GOP Senator aids Obama’s ‘far left’ pick to head Library of Congress

Jeff Flake supports confirmation of Obama’s questionable selection; candidate McCain can’t afford to follow suit

The Daily Signal, the Heritage Foundation’s investigative reporting arm, provides an important insight into the recent vote to confirm Carla D. Hayden, 63, as the 14th librarian of Congress.

Conservative critics of Barack Obama’s nominee were blindsided Wednesday when Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt a key Republican, engineered her lopsided confirmation by the Senate despite concerns she is, in the words of one opponent, “an unqualified, far-left progressive.”

Critics say Hayden falls short of the scholarly credentials traditionally expected of the nation’s librarian of Congress.

Despite recommendations to the contrary, Blunt, chairman of the Rules and Administration Committee, scheduled a June 9 committee vote recommending Hayden’s confirmation to the full Senate. Wednesday, the Senate voted 74-18 to confirm Hayden.

“Hayden has made a name for herself in the far-left community as a radical activist,” the conservative group Concerned Women for America wrote Blunt and the committee before that vote. “This position is not one for radical activism, but for academic honesty and integrity.”

The group made these points in a series of letters to Blunt and other members of the Rules Committee in opposition to Hayden’s nomination. In a letter dated June 7, the group wrote:

“Dr. Hayden does not possess the credentials necessary to act as the librarian of Congress, as shown by President Obama’s decision to highlight her race and gender in his nomination speech, not her academic accomplishments. Additionally, Dr. Hayden has made a name for herself in the far-left community as a radical activist.”

Prior to  the Senate vote, Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, called Hayden “an unqualified, far-left progressive,” declaring “Republicans should be very concerned about what her confirmation could mean for the Congressional Research Service, which is the research arm from which they get unbiased, nonpartisan research.”  

“This is someone so far to the left that The Nation magazine ran a headline when she was nominated about how a ‘radical librarian’ may soon run the Library of Congress,” von Spakovsky said in an interview just hours before Blunt’s unexpected move to bring the nomination to the Senate floor.

Hayden succeeds Dr. James Billington, a Reagan appointee who served 28 years before retiring last fall.

The Library of Congress — the world’s largest library — with an annual budget of $630 million and about 3,200 employees, controls the nation’s Copyright Office as well as the Congressional Research Service. The library also provides members of Congress with legal advice.

Although Hayden may be qualified to serve in the public library system, the librarian of Congress is a unique, distinct position that should be occupied by well-credentialed scholars and authors, Heritage’s von Spakovsky told The Daily Signal.

When they think we aren’t looking, Republicrats reveal their actual left wing bent. They campaign as conservatives in their home states and turn blue on the banks of the Potomac without ever touching as much as a toe in the icy water. That’s what earned Jeff Flake and John McCain an “F” rating from Conservative Review.


14 Responses to GOP Senator aids Obama’s ‘far left’ pick to head Library of Congress

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain is playing conservative right now….campaign time. He voted no

    Flake is just about always on the wrong side of the issue. This woman is unqualified as well as being a far Left radical. She fits the bill for affirmative action – black and female.

    Baltimore Fishbowl Enoch Pratt’s Carla Hayden is Officially the Librarian of Congress – Baltimore Fishbowl

    Her confirmation hearings appeared to go smoothly, but as recently as yesterday The Washington Post reported that the confirmation was stuck in the Senate. It appears conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation were behind the hold-up.

    They questioned her qualifications as a scholar, and said she opposed mandatory pornography filters in libraries that receive federal funding.

  2. jakesez says:

    Having worked in Washington D.C., I can tell you what is so important about that position. It is another place for the progressives to hide and grow roots. Once they are full time employees, you can’t get rid of them and they get pensions, This way they can still cause trouble but will have a safe place to stay during the storms.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      That is so depressing. D.C. should not be able to be used like that. I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way. The Left will always find ways to abuse our Republic.

  3. Braveheart says:

    Like John McCain, Sen. Roy Blunt is waging the campaign of his lifetime, being challenged by a newcomer who is gathering steam. Bunt’s challenger is a Democrat. Here in Arizona, we are fortunate to have conservative Kelli Ward, giving McCain a run for his (considerable) money. Judging by the deceitful hit pieces McCain aligned Grassroots Arizona PAC is putting out, he’s obviously worried about making it through the primary. I keep getting survey calls from “Team McCain” and tell them NOTHING would ever make me vote for him again. When he has to bring in a retired left fielder to front ads for him, it speaks volumes.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Flake voted the same as far leftist Al Franken. Why? He has become closer to Barack Obama than he is to any conservative Arizonan. Flake is a sell out. Like any whore, he has a price. His is being invited to fly to Cuba and Kenya on Air Force One and being a regular basketball buddy on Obama’s team.

    The post got it right in saying they think we’re “not looking.” We are Jeffy. And since our symbol is the elephant, remember that we also have long memories.

  5. Kathy says:

    Does any of this surprise anyone?? Of course this is happening – the ruling class MUST pass numerous bills, appointments, etc before HOPEFULLY they are thrown out of office. In writing this comment a McCain commercial just came on the radio stating the Border Patrol Union endorses him – REALLY??!! The traitor – gang of eight – liar, liar, liar. I’m sure many actual agents do NOT support McCain. Flake must really heart Ryan since he is trying to simulate him in the Senate. Flake you are next for removal!

    • State Delegate says:

      Removing Jeff Flake needs to begin NOW. Recruitment of a true conservative who actually represents Arizonans is, of course, the essential component. And since money is also an essential part of any campaign, especially one of this caliber, there has to be a strong mechanism in place to ensure funding. We also need to publicly ask each and every one of our congressional representatives (get that word? REPRESENTATIVES?) if they approve of Flake’s shenanigans, and if not, will theysupport a strong alternative. We can’t let them double talk us. Hold their feet to the fire at public meetings. If they support Flake they need to explain why. We can also vote them out…much easier, since they represent a single district rather than the entire state.
      Incumbents become entrenched and difficult to remove. Flake is a first term Senator.

      Remember what happened when conservative businessman Wil Cardon challenged Flake for the senate? The “big guns” of McCain and Kyl came out blasting and circling the wagons around The Flake, since he showed he was as big a liar as they both are. That made him a solid senate choice for them.

    • Kathy says:

      Correction – National Border Patrol Council, never heard of them.

  6. State Delegate says:

    I forgot to mention that Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert (Mc)Graham(nesty) is solidly in the tank for Jeff Flake, so the GOP establishment will also be our enemy. Graham is also a committed McCain guy. Our party has become traitorous to Conservative core principles.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Let’s not forget there is a strong religious element connecting Graham and Flake. In any normal set of circumstances that would not be an issue. Getting rid of Flake supercedes anything normal. If we don’t make it a top priority, he’ll be in that senate seat betraying us for decades, just like McCain and Kyl. Wishing won’t make it so. Dedication and hard work is our JOB ONE!

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    If you have a Twitter presence, you need to know this:

    Posted on the Library of Congress Blog, January, 2013:

    “. . . In April 2010, the Library and Twitter signed an agreement providing the Library the public tweets from the company’s inception through the date of the agreement, an archive of tweets from 2006 through April 2010. Additionally, the Library and Twitter agreed that Twitter would provide all public tweets on an ongoing basis under the same terms.”

    “The Library’s first objectives were to acquire and preserve the 2006-10 archive; to establish a secure, sustainable process for receiving and preserving a daily, ongoing stream of tweets through the present day; and to create a structure for organizing the entire archive by date.”

    This month, all those objectives will be completed. We now have an archive of approximately 170 billion tweets and growing. The volume of tweets the Library receives each day has grown from 140 million beginning in February 2011 to nearly half a billion tweets each day as of October 2012.

    The Library’s focus now is on addressing the significant technology challenges to making the archive accessible to researchers in a comprehensive, useful way. These efforts are ongoing and a priority for the Library.. . ”

    To be used Against You, to be sure.

    CLEVELAND: Cleveland Police Department has supposedly issued a “stand down” order to their officers regarding the Repub Convention. No protection for Trump supporters. Officers will be on bicycles.

    ( and the today).

  8. Dennis O'Brien says:

    We’ve been screwed over without a kiss by those who supposedly represent us for so long most Arizonans think that’s normal. It isn’t. It’s time we take a stand and let those whose salaries we pay know we’ve had enough of their double talk or silence. Our voices are loudest at the ballot box.