Jeff Flake colludes with liberals on gun control


It’s Jeff Flake — back to his “bi-partisan” antics. Here he is, hard at work with Democrats and Republicrats to rein in our Second Amendment rights. Flake was also integral to pushing amnesty for illegal invaders as a fixture of the Gang of Eight —- along with John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and a load of other unsavory left wing types. As a member of the U.S. House, Flake labored tirelessly alongside Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez promoting amnesty to “turn more red states blue.”

The aptly named and ambitious Flake — with strong Libertarian leanings — has run as a Republican because he knew that provided the direct route to the rarified Club of 100 — the U.S. Senate. As a close Obama associate who has traveled with him  to Kenya and Cuba and is a regular basketball playing chum, Flake has honed progressively close Democrat ties. Posing this question to Jeff Flake was met with stony silence.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest intimated Tuesday that Republicans are cowards for opposing Monday’s gun control proposals. Jeff Flake, who the Arizona Republic newspaper denounced as a “coward” for his campaign-related vote opposing background checks in 2013, as it lavished praise on John McCain, who it claims, “did not fail” as “one of just four Republicans who dared follow their conscience on this bill.” McCain was complimented for taking the path “of the maverick once more.”

Now it’s Jeff the Flake who has done a stunning about-face as he shreds Second Amendment protections with proposals that would not have prevented the Orlando massacre perpetrated by an ISIS inspired terrorist who praised Allah in his call to police.

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12 Responses to Jeff Flake colludes with liberals on gun control

  1. lowadobian says:

    Sadly, and more locally, the Commissioner of Planning & Zoning for Casa Grande Mike Henderson (who doesn’t identify himself as such) appears today in the Tri-Valley Central in a letter to the Editor stating it’s only “common sense” to ban 100% of guns. That’s right folks- “all semi-automatic and non-semi automatic”. Isn’t it neat how a public official can so blithely trampled the 2nd Amendment? Think he’ll do EVERYTHING to pre-empt opening a Shooting Range or Gun Store in Casa Grande? Of course. In that light, it’s only common sense to get rid of this Zoning & Planning guy who can’t even get a cross walk installed where pedestrians keep getting run over. (Improve your mortality rate there, pal and leave our 2nd Amendment rights alone!)

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    The only people who win with gun bans or outlandish restrictions are the criminals who will always find a way to secure firearms. Jeff Flake needs a strong primary opponent. He has bedded down with the left and needs to be unceremoniously tossed out on his ear.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I just went on the Drudge Report and on top of the page was a poll sponsored by “Friends of John McCain” asking who you will vote for in August. Kelli Ward’s name was on the list.

    Jeff Flake should be sent to the ash heap when he runs the next time. We need a good primary opponent to go against him. His antics in the Senate are unacceptable for a red state. If his constituency was California or New England, I could see his liberal behavior. I wonder how long Arizonans will put up with it. Trump won this state. Flake won’t support him as of now.

    • Maggie says:

      Jeff Flake is the ultimate showboater. Remember his self promoting pics in the post “Shirtless Congressmen”? Why do you think he goes on these solo trips to the uninhabited islands and brings nothing along except his trusty tripod camera to take vanity shots of himself? He makes me gag!

  4. Vince says:

    Flake says he’s working on a bipartisan “compromise.” When dealing with Dems, that means only one thing: Republicans give in to them. It’s never the other way around or a level playing field.

    We don’t need to place restrictions on our rights, but we do need to look at restricting “refugees” from war torn countries who have no intention of acclimating to American freedoms which they abhor. We have no idea who or what these people are, yet we import them into our homeland by the hundreds of thousands. They must think we are insane to set ourselves up as sitting ducks. Do you want your daughters or granddaughters wearing a burqa and unable to be educated?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Flake, et al., need to join Dennis Hastert as he begins his prison sentence today in Minnesota.

    As Rush said today, how does a US Congressman whose salary is $150,000 to $170,000 year end up being a multi-millionaire?

    They’ve sold US out because of their greed.

    Go back to the island, Jeffy.

    • Doc says:

      HEAR HERE!

      I SECOND the motion that AZ Senator Jeff Flake go to PRISON for lying to his constituents, as well as fraternizing with the enemy, & giving aid & comfort to the enemy.


  6. Suzanne Cavalier says:

    Flake the Snake is not bi-partisan, he is a Liberal under the cover of a Republican.

  7. Doc says:

    Look at this pic from “The BLAZE”:

    …none other than ol’ johnny mcTraitor’s butt-buddy lindsey “th’ LOOZER” graham…

  8. Vince says:

    Jeff Flake sided with the congressional gun control obstructionists who staged a shameful sit in and repeatedly shouted “Shame! shame!” when Ryan finally called for adjournment.
    Remember The Flake when he runs for reelection!

  9. Schultzilein says:

    Flake is no “libertarian”. That’s what the commies in the news want to label him as. Flake is turning out to be a left wing democrat, on track to become worse than Traitor McCain

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