services company, in Wackenhut Pakistan Pvt Ltd (WPPL) has been bought completely by its Pakistani partner, Security and Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

      Ikram Sehgal, Chairman of Wackenhut, who already owned 50 per cent stake in the company stated in press release that the buyout was primarily driven by Pakistan government’s decision not to allow any foreign shareholding in private security agencies in the country.

      He declined to disclose other reasons which prompted the buyout but said that G4S had offered him more than a fair price for his shares and he declined the generous offer.

      The buyout surprised the security services sector around the world as it was not expected for a Pakistani entity to have the resources to buy out shares of the largest security services company in the world.