Jeff Flake, John & Meghan McCain: In the tank for Hillary

These Republicrat Arizonans put liberals to shame

In this congratulatory tweet, Jeff Flake was unable to contain his glee over liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine as her Vice Presidential running mate. Flake has already made his opposition to Republic standard-bearer Donald Trump abundantly clear.  In fact, the vacuous Flake who seized on opposition to earmarks as his congressional launching pad sounds very much like one casting his lot with Hillary though she never saw a spending scheme she didn’t support. Flake would, of course, be following his mentor John McCain, who referred to Clinton as a “rock star” he could support.

Where do you think the Flake’s vote will go? John McCain’s? The duo partnered on crafting the pro-amnesty for illegals ‘Gang of Eight’ as they colluded with such liberals as Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin. Marco Rubio, unable to defend his participation, suffered a blistering defeat in his presidential bid due to his involvement in this unholy contrivance.

According to the Daily Caller, McCain and Flake are in a race for the least popular senator in the nation prize. McCain polled at 30% and Flake was even lower at 27% among Arizona voters.

Meghan McCain speaking with People magazine said she cried when Donald Trump officially won the Republican nomination for president at the GOP convention on Tuesday. But hers were not tears of joy. The daughter of failed presidential candidate John McCain called the vote to nominate Trump a “garbage election,” and Donald Trump a “garbage candidate,” not representative of her view of the Republican Party.

Obviously familiar with an actual “garbage candidate,” she only registered as a Republican as a Father’s Day surprise for her dad whose disastrous candidacy gave us eight years of Barack Obama.  Now that qualifies as garbage — worthy of crying over.


11 Responses to Jeff Flake, John & Meghan McCain: In the tank for Hillary

  1. Doc says:

    In response to jeff flake, john mccain, & meghan mccain…40 seconds, please:

  2. Attila The Hunny says:

    We appear not only to breed RINOs here in Arizona, but we compound the disaster by actually electing some of them. John McAmnesty is running for his 6th 6 year term in August!! He’s 80 for God’s sake!! Apparently he doesn’t think he’s done enough to screw up the country and wants additional time to inflict more damage! Please don’t buy into the ads against Dr. Kelli Ward by a McCain supporting PAC using the deceptive name Grassroots Arizona. It has nothing to do with any “grassroots” Republicans. The DC-based PAC’s sole purpose is keeping McCain in office. Those of us who live here know we deserve better.

  3. Vince says:

    Not a single one of these three are worthy of being called Republicans and definitely aren’t conservatives. They are self serving libs doing what it takes to stay in the limelight. It that includes lying, each of them are OK with that. It’s merely the cost of doing business for them. McCain and Flake each lied about their actual positions on amnesty before prior elections. Flake has said the “beauty of a six year US Senate term” is that people have short memories. That sums up the fact that they think we’re dolts. There’s some truth in that since they keep getting reelected.

  4. Sally Forth says:

    No one takes Meghan McCain seriously or cares what she thinks. She’s only attained prominence because of her father and the fact that her heiress mother is able to buy her everything necessary to give her a total transformation from a fat, foul mouthed tatted up tart while using their influence to get Fox News to hire her. She is the only one on the morning program on which she occasionally appears who keeps checking her talking points, and then looks self satisfied because she dropped in a couple of prepared sentences.

    Meghan’s as classy as Jeff Flake’s sons, one who was responsible for the deaths of a couple of dozen dogs in his care (getting off easy because of his daddy’s connections) and the other one who is a racist, homophobic anti Semite.

  5. VINOAZ says:

    McCain must be defeated. Flake must be recalled. Megan needs a spanking. None of them are conservatives. Idiots rant that Trump is not a concervitave. La de da! Neither are most Republicans in DC who have essentially surrendered to Obama. Neither are the never Trump morons like Medved. What are all you Republicans going to do when Ducey appoints Megan to fill the seat vacated by McCain. BTW, I have been an independent since 1975. LBJ and the nitwit Carter cured me from being a Democrat. Yes, Reagan had a positive hand in it. Go Kelli Ward and Donald Trump.

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    Another one of the same ilk to watch out for is the equally deceptive Robert Graham, who is most definitely not content chairing the Arizona Republican party. He wants to head up the national RNC apparatus and then run for office that puts him in DC.He is so tight with John McCain, Jeff (Mc)Flake and Doug (Mc)Ducey it’s impossible to catch a glimpse of sunlight between them.

    We have been forewarned…This is the latest hype from the leftwing Arizona Republic:

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Well, here’s one family member who has seen the light:

    BHO’s half brother, Malik Obama, says that he is going to vote to Make America Great Again.
    Having previously worked as an accountant in Maryland, he now lives Kenya.

    Going to take a lot of stamps for That mail-in ballot.

    (story on and also on the

  8. William Heuisler says:

    This is repetitive, but Prime-Time McCain ads insult our intelligence.
    Pay attention to John McCain’s sloppy, ubiquitous TV ads attacking Kelli Ward and let all your friends and acquaintances know the ads prove McCain thinks we Arizona Republicans are really stupid.

    Expensive Arizona (AZ) Grassroots Action PAC and “Friends of McCain” ads tell viewers that AZ State Senator Kelli Ward voted for ISIS and against Federal Funding for US troops. Incredible, right?

    McCain thinks AZ Voters can’t tell the difference between our State Lawmakers in Phoenix and Federal Lawmakers in Washington DC. And he hired US veterans to complain that State Senator Kelli Ward supposedly voted against Federal Funding for US Armed Forces.

    But we all know that vote would be impossible!

    How dumb does McCain think we are? This Anti-Ward Ad makes those fake-angry Veterans look stupid, while treating AZ Voters like ignorant hicks too dumb to tell between State Legislators and US Congressmen. This is typical McCain arrogance.

    Senator John McCain is a Liberal Elitist with more money than brains. His dishonest campaign ads show the careless contempt he has for us. McCain doesn’t need Arizonans… except for our votes every six years.

    McCain has enough Democrat and Soros money to buy millions of lies.

    AZ voters deserve truth; Kelli Ward deserves to be judged on merit.
    John McCain’s Expensive Prime Time Lies insult all AZ Republicans.
    Please make the effort and advise all your friends and neighbors. McCain has all that dirty money; we only have each other.

    Bill Heuisler, Marine Veteran, Tucson Cop and 30-year DPS licensed Investigator. Questions? 520-403-2939

  9. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Amnesty is at the heart of many elections, whether we realize it or not. I’m encouraged by the fact that RINO Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader was dumped in 2014 by conservative economics Professor David Brat in Virginia. Cantor vastly outspent Brat, but in the end, the people had enough and said so with their votes. Cantor’s bonding with amnesty for illegal aliens played a role in his defeat.

    Now Wisconsin businessman, Paul Nehlen is giving the shifty amnesty supporter House Speaker Paul Ryan a run for his money. This is interesting background from Nehlen’s campaign:

    Here in Arizona, Dr. Kelli Ward is doing the unthinkable in challenging Amnesty Kingpin John McCain. He and his PACs are spending massive amounts to make her appear to be an ISIS supporter, against the US military and just plain crazy. Dr. Ward, served two terms in the AZ state senate and is a family practice physician, married to a doctor who is a military officer. Dr. Michael Ward has been deployed world-wide including voluntary tours to Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey.

    If you’re as sick and tired of the decades long disservice we have gotten from Democrat in Republican clothing John McCain, vote for proven conservative Dr. Kelli Ward. This is a major message sending vote that border state Arizonans are sick and tired of the amnesty traitors preferring costly illegals over American citizens in their effort to pander for votes.

    Next election cycle we need to remove Jeff Flake for the same reasons.

  10. Clementine says:

    McCain, his moronic leftist daughter, and Jeff Flake are all snakes in the same viper pit. They deserve one another.