AZ Republic endorses McCain in deceitful editorial

Truth takes a hike as open border stance gets front and center treatment

The fact that the open border crew at the Arizona Republic endorsed amnesty advocate John McCain comes as no surprise. After over three decades in Washington, D.C. the 80-year-old liberal who has made a career of deceptively capitalizing on an “R” alongside his name, and is anathema to conservatives, is brazenly running for another six-year term.

What is surprising is that the newspaper doesn’t let facts get in the way of its agenda. Examples include the blatant falsehoods concerning two of McCain’s challengers. Front runner Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician, is identified as having served “two years in the Arizona Senate.” It was actually four years — two terms that were two years each. It would seem anyone entrusted with writing a pre-election endorsement would be inclined to check these easily attainable facts. Is the sloppiness intentional or the hallmark of those who choose to diminish  experience? Being a state senator with a penchant for voting “present” nearly 130 times instead of taking a stance, was considered significant enough to springboard Barack Obama to the presidency.

In describing  Alex Meluskey, the editorialist calls him a “GOP Party activist.”  In fact, the primarily self-funded Meluskey was registered as a PND, Party Not Designated, prior to deciding to run for the U.S. Senate. When the newspaper wants to spin, it doesn’t allow pesky facts to get in its way.

The premise of the endorsement is that McCain is prepared to lead in a dangerous world. Aside from irrationally befriending Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi and assisting him in obtaining military weaponry. McCain tweeted out that after visiting him at his Libyan “ranch” the murderous dictator was “an interesting man.”

The editorial fails mention the fact that McCain has been censured by elected members of his own party at a statewide meeting. It omits his longtime association with George Soros, who has funded him since 2001.

Here is an example of McCain’s vast knowledge regarding Mideast turmoil.  McCain posing with ISIS terrorists, who he referred to as “freedom fighters.” Here he is in a 2008 CBS News clip speaking with reporters in Jordan and exhibiting abysmal ignorance of who the extremists and terrorists even are. He was immediately corrected by far more knowledgeable then-Sen. Joseph Lieberman while an obviously embarrassed Lindsey Graham hung his head. On the home front, here’s McCain exhibiting his disturbing lack of knowledge on economic matters.

The newspaper absurdly credits McCain with taking on the VA hospital scandal in which veterans were denied much needed care, resulting in needless deaths while administrators were paid astronomical salaries. It erupted right here in Arizona, under John McCain’s nose. He only reacted when it was politically expedient. McCain, who has served as a “legacy” adviser to Barack Obama,  is also a Second Amendment restrictionist.

This shocking video shows McCain’s abysmal  disconnect on a wide range of issues.

But in the end, it’s all about amnesty for illegals. Although McCain strolled the border with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and vowed to build the danged fence, immediately after being reelected, he spearheaded another attempt to push amnesty, with the Gang of Eight, including Jeff Flake, and a host of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate. Though his word is worthless, the newspaper swoons into throes of McEcstasy actually referring to the marginal McCain as “a global figure.  One of the most influential people in in the world.”

John McCain has had his time and has been a dismal failure. Vote for conservative Dr. Kelli Ward.  It‘s past time for a change.


8 Responses to AZ Republic endorses McCain in deceitful editorial

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Another informative post, SRAZ. I saw this lie packed editorial at the office and almost chocked on my coffee. I’m not surprised that the leftwing newspaper endorses their like thinker McCain, but the outright lies when it comes to facts made my head spin. They can have their vantage point, but doesn’t honesty matter anymore? No wonder I see so few newspapers in driveways during my early morning jog. Arizonans are tired of paying to be insulted.

  2. Maggie says:

    John McCain and the powerful McCain connected lobby that funds the PACs that want to keep him around to do their bidding, spend millions flooding the tv market with ads that deceive and distort. Are there no regulations that they must adhere to? What about the Federal Communications Commission or the Federal Elections Commission? Does anyone know what if any oversight they have in making candidates stick to the truth? We hear about truth in advertising. Are politicians exempt?

  3. State Delegate says:

    John McCain is an old and practiced venomous snake. He should have been allowed to run as the Democrat he wanted to in the early days. It was key members of the then influential Phoenix 40 who convinced him to run as a Republican in order to successfully succeed Congressman John Rhodes who was retiring. Rhodes was an honorable man and a congressional leader. He must be reeling in his grave knowing that his retirement gave rise to this disaster.

  4. Rob Haney says:

    Thank you, Seeing Red AZ for always speaking the truth about John McCain. The Republican elites have supported his every lie and deceit and that is why Trump is soaring in the polls.

    Remember McCain praising Obama during his run for President of the U,S.? “We have nothing to fear from an Obama Administration!” That quote is exactly what we can always expect from McCain’s failed leadership.

    Vote Kelli Ward for Senate. A vote for anyone else is a vote for McCain. Remember how McCain disgraced veteran’s families at his Congressional hearings where he had his own records permanently sealed to prevent anyone from learning the truth about his record as a POW.?

    • Former GOP PC says:

      It’s always good to see your comments here, Rob. My wife and I were longtime Republican PCs who voted for you both times you were elected Maricopa County Chairman. We.were removed “purged” by McCain operatives after he was censured at the AZ GOP Statutory Meeting. We were replaced by Vietnamese McCain followers who I’ve been told have never shown up at a district meeting. Conversely, my wife and I devoted years to the Republican Party, working on campaigns, coolecting thousands of nominating petition signatures, doing mailings, phone banks, pounding candidate’s signs along rock hard roadways and donating money. Once we were ousted, we heard from not a single one of them. The DC delegation is in the tank for McCain, because they are all fearful of speaking out against him. His vile temper is legendary and he makes sure those who oppose him never do so again. In the Bible, Cain was the first criminal, having slayed his own brother. Mc (son of) Cain is well named. He is an evil man who takes vengeance on those who have the courage to disagree with him. Watch out for Robert McGraham. He’s McCain all the way.

  5. Realist says:

    Illegal “immigration” is behind the assent of Donald Trump and Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

    Citizens in western cultures see they are \losing their unique heritages due to unchecked illegal movements of people into their countries. Legal immigration is not the issue. Now there are masses of 100s’s of thousands of uneducated Muslim “refugees” from worn torn global hot spots who not only are unable to be vetted with solid background checks, but have no desire to acclimate., though they access American taxpayer paid benefits. They bring their repressive Shiria law with them and are taking over large portions of Western Europe, burning cities and looting as we have seen over the past several years.. Obama has swung the doors wide for them to enter the United States. The moronic Angela Merkle is admitting even greater numbers to Germany, where the native birthrate is low and the “refugees”have large families. How long before Europe will be a Muslim majority?

    Trump’s promise of a wall has appeal to many Americans. We are not bigots for wanting to secure out sovereign borders and to retain our heritage. Previous generations of legal immigrants were all too happy to become Americans. learn our language, accept our history as their own and be part this great nation.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Government officials in Sweden have allowed their beautiful country to be overwhelmed by muslim men. Sexual assaults by muslims are rampant.

      Just yesterday, the British press reported the these ‘migrants’ say that they are just in Sweden to (sexually assault) Swedish women, but they’d rather be in other countries which give them more free stuff.

      Now, today, the Swedish government has announced a ‘special government agency’ that is going to begin intrusive investigations into the private lives of the Swedish citizens to find out why the Swedish birth rate has dramatically fallen.
      Gee, could it be that the Swedish people do not want to have children out of fear that they will be used for the sexual pleasure of muslim invaders?

      Meanwhile, if you have not followed what has happened in Venezuela in the last year, take a look.
      In one year’s time, the middle class has disappeared and people are desperate.

  6. Capt. Marvel says:

    The Arizona Republic is not worthy of being called a newspaper. It’s a waste of paper pulp and ink. It’s an agenda filled rag and John McCain is part of their agenda solely due to the fact that he promotes the rag’s open border policy. He would turn on the newspaper in a hot minute if it printed anything but love messages to him. Let’s have a trip back in time to his days partying with publisher Duke Tully and his beneficial deal making with Charlie Keating. How about an in depth article on McCain’s association with billionaire Commie George Soros If John McCain is what the newspaper regards as one of the “most influential men in the world,” the reporters, columnists and editors world must be the of a pea.