Misstating facts? Isn’t that their stock in trade?

Fishy_Arizona_RepublicDictionaries define “misstate” as making wrong or inaccurate statements; to express a fact that is not correct; or to state wrongly or falsely. Take your pick.  Any of the choices fit the misuse of facts that appears to be the standard of the Arizona Republic newspaper.

Case in point: Saturday‘s edition. Under Corrections & Clarifications — tucked away on page 4 of the Valley and State section, nestled between ‘Today in History’ and ‘How to Reach Circulation (presumably the desk)  — are two blunders, being acknowledged as such by whomever is in charge. These are their words:

“The face in front of a fiasco,” May 15, 1A:

The article misstated the number of people who showed up at the polls for the presidential preference election March with their early ballots. The number cited, 11,500, was the number of people on the early-voting list who arrived at the polls without their ballots and wanted to vote in person. The number of voters who showed up at the polls to drop off their completed early ballots is unknown.

The article was among many that pilloried Maricopa Country Recorder Helen Purcell for longer than anticipated lines on Election Day, erroneously making the woman known for her integrity appear nefarious and derelict in her duties, even part of a conspiracy to disenfranchised voters when thousands of unanticipated, ineligible would-be voters showed up at election centers.  The newspaper printed baseless accusations by ill-informed voters, including that of Purcell “being on the take” due to fewer polling places and called on her to step down. The newspaper should apologize for every bogus report it printed. A month-and-a-half is a long time to ponder whether this miscalculation was worthy of correction.

“SRP home customers to get summer savings,” June 24, Business, 14A:

The Salt River project sponsorship of the NCAA Final Four games in Glendale next year was approved only by a committee of board members. It still needs approval from the full board of directors. The article misstated who approved it.

Five or fifty board members? We can’t let facts get in the way of agenda. This is the newspaper that routinely crafts devious headlines that include the words, “May,” “Might,” and  “Could” in ongoing efforts to sway public opinion. Seeing Red AZ views this as the motivation behind the Arizona Republic’s reckless assaults.

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  1. Kent says:

    The last two sentences sums up this agenda driven rag, know to many as the Arizona Repugnant or Repulsive. They are apoplectic that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is gaining steam, since he has promised to build a wall between the US and Mexico to restrict the onslaught of uneducated and costly illegals into this country, playing us for fools as they sap benefits and take jobs needed by our own citizens. The sieve-like border is also open those from various other who intend to bring terror to the USA. The Repugnant hates Republicans and despises conservatives. It pushes for open borders and rejoiced when the liberal US Supreme Court gave the green light to same sex “marriage” in direct contradiction to biblical principles.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    This SRAZ post prompted me to go to the azcentral website, which I otherwise would not do.

    There is a story today on that website about the increased violence in the Maryvale section of Phoenix. The writer used the full name of a female resident who has several small children. Why would you do that? It goes on to identify the female resident’s mother as someone who works at the local post office. Who needs to know that? These people have Not been victims of crime.
    The writer is putting these defenseless women at risk, even going to the extent of saying that the identified women pushers a sofa against her door at night.

    Instead of doing this to a family who obviously have no real way to defend themselves or to move from this crime-ridden area, why not interview the Phoenix police chief; the commander of the Maryvale precinct, or uniformed officers assigned to this area?
    Why not interview the Mayor of Phoenix about this?
    If there is such an increase in crime in the Maryvale area of Phoenix, why is there no press conference or meetings with the people who are trying to live there?

    Report on that.
    Report on the failure of elected and appointed officials to protect the people.

    Why not make it a well-rounded news article instead of fluff?

    One of the main reasons that government agencies and other organizations go off the rails or go rogue is because the media has chosen sides by manipulating data and has failed to do the job of reporting the facts.
    It’s like reporting that a house is on fire and floating down a river, but not reporting that a flash flood has knocked houses from their foundations and caused the river to be 18 feet above flood stage.

    Oh, to have Paul Harvey back so that we could learn “the rest of the story”.

    • Doc says:

      I believe the following tutorial will clear-up ANY misconceptions regarding the news media in general & azcentral in PARTICULAR:

      ..My girlfriend says that I’m stuck in th’ 80’s. My response is, “You say that like it’s a bad thing…”

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Will the AZ Republic print this?
    26 Dems In House Sit-In Were Gun Owners (Ann Kirkpatrick on list)