AZ’s U.S. Senators seek to purge conservatives

Flake, McCain work from the same conservative-hating playbook

Jeff Flake has had a busy weekend, making certain his highlighted locks are in place, checking to ensure the whitening strips have done the job on his pearly whites, and perfecting his crusade against not only GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, but also Trump’s supporters in case any media outlets come a callin‘. Flake’s abhorrence of conservatives includes those who previously supported him.

Flake follows his mentor, the Democrat-colluding John McCain who waged war on the conservative base of the Arizona Republican Party after he was publicly censured by statewide elected party leaders. McCain even used out-of-state Obama donors to aid in his purge of dedicated elected precinct committeemen. Flake tells media sources that “many of Trump’s fans are motivated by racism and need to get the boot as soon as Trump, he hopes, goes down in flames.”

You might need to read that again. Jeff Flake hopes Trump goes down in flames. The only takeaway is that Flake is hoping Hillary Clinton is victorious. McCain has begrudgingly come out in support of Trump, but only because he’s running for reelection an needs every vote he can get. At age 80, he’s running for another 6-year term. He previously called Hillary Clinton “a rock star he could support.”

Flake should know a thing or two about racism, after raising Tanner, a son who takes bigotry awards in every imaginable category.
This intra-party name calling is nothing new.  In 2008, now retired U.S. Rep. John Shadegg called Arizonans who desire actual border security “intolerant and xenophobic” in an interview with the New York Times. He never gave such ham-fisted quotes to the local press and likely thought the hometown yokels don’t read the tony New York Times. Obviously, he’s wrong. So are McCain and Flake.

Flake’s amnesty slipperiness is legendary. Tony Lee, writing for Breitbart reports Flake also indicated that “he had no interest in aggressively opposing” Obama’s executive amnesty — though studies in the New York Times and the Washington Post have found that Republicans can win the White House in 2016 and beyond without supporting amnesty legislation. Don’t tell that to Jeff Flake.  This issue is visceral for him.

Laura Ingraham, popular conservative talk show host, has said she’d like to move to Arizona to “primary challenge” Jeff Flake.  Talk is cheap, Laura.  Get a move on.


13 Responses to AZ’s U.S. Senators seek to purge conservatives

  1. Kathy says:

    Flakes incendiary remarks are all part of the plan to help get McCain elected. He is trying to get our eyes off the ball ridding AZ of McCain and then counting on us to forget his stances in 2 yrs for his election. Will t h e AZ GOP censure Flake?? Soros must be so proud of these 2.

  2. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Actually, Shadegg’s interview with the New York Times took place in 2006, and was timed as a “stab in the back” to take out J.D. Hayworth. It was “another brick in the wall” to get rid of Rep. Hayworth, and sadly, the “Open Borders McMachine” prevailed, giving us two terms of Harry Mitchell in the House, who, once there, became “Flake’s BEST friend.”

    Shadegg’s son now has a paid staff position, working to re-elect

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just read the story on breitbart regarding the precious snowFlake.

    Seems that the word “purge” is being used by a bunch of US politicians now. Are they taking their cue from the president of Turkey—-the other muslim narcissist?

    After seeing the photos of what Erdogan has done these past few days in Turkey—-with thousands of judges and members of the military “purged”, seems like we are being threatened by the Washington elite who have thrown in with Obama.

    Wonder if they have their muslim garb stashed away in some closet in DC, ready at a moment’s notice to throw them on and stand with Obama? We need to check, every day, to see exactly which flag is flying over the white house.

  4. Blackbeard says:

    Someone here once referred to Jeff Flake as “grin boy.” I laughed out loud since that as always been my impression of him—vacuous and with an often inappropriate smirk on his face, that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, even regarding serious issues. He’s more concerned with his own appearance. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten that misshapen schnoz repaired.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s news on another “purge”.

    Being reported that the liberal Murdoch boys, James and Lochlan, sons of Rupert, are about to hand Roger Ailes his walking papers and quickly.

    Also in trouble for speaking out on his show on the FOX business network in defense of Roger Ailes is Neil Cavuto.

    Hannity and Greta have issued statements of support of Ailes.

    Old Rupert Murdoch gifted his sons with control of FOX News earlier this year.
    And then old Rupert went to Europe to marry the ex-wife of Mick Jagger. Old fool.

    no safe harbors.

    guard your soul.

    • MacBeth says:

      Since its inception, Fox News has been derided by the left as Faux News. That used to rile me until I started paying closer attention and realized that the “fair and balanced ” approach they advertise is balanced toward liberal thought. Many of their paid talking heads have deep roots in the Democrat party. Now they’ve cleaned up, thinned down, tightly scripted and hired the coarse and foul mouthed Meghan McCain—-even as her father is a candidate for reelection. Fox has long had its nose up McCain’s ass so that shouldn’t surprise me. It does disgust me and I rarely watch it anymore.

  6. Ellsworth says:

    When Jeff Flake ran for the senate against former Surgeon General Richard Carnona, he had McCain and Kyl (who was retiring from the senate) breaking their necks cutting campaign spots for him, and appearing with him around the state. Still Flake only won by a slim 3 percentage points. The only one who thinks Jeff Flake is special is Jeff Flake. That’s clear from the shirtless beefcake shots he sends out when he’s doing his self-imposed survivalist gig. I’ve heard speculation that Cheryl needs that breather, which is easy to believe. He clearly thinks he’s “prettier” than she is,

  7. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This idea of “purging” those who align with the Republican Party but are too conservative for the likes of Republicrats Flake and McCain and their cohorts, is emblematic of the dysfunction these establishment elites operate under. They don’t speak for me, never have and never will!. I proudly voted to censure John McCain and would vote exactly the same if the issue came up at the next state meeting with Flake as the one whose feet were being held t the fire for his leftward leanings.

  8. Mark D says:

    We are in a pickle however. Despite voting for Kelli Ward we all know McCain is going to win the Primary. So what do we do? Hold our noses and vote for him in November (again) or abstain ?
    I also am thinking of abstaining from voting for the Invisible Congressman Schweikert

    • Former GOP PC says:

      If we are treated exactly the same by McCain and a Democrat, I’ll go with the Democrat. It pains me to say this since I’m a conservative Republican, but the thought of seeing McCain lose in his final race is just too good to resist. McCain has voted with the Democrats to confirm liberals on the federal courts and for cabinet positions. He has voted against Second Amendment freedoms and for constraints on the First Amendment. Remember how his operatives at his direction worked to oust a lot of conservative state committeemen since he was so pissed over being censured? My wife and I were among them. We devoted years of our lives to the state Republican Party, donated money and sweat equity, and we were discarded like soiled rags. The vote was a secret ballot, so Team McCain had no actual data on how we voted, but we were replaced by Vietnamese newly elected PCs who we’ve been told, have never come to a district meeting. I wouldn’t vote for John McCain if he was the last man standing.

      Schweikert has lost his ability to speak. He’s too afraid of offending someone that he keeps his head down and keeps on running.

      PS Dr.Kelli Ward is terrific. Talk her up to people. Get a yard sign and display it proudly. Imagine having a senator who makes us proud!

  9. azcatsclaw says:

    Don’t forget how Flake helped out fellow Republicans in 2006. Running unopposed, he didn’t go out of his way to campaign for other Republican candidates. It is definitely all about him

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    Senator Mike Lee (R) Utah, made an absolute Fool of himself on the convention floor, trying to keep Trump from getting the nomination.
    And now he is sitting with Megan Kelly telling her that “it has nothing to do with Donald Trump—-it has to do with the rules. . . .”

    Tell me, Senator Lee, where were you hiding when Obama wiped his behind on the rules? Were you handing him the Charmin’?
    Are you another one of McCain’s boys?

    What did you do, Senator Lee, to preserve the rule of law–or any rules?

    His performance is thankfully preserved forever on video.
    Hopefully, a Republican conservative in Utah will make use of it.