Religion of peace update: French priest beheaded celebrating mass

Siege comes amid shouts of “Allah Akbar”

ISIS savages stormed a Catholic Church in Normandy France during morning mass, beheading 84-year-old  priest Jacques Hamel. Several worshippers, including two nuns, were taken hostage in the gruesome, bloody attack. An alert was initially issued by a third nun who escaped from the church. The UK’s Daily Mail carries a complete report.

Security sources confirmed one of the murderers was a convicted terrorist who was being monitored with an electronic tag, and inexplicably had been released by a court to serve his sentence living with his parents.

President Francois Hollande, whose country has suffered numerous deadly attacks, said ISIS had declared war on France. The time has come for France and the entire civilized world to declare war on ISIS — not refrigerators and air-conditioning which U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry says present a greater threat.

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  1. Realist says:

    We need actual leadership to fight this scourge. It surely isn’t Hillary Clinton who is part of the same mindset as Barack Obama, who called ISiS “a JV Team” and said it was “contained” and John Kerry. who thinks waging war on the disputed concept of global warming takes precedence. No more Dimocrats. America can’t afford them.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Donald Trump was bashed for saying we need a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we can get a handle on who’s entering our country. He’s right. Bowing at the altar of political correctness will not keep us safe and imperils the future of America as we know it.

  3. VINOAZ says:

    Obama and the pope tell us to be nice to Muslims. Did either tell Muslims to be nice to Christians? Did either tell them to stop killing Christians? BTW I am Catholic, but not in the tank for this pope. He is the worst pope in my lifetime, bad for the church, bad for America and bad for the world.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    You’ll see very little of this story in the American press. had some coverage, way down their board, about a ‘priest who was attacked by someone with a knife’.

    As this unfolds, you might want to stick with the British press. and use the ‘home’ tab.

    A Catholic church in Missouri was broken into and feces was thrown throughout the sanctuary.

    Meanwhile, NO US flags at the DNC yesterday, but plenty of Communist and Palestinians flags outside the venue.
    The convention hall was surrounded by 8 foot tall chain link fence over the weekend, and the stage inside the convention hall is surrounded by blue barriers.

    No wonder Philly experienced a massive thunder and lightening storm yesterday. And the various fruits and nuts who were roaming around outside actually took shelter under giant trees in Roosevelt Park. Yeah, run and hide under a big ole tree during a lightening storm.

    Yes, the Climate has Changed.
    The world is much hotter.

    But Mother Nature has nothing to do with it.
    Obama and his merry band of arsonists are guilty.

    If you have never heard of the Overton window theory, look it up.
    They are trying to push us over the edge to the point that the majority will Beg the government to fix the mess. And Obama, who from day one, espoused a Civilian National Security Force, will be glad to comply. Kind of like what happened immediately after
    Sept 11, 01, which brought us the TSA.

  5. Kathy says:

    But they are the religion of peace so say Obama, Paul Ryan, McCain, Flake and many many others. Obama and Ryan are flooding our country with these savages – all in the name of compassion???!!!!! These elites have a goal – destroy America and continue to use We the People as pawns for their accumulation of power and wealth.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Did you read about Ryan this past weekend?
      The “Angel Moms”, who have lost children to illegal alien crimes set up shop outside the walled mansion of Ryan in Wisconsin.
      The Angel Moms carried large posters showing their loved ones photos, and a written description of how and when they died.
      A peaceful demonstration. These women had requested meetings with Ryan at his Washington office, and their requests were repeatedly ignored. No reply.

      However, when one Mom asked a Secret Service agent if he would give the posters to Ryan, everything changed.

      Many black SUV’s arrived. State Police; Secret Service, and
      US Capitol Police (huh?) and Ryan and his family were whisked away at a high rate of speed.

      So, in this day and age, what is the meaning of public servant?

      • Rob Haney says:

        Remember that it was JOHN McCain who started all of this open migration years ago. He refused to enforce our borders and defend our citizens. Remember that it was John Shadegg who called us xenophobes (racists) for daring to voice our objections to the efforts of the Republican Party elites (McCain, Kyl, Shadegg, Flake et al) to destroy the Republican Party and the country through illegal immigration.

        Having fought against these elites and their corruption for 20 years, it is no surprise to me that Trump is doing so well against them when he speaks of corruption of these elites. Clearly, Robert Graham has laid his pro-McCain, pro-corruption cards on the table during the last two years.

        There is only one person to vote for who has a chance of defeating McCain in the primary and that is Dr. Kelli Ward. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for John McCain.

      • Kathy says:

        Yes I did and they exposed him and h i s cowardice! The Mothers need to do the same here to McCain and Flake. They all have blood on their hands which they could care less about.

  6. azgary says:

    Archbishop calls Islamist Terrorists ‘victims’

    UPDATE 1220 BST — Archbishop of Rouen describes alleged Islamist killers as “victims” in statement

  7. MacBeth says:

    Donald Trump was not originally my first choice, but he is now. He beat 16 other Republican candidates to win the GOP nomination. I will support him and wish him the best. These are horrific times we are living in. ISIS killers don’t wear a uniform or come from any specific nation. They could be our neighbors. This is a war unlike any other. I agree there must be a moratorium on immigration….any and all, until we can discern who is entering. First and foremost, we need a secure border.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    There was a time when Popes raised armies to combat an Islamic invasion of Europe. Now they “deplore.”

    I just wrote to my congressman and asked him what’s being done to make Americans feel safe from these Islamic terrorists. (Isn’t that their job – that’s why they’re in charge of the federal border.) Donald Trump is the only one talking about it. The Democrats, in 61 speeches yesterday, never once mentioned ISIS. It’s here – San Bernardino, Orlando, et al. Where will they hit next? We don’t, as a country, look like we’re even trying to stop them. Will my congressman tell me that Obama is a Muslim and is enabling a worldwide caliphate – doubt it. So, I wonder what he will tell me – if he answers me at all.

    • Clementine says:

      Just curious….who is your congressman? Trent Franks allowed illegals to camp out in the front yard of his family home and prayed with them. Do you think they were praying to be deported for criminally invading our homeland? I’ve never respected him since.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:


        Trent Franks. I am beyond disgusted with him. Like Eric Cantor, he’s disappearing from the constituent front – thinking he’ll always be there in his ‘safe district’ making safe votes. He’s never in the forefront – he just goes along to get along. No Drama Franks.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    Never seen before on TV:

    The moment when the TV show “60 Minutes” almost killed Hillary Clinton.


  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama expanding refugee program for Central Americans

    White House Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope said refugee programs in Central America are being expanded because “current efforts to date haven’t been sufficient.” The new programs, she said, are designed to help “promote safe and orderly immigration and border security.”

    When will the government stop “expanding” and bringing people in from around the world…….this won’t end well. I guess that’s Obama’s plan. And Paul Ryan, John McCain and Jeff Flake are right there with him. Nobody’s in charge…….for the American people who get to live in this government-created nightmare.