More savagery in France: Religion of Peace update

The latest news on the terrorist attack that ripped through a massive crowd of Bastille Day celebrants Thursday in Nice, France identifies the murderer as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Tunisian-born resident of Nice who had dual French-Tunisian nationality.  Though not on an official French watch list, he was known to police in connection with crimes such as theft and violence.

The death toll has risen to at least eighty-four, including children and infants. Two U.S. citizens — a Texas father and his 11-year old son — Sean and Brodie Copeland are among the dead.  Fifty-two people of the 202 injured, remain in critical condition. Among the victims were families spending time in the resort town to enjoy the fireworks and food along the beach on the national holiday synonymous with liberty.

French President Francois Hollande had no trouble referring to the evil as a “terrorist act.”

A bit of background on the murderer’s homeland. Tunisia’s Constitution stipulates that Islam is the official state religion. The president of Tunisia must be Muslim.

The French newspaper Nice Matin reported that weapons and fake grenades were found inside the oversized truck used to carry out the massacre by intentionally careening into the crowd for a mile and a half, while shots rang out from the truck cab. The Islamic terrorist driver was killed by French authorities. 

The Sun, a UK newspaper, has more coverage of the carnage, including photos and videos.

ISIS is reported  to be celebrating the death and destruction that is the hallmark of the Islamic State. 


16 Responses to More savagery in France: Religion of Peace update

  1. State Delegate says:

    The U.S. has permanently resettled approximately 149,000 Muslim refugees. Yet if elected president, Hillary Clinton has pledged to increase that number, expanding Muslim immigration by importing an additional 65,000 Syrian refugees into the United States during a single fiscal year.
    Clinton’s Syrian refugees would come on top of the tens of thousands of refugees the U.S. already admits from Muslim countries. In addition to imperiling Americans, her refugee resettlement is projected to cost U.S. taxpayers over $400 billion. Think of it as a liberal pay as you die program.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The Senate’s final act before recess? More immigration from the Middle East!

    Only 12 Republicans voted against more Muslim immigration

    “Yet, McCain, R-Ariz. (F, 35%) and the Democrats balked at the plan because their solution to everything is more immigration across the board.” – See more at:

  3. Observer says:

    Donald Trump is delaying his official fanfare announcement of his VP running mate Mike Pence out of respect for the victims of this Muslim mass murderer.
    Will twerp Jarrett Maupin have such concerns or is it all just about him and now, this traffic stoppage today? We know the answer to that, of course. He needs a real job and to stop mooching off his father.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Clinton to Resettle One Million Muslim Migrants

    Great timing there, Hillary. And by the way – you’re insane as well as incompetent.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed News of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre

    Horrific article. This is the kind of “hiding” the Obama administration and our news media do. Political correctness gets people killed.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    I do not want to see #PrayforNIce. Or any pity party hashtag regarding this tragedy.

    I want action.
    And don’t call me Islamaphobic.
    Because a phobia is an irrational fear of something.
    My fear is rational, based on the overwhelming evidence that presents itself each and every time these attacks occur, and based on the constant barrage of messages sent by the terrorists, using social media. (interesting how Twitter and Facebook can immediately shut down conservative talk, but are unwilling to shut down these maniacs on the internet.)

    As other sane and thinking persons have said, we are in a fight for the continued existence of Western civilization. Yet there is no George Washington or George Patton to lead us out of this.

    As we all witnessed, from the photos of the “immigrants”, they are young Muslim men. An army. A remix of the Ottoman Empire.
    Look it up. Europe has been victimized by muslims time and time again over the centuries.

    Here is part of the official statement released by someone in the White House–supposedly B. Insane Omuslim:

    “. . . .I condemn in the strongest terms what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack on NIce, France.. . .
    We are reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democratic values that have made France an inspiration to the entire world. . . ”

    When has Omuslim EVER made such a statement after the horrific acts that have taken place on US soil? He came out of cold storage to give a lecture, instead of a heartfelt memorial, to our Dallas police officers killed by yet another brand of radical.
    What did he have to say about American resilience? Nothing.
    When did he ever acknowledge America’s democratic values, except to call them out as being wrong?

    If you want people to pray, then start the thread yourself.
    Hashtags mean nothing.

    OR COMPLICIT. They think that they will survive the mayhem.
    Good luck with that.

    (By the way, black lives matter group is majorly pissed that “white people in France” are taking the focus off of their Day of Rage.)

  7. MacBeth says:

    The western world has no alternative other than to form an strong alliance against these religious lunatics and declare war. We are facing what led up to World War Two on steroids. The aggressor Nazis, fascists and Japanese had not infiltrated other nations, nor were they welcomed as Obama is doing and Hillary has said she will continue to do. Our foreign policy is insane.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Friends and neighbors of the terrorist telling foreign press that he
    was not a devout muslim, but that HE WAS JUST DEPRESSED over an impending divorce.

    Further, he was known to the police for acts of violence (not further described) in the past.

    He rented an unmarked white box truck two days ago.
    Nine hours before the rampage, he parked it along the Promenade de Anglais. Many times during the day, it is said that police made inquiry with him about the truck being parked there.

    He supposedly told the police that he was delivering ice cream.

    Yeah, in an unmarked truck that showed no evidence of being a
    refrigerated unit.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      He drank alcohol, ate pork… and took drugs. He was NOT a Muslim’: Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s cousin reveals he is an ‘unlikely jihadist’ who beat his wife and NEVER went to mosque | Daily Mail Online

      Is it all about religion? Or ideology. Rhetorical question.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        I doubt that the 9-11 hijackers were “devout”, either, as it is a fact that at least two of them visited strip clubs in Las Vegas.

        FYI: With timing being everything, please note that the Feds have dropped the pages of the 9-11 report which have been withheld from the public all these years. Pages which contain information that Saudi Arabian “diplomats” stationed here in the US, helped the hijackers with housing, funding, etc.
        GW Bush had this part of the report kept from us, as it is true that he was friends with the Saudis. The Saudis refused to help in the hunt for bin Laden.

        Also, news today that the French government withheld information that the muslim terrorists who killed the concert-goers at the Bataclan concert hall allegedly performed acts of torture on the bodies of the deceased. Police officers reported having seen the most horrific acts of barbarism (which I will not specify here).

        Obama’s true legacy is that he destroyed the human race.
        The irony is that no one will be around to read about it.

  9. Army Of One says:

    The irrelevance of the Arizona Republic is clear today. The only news regarding the Islamic slaughter of innocents in France are two sentences on the front page directing readers to the USA Today insert coverage. The Republic doesn’t even make an effort to write a report of this atrocity, but it has a large front page, obviously previously written, article that continues to another full page about classmates from the mining town of Morenci who went to Vietnam in 1966 and one survives today. Nice heartwarming story probably written as a ready fill-in months ago, but shows the dying newspaper at its worst and clearly illustrates why it’s on life support. In its irrational opinion driven world, real news doesn’t exist.

  10. azgary says:

    BREAKING: Attempted Coup Underway In Turkey
    live coverage

  11. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Left Nice Hours Before Attack – Breitbart

  12. Saguaro Sam says:


    The muslim president of Turkey, who is BHO’s bestie, is reportedly “safe” after a military coup in his country.

    muslim president Erdogan has taken billions of US dollars supposedly to fight ISIS in Turkey. However, it is no secret that he uses the US dollars to fight and kill his opposition inside his own country. He is an ISIS sympathizer.

    He was just in the US a few weeks ago, to attend Mohammed Ali’s funeral. He brought a muslim flag to place on Ali’s casket; however upon finding out that he was not going to be allowed to give a speech, he bolted from the circus and high-tailed it back to Turkey.

    Will this declaration of martial law give Obama the added push that he needs to try it here in the US? You know that he wants to. . . . .

    • Maggie says:

      I fear for my children and theirs.
      The people of the United States twice elected a Muslim born in Kenya who hates America. Of course we’re not allowed to say such things, are we?? His election as a (half) black man was “historic.” That’s what we’ve been told and that’s the end of the story. Otherwise, we show ourselves as bigots. Sorry, but I’m not a bigot, but I have always distrusted Barack Hussein Obama. With his imperial presidency, he’s given us plenty of reason.