Americans for Prosperity: 2016 AZ Legislative “Heroes” MIA

Legislative Scorecard awards no “Hero of the Taxpayer” designation in latest report

On its website, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity writes that it works to improve the well-being of Arizona citizens by passing legislative policy reforms that expand economic freedom. The 2016 Legislative Scorecard is the 33rd annual scorecard put out by AFP-Arizona and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers. The Scorecard assigns weights to bills according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers, and producers ($1 million equals one point). The Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budget was scored according to how many millions of dollars the Legislature and Governor voted to spend above $9.4 billion — including supplemental spending increases to the FY 2015-2016 budget. Legislators are penalized on the Scorecard if key bills do not come to floor votes, but the Scorecard does allows for substitute bills that have similar policy impacts. The weighting of bills is adjusted for a probability factor and for a long-term policy value factor. AFP-Arizona traditionally assigns a triple weight to tax bills, using the Joint Legislative Budget Committee’s three-year Fiscal Notes when available.

All House and Senate members are listed and scored using these designations:

90-100% = Hero of the Taxpayer

70-79% = Friend of the Taxpayer

30-49% = Friend of Big Government

10-29% = Champion of Big Government

80-89% = Champion of the Taxpayer

60-69% = Not Bad

50-59% = Needs Improvement

0-9% = Hero of Big Government

There’s a lot to see here. The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity Legislative Scorecard makes for interesting reading and provides a guide for tracking your legislators prior to marking your ballot. The site includes a brief description of each House and Senate bill as well as State Legislative Objectives for the 2016 Session. The Top Bills of the Session are also included.

7 Responses to Americans for Prosperity: 2016 AZ Legislative “Heroes” MIA

  1. Patriot Dad says:

    Those who pushed for the outrageous education funding scam known as Proposition 123 which passed by the slimmest margin ever (50 to 49%) should be ashamed of themselves. That includes not only some foolish legislators, but Gov. Doug Ducey, as well as ill-informed and gullible voters taken in by the educrats.

    • VINOAZ says:

      I am sick of the “it’s for the children” fraud. More money for brainwashing by leftist so called “educators”. It costs way too much money for too little results.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    No Heroes.
    But here’s a Zero:

    Making the national news is AZ Democrat legislator who might be needing a lawyer—–she’ll likely skate, with a potential claim that she is a poor, misunderstood minority female.

    On another note:
    Anyone notice that the State of Hawaii has sent US yet another scourge?

    All permitted gun owners in the State of Hawaii have now had their names placed on an FBI data base. Shades of Stalin. . . . . .

    • Realist says:

      Hawaii is Liberalland. You’ll remember its Democrat governor refused all requests for verification of Obamao’s birth certificate. Anyone with such valid concerns was immediately diminished and kicked to the curb as a hate filled “birther.” The left has its own language that the media glom onto ASAP. “Nativist” is another such made up word to suit the purposes of the left. Obamao even used it recently.

    • VINOAZ says:

      What is wrong with Democrats stealing from the poor? It is one of their core “principles”. Of course she will skate.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    What kind of rating is “Not Bad”? That alone diminishes any significance the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity hoped to achieve by releasing this wussy score. “Not Bad” is interchangeable with “Not Good.” We live in times where that is absolutely as unacceptable as “Hero of Big Government.” Seems to me they are trying too hard to curry favor with unacceptable legislators.
    Stand for something or stand for nothing!!

  4. PV PC says:

    This would be much more informative if the political party designation appeared alongside the name of each legislator. As I scrolled through the list, I noticed Rep. Kate Brophy McGee was given a “Friend of Big Government” designation. I live in LD 28, the district she is supposed to represent and it appears that she’s the only Republican who carries that label—which doesn’t surprise me in the least. It would be much easier to discern that information if the “D” or “R” followed the name. McGee and Adam Driggs are each as disappointing as the Democrat Eric Meyer.

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