Trump in Phoenix: Hotter than 117° temperature

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters braved Phoenix’ scorching midday temperatures as they waited outside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum for a chance to hear the Republican presidential candidate on Saturday. He began by addressing the Orlando massacre, making the point that it was about terrorism, not guns. Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump respects the Constitutionally protected Second Amendment.

There was a thunderous roar when he reiterated his promise to build a wall along our southern border. Trump made it clear that he welcomes legal immigration, but draws the line at allowing illegals to enter the U.S. or gifting them with amnesty.  Appearing with Trump were longtime supporter Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, state Treasurer Jeff DeWit — Trump’s Arizona campaign chairman — and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who enthusiastically gave her support to the GOP candidate, noting he “will protect Second Amendment rights.”

McCain challenger Dr. Kelli Ward was on hand, though the two Arizona senators kept their distance — once again. The always inappropriately grinning Jeff Flake has stated he’s “under no obligation to support Donald Trump, presumably opting for Hillary Clinton or hoping for a brokered convention that will permanently disable the Republican Party, throwing the convention into chaos. John McCain‘s polling numbers have continued to sink, as Dr. Ward mounts an effective challenge to the 80-year-old senator running for yet another 6-year term.  This PPP poll illustrates McCain’s disconnect with Arizona Republican voters.  Who can forget his duplicity in 2012 as he strolled the border with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, promising to “Complete the danged fence?” Immediately after the ballots were counted, McCain did an about-face as he and Jeff Flake, teamed up with the most liberal band of Democrats as they initiated and tried to push through the Gang of Eight amnesty scheme.

Trump’s declaration, “I think we’re going to win!” was met with cheers from the appreciative crowd.

Watch this short video as Dick Morris explains how $16 billion a year is paid out to those in our country illegally through just two programs: The ‘Earned Income Tax Credit,’ with average monthly payments of $3,000 — and the ‘Additional Child Tax Credit,’ which digs into American taxpayer’s pockets for a bonus of $1800 a month per illegal household.

In addition to addressing the crime and flow of drugs into the U.S. is it any wonder Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall along our southern border resonates with so many Americans?


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  1. azgary says:

    Trump chooses America and Americans FIRST.

    thats why he resonates and wins, all of the others from both parties place political party, special interests and donors/owners first.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    McCain’s ads make 2 HUGE mistakes About Kelli Ward’s record. McCain’s Grassroots Action PAC and “Friends of McCain” spend millions to spread OBVIOUS LIES about Military wife, Kelli Ward.

    McCain says a MILITARY WIFE is undermining our military (stupid).
    McCain says Ward opposes a bill funding our military (impossible).

    1) Voters will know Kelli Ward was an ARIZONA STATE SENATOR who would NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE on a US Military Spending Bill.
    2) Mike Ward is a Colonel in AZ National Guard and former USAF officer.

    McCain is ignorant. He hopes we are too. In case some voters aren’t paying full attention, spread the word.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I will spread the word. McCain’s ads are beneath contempt.
      Thank you.

  3. Former GOP PC says:

    As he plays to those he hopes are uninformed, John McCain appears to be campaigning against Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. But his surrogates using big money PACs attack Dr. Kelli Ward, because they are all too aware of the grassroots uprising in Virginia that took out GOP “rising star” RINO Eric Cantor, who was the US House Majority Leader — not small potatoes. That colossal upset put fear in many Republicrat’s hearts. McCain was censured by Arizona elected state delegates because he doesn’t represent us or the Republican Party. He retaliated by purging us from the party. He’s an elderly snake who needs to slither back into the underbrush. In the article below, conservatives are characterized as “Tea Partiers.” We are simply conservatives, who have had our fill of this self serving sack of sh*t. I’ve never been to a “tea party” event in my life, but my wife and I devoted years of dedication and donations to the AZ GOP. No more. McCain’s operatives saw to it that we were replaced by McCain loyalists newly installed Vietnamese PCs who NEVER show up at the District meetings. State GOP chairman Robert Graham was onboard with this deceit.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Maybe because of the heat yesterday there were no serious protester problems at the Trump rally. Even paid-trouble makers get lazy on hot days. Or maybe because Arizonans carry guns, unlike San Jose, San Francisco and L.A.. Phoenix was nice and quiet to the chagrin of the leftist news media.

    Saw protestors on TV with Mexican flags – even one big red Communist flag – hammer and sickle in orange.

    • azgary says:

      Trump needs to start hammering paul ryan too:

      14 Year Old Girl Dies From Injuries After TWICE DEPORTED Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Hit Her Christmas Eve

      Just days after Speaker Paul Ryan said he did not want to ‘clog jails’ with previously deported drunk driving illegal aliens, 14 year-old Gianna Bartolucci, died Saturday from brain injuries caused by a twice deported drunk driving illegal alien in a head-on crash last Christmas Eve in Clarkson, New York, according to a statement by her parents posted to their church website.

      …”Point three: what we have to figure out is how do we write Kate’s Law so that we’re not clogging up our jails so much for, say, DUI, but for the true violent criminals? … We need to get the details right so that we actually are going after the people that are doing this. … Trust me, you know we’re frustrated about this.”
      Speaker Paul Ryan on The O’Reilly Factor, June 15, 2016, transcript via Breitbart (“Kate’s Law—named in honor of Kate Steinle—would increase the penalty for illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after being deported.”.

      Bartolucci was riding with her father, Pastor Tony Bartolucci, to buy a Christmas tree around 6:00 p.m. when a car driven by Efrain Lopez-Contreras crossed over and collided head on with the Bartolucci’s vehicle.

      The father and daughter were seriously injured and were rescued by good Samaritans. Lopez-Contreras walked away from the crash but was found by deputies hiding in a ditch after the rescuers tried to prevent him from leaving.

      Gianna Bartolucci died from complications following surgery to replace part of her skull last week. Her father was released from the hospital on Feb 2 whilst Gianna was transferred to a brain injury rehabilitation unit that same month.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    BBC Suppressed Report Of ‘Sex Assault’ Of 14-Year-Old By ‘Syrian Gang’ | HeatStreet

    Coming here soon. Will our news media hide it too?

  6. jakesez says:

    Saw in the AZ RAG that a whole bunch of “Republicans” have with drawn from the convention. Was this because of Trump? I think many were and I for one will remember every name.

    • Doc says:

      These idiots are gonna’ help shrillary return to her old house. & boehner 2.0 (a.k.a. paul ryan) is helping as well. Th’ FIX IS IN GANG……………

  7. jakesez says:

    I should clarify. These were Arizona “Republicans”. However, your comments are still true.

  8. Doc says:

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.” -Albert Einstein