Media stoke savagery, then ask how to talk about it

American media sources — print, radio, television and digital — whose stock in trade is turning events into the English language for public consumption, should know all too well the powerful impact of words.

Yet it persists in misusing language. Most often the sentence construction and turn of phrase is intended to incite or sway opinion to the left.

The left-wing Arizona Republic newspaper, which makes no effort at delivering unbiased information, gets it wrong again. But this time it is indefensible regardless of one’s political vantage point.

Monday’s Page One article about the calculated ambush-style shooting that left five Dallas police officers dead and 11 wounded, is titled, “How do we talk about the tragedy?” Let’s be clear.  What took place in Dallas and in other cities where police have been subjected to death threats, targeted and mowed down is not “a tragedy,” which most people regard as an unavoidable misfortune.  It is terrorism. Barbarism rooted in evil. It is hate crime, personified. 

Black Lives Matter is not a “movement.” It is radical thuggery condoned at the highest levels of the Obama regime, from the words spoken by the man who sits in the Oval Office to U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch as she tells those who support the shooters and deliberately clog city highways — blocking traffic, emergency vehicles and access to businesses for hours, “Do not be discouraged.”

The term ”community” has also taken on a new meaning. Rather than relating to the community in which we all live, it’s defined by the ethnicity of the person using the word. According to Breitbart, the New Black Panthers now have a plan to form their own nation within the USA. 

The election of Barack Obama set the stage for the deepening racial divide. We screwed up in 2008 and again in 2012. We better get it right in 2016. America’s future is at stake.


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  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Make no mistake—Black Lives Matter is the vehicle that will drive Obama to his final destination: Dictator for life.

    All he needs is his National Police Force, which was part of his original platform.

    The BLM; Black Panthers; NAACP, and all kinds of nefarious groups are going to become Obama’s National Police force.

    From his ivory tower in Europe over the weekend, he “cautioned” the “activists” to calm down so that he could complete his transformation, which includes his brown shirts.
    He orchestrated this on-going tragedy so that police would quit—so that qualified persons would not choose this career field. Indeed, Dallas and Baltimore just days before the massacre had issued statements saying that their recruitment efforts are failing to attract qualified applicants.

    Few news outlets cover what he is saying when he is on his many foreign jaunts. Yet, you will find a lot of gems in his foreign speeches. Just recently, he was able to get the Canadian Parliament members to shout “Four More Years, Four More Years”, as he stood before them. And then, as if by dark magic, Dems in Congress began talking about an Obama third term.

    Several months ago, he was in some foreign country when he stated that he was not about to give the keys to the White House to anyone who HE did not think would be a qualified leader.
    (The irony of that statement is stunning.)

    Within the past few days, Raul Castro, dictator of Cuba, has told the citizens of Cuba that there are imminent belt-tightening measures coming which will include food shortages. This, when 8 commercial US flights per day ferry tourists to and from Cuba.

    Within the past few days, Putin in Russia has fired each and every one of the commanders of his naval fleet stationed in the Baltic Sea area. Why? Because the commanders were not being aggressive enough towards Western naval vessels.

    And here’s a laugh for today: Jeb! Bush was interviewed at length by MSNBC, from their beach chairs at the family enclave in Maine.
    He blamed the rise of Trump on——-POPE FRANCIS!
    (Gotta give old Barbara Bush major credit for being able to keep Jebby attached to her umbilical cord all these years.)

    If you really think that there will be a legitimate, fair election in November; if you honor and respect all those who have sacrificed everything for this country to be sustained, if you are concerned for your family, then I recommend that you pray to God to defeat the works of evil.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      HEADS UP! BLM Leader Hacked, Plans Reveal Martial Law by Chaos at Both Conventions Low, 240p

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        This is the same guy who was recently hired, at a salary of
        $165,000 per year, by the Baltimore City Board of Education.

        Baltimore City: Education is our code word for “indoctrination”.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The pitiful “political reporter” Dennis Welch on 3TV’s ‘Politics Unplugged’ Sunday evening was SHOCKED and BEWILDERED that Councilman Sal DiCiccio blamed Obama for the Dallas murders. He was stunned, amazed and thunderstruck that Mr. DiCiccio would say such a thing. His Democrat shill blanket fell off of him and showed us the ideologue he is – reporting “news” to Phoenix. Looked to me like he was stirring the pot of social unrest.

    The majority of this country now agrees with Sal DiCiccio.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Their unified hatred of whites has even brought together the rival gangs of the Crips and the Bloods. They have a history of over 50 years of violence and bloodshed against one another, but are now “tying their flags together” in a display of unity against police and white citizens. Pay attention. Obama has given the signal that the despicable Black Lives Matter violence in American streets has the approval of his administration. Loretta Lynch (the United States Attorney General) has told them “not to be discouraged.” They are not discouraged. They are emboldened!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    British press reporting that, enroute to Dallas, Obama telephoned the families of Sterling and Castile.

    did he tell them to ignore the faux sympathy that he would have to roll out in Dallas?


    here’s the link to the screenshots from DeRay McKesson’s hacked phone.

    His co-conspirator, Johnetta Elzie (aka: Netta) asks DeRay if he has spoken to Mrs. Lynch about the plans for summer and fall. And she states that she will call DeRay from a secure landline at her father’s house.

    Very serious stuff. Martial law.,8AZcEvE6V2U/up/HEADS-UP!-BLM-Leader-Hacked-Plans-Reveal-Martial-Law-by-Chaos-at-Both-Conventions

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    FOX News has agreed to immediately suspend Newt’s contract with them as a “contributer”.
    Does this mean that he will be the VP choice?

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Cornell prof: Only whites who hate capitalism are BLM allies

    Rickford currently teaches history at Cornell and “specializes in the black radical tradition.” His publications include works on black nationalism, black power, Black Lives Matter, and Marxism.

    This is what students at Ivy League schools are ‘learning.’ And the Left virulently attacked the Tea Party as being ‘racist.’

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    OBAMA IGNORES POLICE REQUEST – Won’t Turn White House ‘Blue’ in Honor of Slain Dallas Officers

    He’s colored the White House like it was in the circus. Check out what he deemed was ok to bathe the peoples’ house in in colors.
    It’s clear whose side he is NOT on.

  8. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Obama will continue to sow the seeds of unrest in this country and will, I have no doubt, when he’s out of office and has fewer constraints.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    George W. Bush’s remarks at the Interfaith service in Dallas, today:

    Awesomely appropriate.

    Compare and contrast GW’s obvious heart-felt remarks to the
    40 minute SPEECH given by the destroyer-in-chief (I refuse to link any of his remarks here.)

    I am on my way now to make stops at the local library; then a Barnes and Noble, and finally, a thrift store to try a buy a book.
    Maybe they’ll give me a Glock instead of a book.
    (didn’t BHO say it was easier to get the first thing versus the second thing?—-and at a memorial service, no less.)

  10. Saguaro Sam says:


    Here is a list of 37 cities that where BLM will be holding a “day of rage” on Friday of this week.

    Phoenix and Tucson are included on the list.

    Please pass this info on to everyone you know.

    • Doc says:

      …don’t we have Constitutional Carry in Arizona? That works BOTH ways, folks! These terrorists can & WILL be armed. Stay Frosty, fellow Conservatives. This could get nasty REAL QUIK!