DNC Chair resigns, chaos reigns prior to Dem convention

Democrats plagued by email scandals

Following the nomination of Republican Donald Trump at the RNC last week, Democrats are in a state of turmoil. On the eve of their national convention, party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced she would resign her post later this week, amid angry charges of corruption and cronyism leveled at her by Bernie Sander’s supporters, who are threatening to disrupt the anointing of Hillary Clinton. Liberal hopes of a smooth coronation, transitioning Obama’s third term, are looking increasingly bleak.

The outgoing chairman was booed and jeered this morning at a pre-convention breakfast.

Wikileaks publication of 20,000 DNC emails over the weekend exposing the party apparatus’ decided skew favoring Hillary, while actually undermining Bernie Sanders’ campaign, made it immediately clear that Wasserman Schultz’s tenure was in peril. Sanders supporters, expecting neutrality from the DNC, are enraged and protesting.

In a preposterous showing of hypocrisy, the same Democrats who have bashed Trump’s vow to build a wall along our southern border have erected what they hope to be an impenetrable four-mile long, 8-foot tall fence around the Philadelphia convention center. Photos courtesy of The American Mirror.

The left-wing media repeatedly referred to the Republican convention as “dark.” What descriptive term will they use to describe the chaos amid the breaking scandals and disarray at the DNC?


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  1. Patriot Dad says:

    That an avowed socialist such as Bernie Sanders can garner the support of so many young Americans is a testament to the radically liberal indoctrination our kids are getting at government schools. Too many parents are unaware of the brainwashing that takes place from kindergarten (where children not much older than toddlers are taught that homosexuality is nothing more than another lifestyle equal to heterosexuality) through college where free speech that is not a liberal echo is shouted down. Political correctness has replaced common sense and God’s word is now nothing more than a haven for fools.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The hypocritical Democrats “walling in” their convention center is beneath contempt. Preposterous, as mentioned above, is the better word. So far, they’re off to a bad start. If we had a fair, objective news media, the word “grave” should be used. But they’re protecting Hillary and will try with all their might to make her Queen. The WikiLeaks leaked emails show that.

    Paul Ryan Flees Grieving Moms Trying To Show Him Photos Of Their Children Killed By His Open Borders Agenda – Breitbart

    Here’s another politician who mocks Trump’s wall with his “that’s not who we are” B.S., but has a protective wall around his house, along with Secret Service protection. This lily-livered coward didn’t even respect these people enough to acknowledge their pain – of course caused by Ryan and the rest of the uni-party globalists. I guess they’re just pawns in his game. Until one of these coward politicians loses a child to an illegal alien – it’s a lost cause. Ryan supplied Obama’s Omnibus in December with funds for sanctuary cities, more foreign visas, more Muslim immigration, etc., until Obama’s last day in office. I hope he loses his primary in August.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    CBS Morning News cast laughs after Hillary Clinton claims she can’t be bought

    One day after accepting a $6mil donation from anti-American billionaire George Soros, Hillary Clinton claims she can’t be bought. Listen as the CBS Newscast erupts in laughter.

    • MacBeth says:

      This would be hilarious if we could rely on informed voters understanding the lies spilling out of her mouth. Notice how she’s working hard at moderating her witch-like cackle of a voice? BBeing on the take from Soros is bade enough, but she also has taken $ millions from Islamic Mideast leaders who generously support the deceptive family money machine known as the Clinton Foundation.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Hillary’s America” is the film to see. For people who don’t support her, the movie is like a delicious dessert, showing what criminals the Clintons are and the fascinating beginnings of racism and slavery started by the Democrats, which most of us knew, but the detail is great.
        Dinesh D’Souza is a patriot. Because of his movie on Obama, he went to prison on a trumped up charge. Now, he cannot vote.
        He implores us all to vote.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        The end of Dinesh’s movie just rips your heart out. Old fashioned patriotism.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hillary’s camp may have made a serious tactical error by allowing Bernie Sanders to stay in the race for so long. Now, they must contend with the baying mob.

    But, not to worry, the cavalry known as the main stream media has long ago decided which Hill they are going to defend.

    Make no mistake, the coup at FOX News during the week of the RNC was no accident. Most of the anchors and production crews were off in Cleveland. The Murdoch boys are not conservatives and care not a bit about “fair and balanced” anything.
    And just to tighten things up legally, they kept Roger Ailes on as a “consultant” so that anchors like Bret Baier; Greta; Hannity, and many others could not use the clause in their individual contracts that would allow them to jump ship if Ailes was gone from the organization.

    Please keep an eye on Turkey.
    Tens of thousands of people now have been rounded up.
    Members of the military; judges; teachers; students, and now journalists.
    Amnesty International has even rang the alarm bell after visiting the detention centers. It is reported that thousands of people have been hog-tied and are being otherwise tortured.
    Martial law was declared in Turkey last week.

    Remember that Turkey’s prez(dictator, now) Erdogan is best buds with Obama. And he even stated, during a DC visit just a few months ago, that he was going to change his country’s constitution.

    He is Obama’s mentor. He layed out the game plan.
    And now he has implemented it.

    Hillary had Saul Alinsky as her mentor and Obama has the Castro brothers and Erdogan, among many others.

    Will we still be operating under our founding documents when November rolls around?

    Prayer is the master key.

    • Braveheart says:

      Good information, here, Sam.

      I pray regularly. I also believe that being a knowledgeable and active participant and getting solid facts out to those who wait until the ballot is in their hands without any idea who the candidates are or what they stand for is a more responsible action to take as it relates to elections and our nation’s future. That’s why I’m an active precinct committeeman. I could do nothing, not even vote, though I pray and I would be abdicating my responsibility to the USA and all who have fought and died to ensure our freedom. Many good people pray and are otherwise passive. I knew many decent people of faith who told me they couldn’t vote for Mitt Romney, so Obama was elected. I’m not making a case for Romney, who is a McCain supporting RINO, just stating some truths. God gave us brains and the ability to use them. Romney would have been vastly better than Obama.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Thanks for being a patriot!
        Here’s something from General George Washington’s orders on May 2, 1778:

        “. . .While we are duly performing the duty of good soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of a patriot it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of a Christian. . . ”

        May of 1778 was quite interesting. Washington was in Valley Forge, were he had been for months.
        In May, a new British General took charge of the British forces.
        His name was Clinton.

        British General Clinton grossly underestimated our troops right there outside of Philadelphia. (It didn’t hurt that we had General Lafayette on our side there.)

        Interestingly, the British had, in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1775, offered freedom for any slave who would fight for the British army, and an estimated 20% did join.

        And, of course, the slaves who joined to fight with the British were abandoned by the Brits right there outside of Philadelphia in May of 1778.

        Pretty strange stuff, eh? Clinton, Philadelphia, and the connection with folks from Africa.

        We knew what tyranny looked like back then, and we know what it looks like now.

        But we now have a severe shortage of men like George Washington.

        Keep up the good work.

  5. jakesez says:

    Look at the Drudge report today. Not one American Flag was on display . However, the delegates displayed both the Soviet Union and the Palestine flags. That tell you anything?