AZ Nat’l Committeeman Bruce Ash urges violence against Trump staff

After serving in the position of Arizona’s National Committeeman for nearly a decade, establishment crony Bruce Ash is showing signs of a serious disconnect with reality. His haughtiness has now warped into the category of disgraceful embarrassment as Ash calls for Trump staffers to be shot execution style “in the back of the head,” due to what he believes is their gross incompetence. Ash made the comment during an appearance on Tucson Talk Radio Station KVOI.

The Daily Caller reports on Ash’s outrageous comments linking to a report in the Arizona Daily Independent which carries the audio.  This isn’t Ash’s first round of thuggery. Seeing Red AZ reported on Ash’s outrageous 2014 call for conservative radio talk show host James T. Harris to be “kneecapped” because he did not support the establishment candidate — now U.S. Rep. Martha McSally — as she campaigned for a seat in AZ Congressional District 2.

Conservatives have viewed Ash with suspicion since his 2011 eleventh hour decision — widely seen as a contrivance — to abandon the race for AZ GOP Chairman citing health issues that didn’t keep him from his business duties or cause him to abandon his post as National Committeeman. With amazing speed, Tom Morrissey was recruited and won as a write-in candidate, soundly trouncing the McCain supported candidate.

The brash Ash has all too clearly demonstrated he’s no longer worthy of holding a leadership post within the GOP and should heed the mounting calls to step down.


8 Responses to AZ Nat’l Committeeman Bruce Ash urges violence against Trump staff

  1. State Delegate says:

    RE: Bruce Ash’s assiness: Take your pick:
    1. A severe case of RINOism
    2. Chronic Arrogance
    3. Clouded vision from a acute knee pain caused by kneeling before John McCain and Robert Graham
    4. Creeping Dementia

    He isn’t who he tried to convince us he was when he first ambled on the political scene.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I don’t know a single conservative who trusts Bruce Ash (better know as Bruce Ass). He’s establishment all the way.

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    Ash is an embarrassment who continues to function as Arizona’s National Committeeman because he has money and establishment connections. With McCain sinking like a rock, it would appear that his connections are no longer benefits but detriments.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Not too long ago, these type of comments made by that man would be considered to be a threat and at least prompt a visit from law enforcement authorities.

    By the way, regarding that story of the British guy who was arrested when he tried to wrestle the firearm from a Las Vegas police officer inside the Trump rally last Saturday:

    Seems the 20 year old Brit suffers from Asperger’s syndrome (as did Dylan Roof who shot up the elementary school back East a few years ago) and was also diagnosed with OCD. Dependent on multiple prescription medications.

    Photographs taken by of his bedroom show that his bedroom walls were covered in posters of sci-fi characters and he also collected stuffed animals. His parents gave him money to travel to the US after he had been befriended by “an American girl” whose identity was supposedly unknown to the parents.

    The Brit was apparently living in a car in Hoboken, NJ and then traveled to San Bernadino, CA before landing in Las Vegas, intent upon killing Donald Trump.

    The father of this guy alerted the American Embassy in London of his son’s disappearance inside the U.S., after he was unable to get his son to answer his phone or reach him on Skype or by email. According to the dad, the US Embassy personnel were unwilling to help him or to listen to his concerns regarding his son’s mental illness.

    The father also told the British press that he believes that his son was somehow “brainwashed” because the son has no interest whatsoever in politics, or even reality, and has no idea how to take care of himself.

    Thank God that the police in Las Vegas are much more proactive than here, because the British fellow told the LV cops that if he wasn’t able to get Trump in Las Vegas, he was set on driving to Phoenix to try again.

    Interesting and disturbing set of facts.

  5. azgary says:

    and lets not forget it was bruce ash who sponsored the amendment to the gop platform for amnesty and easier and more legal immigration

    hes a tool of the chambers of commerce

    • azgary says:

      Arizona National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash Co-Sponsored six of the resolutions adopted at the Aug 16 RNC summer meeting. Ash co-sponsored resolutions 1,3,4,5,6, and 7 listed below. AZ National Committeewoman Sharon Geise and AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham, as well as Ash voted in favor of all seven resolutions (as a package) at the general session after they had been vetted and passed out of the standing committee on resolutions. Geise/Graham did not sponsor any resolutions at the Aug. mtg.
      o Resolutions Adopted During The 2013 Summer Meeting:

      • azgary says:

        New RNC Policy Promotes Amnesty Over Attrition Through Enforcement

        By Van Esser, Tuesday, August 20, 2013

        At its Summer meeting in Boston last week, the Republican National Committee rejected the Attrition Through Enforcement policy established in its 2012 National Platform in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

        The resolution also calls for replacing the current legal immigration structure, which is both employment-based and family-based, with a merit-based system that “focuses on the needs of employers

        According to a NumbersUSA-commissioned August 8 poll of all likely voters, the RNC has moved in a direction most voters oppose, let alone most Republicans. That poll found that:

        Only 16 percent of likely voters said nearly all illegal aliens should get work permits;
        75 percent said there are plenty of unemployed, less-educated Americans to fill certain jobs;
        Fully 68 percent said bringing in more immigrant workers would make it harder for unemployed Americans to find a job; and
        87 percent said businesses should try harder to recruit citizens before seeking foreign workers.
        It’s pretty clear that the resolution throws the Republican base under the bus and disenfranchises enforcement-oriented Independents and Democrats who cannot turn to the Democratic Party for protection.

        The RNC apparently does not understand that voters see immigration as an employment issue. 20 million Americans want a full-time job but can’t find one. And yet the RNC advocates giving work permits to 11+ million illegal aliens and adjusting legal immigration to create more job competition for all Americans.

  6. Dennis O'Brien says:

    This incendiary language is out of the bounds of rational, decent speech that we have the right to expect from someone in Bruce Ash’s position. He’s lost all credibility and needs to apologize before he resigns. This is what we get from entrenched politicos who think they can do or say anything with no consequences.