McCain needs $100 grand….quick

Another “Friend” email has gone out from John McCain — including to many who detest being referred to as his friend.  He needs money and says he’ll accept any amount, including $5.

Sure thing.

Using “the royal we,” the 80-year-old running for his sixth six-year term, implores, “We have just under four days before our campaign’s most important fundraising deadline is here and all eyes are watching me and our campaign to see how strong we are.”

Skipping right past his Primary opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and conservative former state senator, McCain cunningly raises the specter of  “liberal Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick.“

If McCain’s so worried about Ann Kirkpatrick, why are the airwaves filled with deceptive ads fantastically accusing Kelli Ward of voting to help ISIS, a fictional feat that would be impossible for anyone to achieve in a state legislature. Is it any wonder the slippery McCain was censured by elected GOP state delegates? In retaliation, he used a San Francisco Obama donor to purge the party activists from the AZ GOP ranks. His underhanded tactics both in Arizona and in D.C. have conspired to make McCain the least popular U.S. senator.

His lobbyist friends won’t let him down. It’s a symbiotic relationship more commonly known as, “I’ll wash your back and you wash mine.” — which has mutually benefited them and him for decades.. 

But if McCain’s actually worried about money, all he has to do is roll over and tap Cindy Hensley McCain on the shoulder. It’s a perk of being married to a beer heiress, running one of the nation’s largest Anheuser-Busch distributors. 

Begging is so déclassé.

11 Responses to McCain needs $100 grand….quick

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    It was reported a few weeks ago that George W. Bush is going lacing up his running shoes to campaign for McCain and his partner in crime, Kelly Ayotte. That’s the same globalist George who has stood by and has done nothing as he watchs Obama ruin this country.

    Meanwhile, the Obama girls (Michelle, teens, and grandma) are on a whirlwind tour of African nations and then on to Spain to talk about the importance of girls getting an education. Trip compliments of the US taxpayers.

    Obama and Prez of Mexico will meet with the PM of Canada, in Canada on Wednesday to discuss trade and unity.
    What would any of them know about either subject?

  2. Doc says:

    …mcStain needs a size 10 & a half, EEE wide, Motorcycle oil covered-steel toed BOOT IN HIS LYIN’, SORRY. maverickeey ASS!!!

    …just sayin’…

    • Doc says:

      …OR…I could sick my 4 year old Son on him…THAT Boy’s 90 miles per hour with his HAIR ON FIRE!!!
      …& he doesn’t want anybody to put th’ fire out, either!

  3. Sally Forth says:

    There’s a definite upside for Cindy to kick in a few of her mega millions to add to McCain’s already mammoth, lobbyist padded war chest. She’ll have him rolling over next to her less often. What better inducement could there be?

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    I don’t have to roll over next to this disgusting RINO (as Cindy does very occasionally), but if I knew it would do the trick, I’d mortgage my house to get this moronic egoist who prefers voting with liberals out of the senate. Unfortunately, my home’s not worth 30 million dollars which is approximately what McCain spent on his last senate race.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    After hearing Dr. Ward speak, I was very impressed. Imagine having a bright and vibrant senator representing us? It would be a joy!

    What I find appalling is that my Republican congressman who is leaving congress anyway and has nothing to lose, and the all of the other Republicans are such wimps they won’t endorse her. If we are faced with the nightmare of McCain winning, they all shoulder a portion of the blame. How does anyone justify running for a SIX YEAR TERM AT AGE 80??

  6. William Heuisler says:

    This is all old stuff, but suddenly very important:
    McCain’s Arizona Grassroots Action PAC made a “huuge” mistake…
    (And probably handed the 2016 Primary Election to Kelli Ward.)

    John McCain’s millions in corrupt campaigns have been funded by “Arizona Grassroots Action PAC” (GAPAC) for years. And Arizona (AZ) Senator McCain apparently thinks we (home-state Arizona Republican Constituents) are really stupid.
    Most of us voters are becoming aware many Senate Primary campaigns are exercises in casual contempt for the voters. And old frauds like McCain know they can easily win reelection by first diluting, and then smearing primary opposition.
    But now, as they smear Kelli Ward for McCain, AZ Grassroots Action PAC is wasting McCain millions on OBVIOUS lies.
    – And there lies an enormous opportunity-

    First, McCain’s PAC says Kelli Ward (a long-time Military Wife) is undermining our military. That is just plain stupid.
    Second, McCain’s PAC says Kelli Ward opposed bills funding our US military. That is impossible and fatally stupid.
    1) Most AZ Republicans know Mike Ward is a serving Colonel in the AZ National Guard and former US Air Force officer.
    2) We Voters all know Kelli Ward was a STATE SENATOR and could not ever vote on FEDERAL Military Spending Bills.

    McCain’s GAPAC thinks AZ Voters do not know the difference between Arizona State Lawmakers and US Federal Lawmakers!
    So GAPAC is now flooding Internet, TV radio and print with proof of McCain’s gross ineptitude and dishonesty.

    McCain’s AZ Grassroots Action PAC has bribed, purged, defrauded, threatened, lied and smeared many Republicans.
    In 2010 GAPAC paid off a decoy Republican’s mortgage and then smeared his real primary opponent, J.D.Hayworth.
    In 2014 GAPAC paid to purge hundreds of Republican Precinct Committeemen who had voted to censure John McCain.
    In 2015 GAPAC covered up fraud and dispersal of $50,000 stolen from Republicans at a Scottsdale resort by McCain-spoiler-Meluskey’s Campaign Director, PT Burton and two other Meluskey Campaign members, Bergman and Frewa.
    In 2016 GAPAC hired lawyers to sue an annoying McCain-Meluskey critic who was spreading the truth to AZ voters.
    In 2016 GAPAC is anonymously smearing Kelli Ward, distorting her record and insulting voters with ineptly obvious lies.
    In 2016 GAPAC is charged with FEC & US Senate ethics complaints by “Arizonans for Transparent Elections” or (ATE). In 2016 GAPAC made illegal (no return address) political mailings with anonymous, fictional smears against Kelli Ward. McCain’s GAPAC treacherously spends most of its out-of-state millions against Republicans – see the numbers below. (Click on “split by cycle”- see anti-Republican millions).

    An FEC 15-page report of Virginia-based GAPAC’s recent filing (1/1/16 to 3/31/16) shows GAPAC’s devotion to the Ultra Left. One example: Gregory Wendt (a billionaire San Francisco Obama-donor) is listed there with hundreds of wealthy, out-of-state, leftist “McCain Friend” donors. (Wendt and wife Lisa have been generous McCain donors for decades).

    John McCain’s AZ Grassroots Action PAC has done more damage to AZ Republicans than the AZ Democrats have done.

    But this year McCain’s sleazy Left Wing GAPAC screwed up badly and has probably cost him his 30-year Senate Seat for
    This crucial year, 2016, McCain’s Alexandria Virginia Super PAC made disastrously revealing factual mistakes that prove John McCain thinks AZ Voters don’t know the difference between State Lawmakers and Federal Lawmakers.
    John McCain’s nasty ads show the offhanded careless malice McCain exhibits in most of his endeavors. But these ads also show his AZ Grass Roots Super PAC’s ignorance and reveal how McCain’s DC staff thinks his AZ voters are really stupid.

    McCain hoped we voters wouldn’t notice. But we did.
    Sorry about repeating info from other reports, but this Grassroots Action PAC mistake will probably sink John McCain.

    So, In case some of your voter friends aren’t paying full attention, spread the word about John McCain’s fatal screw up. When all our voter friends give a thought or two about McCain’s attempted smear… they will vote for Kelli Ward.

    Bill Heuisler, Marine Vet, Author of 3 books, former Tucson Cop and Arizona DPS licensed Investigator over thirty years.

  7. Kathy says:

    Remember McCain “hearts” Hillary Clinton – the woman who is directly responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi!!!! As former Navy SEAL Tij Gill new T-shirt states “Hillary Clinton Killed my Friends. His organization is called Project War Path – love the name!!!! Rest assured you won’t find McCain ordering this T-shirt.

  8. Dennis O'Brien says:

    I prefer to look on the bright side and remember how House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was kicked in the ass by a conservative economics professor named David Brat in Virginia. Before that, McCain’s Democrat buddy Russ Feingold in Wisconsin lost his senate race after years in office. With our help, Kelli Ward can effect such an upset in Arizona. She needs donations and a dependable statewide network to get it done. Donate! Volunteer! Yes, it’s summer in Phoenix, but think of the spectacular headlines!! Think of the future of this state and the legacy we can someday tell our grandchildren we were part of. What better motivations?

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The latest on McEvil’s campaign:

    Exclusive Video – Hot and Heavy In Arizona: John McCain Staff Gets Rough With Challenger Kelli Ward Family – Breitbart

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Thanks for posting this link.
      Dr. Kelli Ward should make a TV ad using this video and the quote from the McCain campaign staffer.