Globalist Paul Ryan faces conservative challenger Paul Nehlen

National sovereignty passé among One Worlders

Stepping back in time to less than a year ago, Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz wrote, “There is nobody around in the party who is more fanatically dedicated to the cause of open borders than Paul Ryan.”

Ryan’s commitment has been unwavering, even as he was being considered for the post of House Speaker. In 2013 as Breitbart reports, he made the case for effectively dissolving national borders — as he insisted that America “is more than our borders.” Ryan toppled the ever obliging Jeff Flake from Luis Gutierrez’ amnesty enabler altar as he pushed for a completely open immigration system — providing unfettered access to an influx of humanity from all over the globe to freely and legally enter the United States while allowing employers to hire the foreign workers without restrictions.

Ryan appears to be taking a page from Pope Francis’ book. Francis recently insisted Poland “overcome fear” and open its border to Muslim refugees who are “fleeing wars and hunger.” The cherry on the top of this foolish sundae was his claim that wars have nothing to do with religion as “all religions want peace.”  Although Europe has suffered almost daily Islamic terror attacks, the Pope admonished Poland’s government for refusing to accept thousands from the Middle East and Africa. He said opening the country’s borders would takegreat wisdom and compassion

The Pope, who resides behind a massive 50-foot-tall, ten-feet thick wall surrounding the fortress that is Vatican City should spend more time studying history. He would find the first 39-foot wall around the Vatican was finished in 852, following a raid by Muslim pirates who ravaged the city.  

And Paul Ryan? He insists he and his family need this walled security around his mansion. Businessman Paul Nehlen doesn’t buy the hypocrisy. Nehlen is currently challenging Ryan in Wisconsin‘s upcoming Aug. 9 Primary.. Nehlen has made Ryan’s longstanding support of the  open borders immigration agenda a focal point of his campaign. He has also attacked Ryan for promoting Obama’s disastrous stealth immigration and climate change scheme, Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). On Monday, Donald Trump thanked Nehlen for his support after Ryan sided with Hillary Clinton. Conservative talk show host, Laura Ingraham urged Trump supporters to pressure Ryan to resign.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has an open primary, allowing both Democrats and Republicans to vote in the Republican primary election, potentially skewing the outcome.

But keep your fingers crossed that Paul Nehlen can pull off the type pf upset politically unknown Prof. David Brat managed in Virginia when he unceremoniously removed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  It can be done. This new ad might just do the trick.


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  1. Ajo Joe says:

    This Wisconsin race is a barometer for congressional aspirants in other states. And to think Paul Ryan was positioned to be a heartbeat away from the presidency with Mitt Romney at the top of the ticket. What a phony! He ought to run as the Democrat he is.

    • MacBeth says:

      Paul Ryan is just biding his time. He has his sights set on the presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran as the dem he is.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Challenger Paul Nehlen Calls Paul Ryan a ‘Soulless Globalist’

    I’d like to see that smirk wiped off his face as he does Obama’s bidding. I sent money to Paul Nehlen when he first came on the scene.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s been an interesting week thus far:

    Speaking at a lavish retreat for 400 donors hosted by a network helmed by libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch, Paul Ryan suggested it was incumbent upon the Party to “repudiate” the views of Republican voters, who do not support Ryan and his donors’ trade agenda.

    So——we, you and I, are to be “repudiated” by Ryan.

    And this morning, at a D.C. press conference with the Prime MInister of Singapore, Barrack Insane Omuslim peels off into a six minute rage on Donald Trump, calling him ignorant and saying that he has no experience in anything.
    Apparently Omuslim has been looking into the mirror again.

    Dept. of Homeland Security Director, and proud Muslim, Jeh Johnson has granted ‘temporary amnesty’ to at least 8,000 Syrians who have been brought into our country. Does he have that authority under the law?

    Meanwhile, as the funeral Mass and burial was held for Catholic priest Fr. Jacques Hamel in Rouen, France today, the Pope continues skipping down the yellow brick road singing ‘violence and Islam are two different things’. AND, the Pope has put in place a special commission to consider women becoming deacons in the Catholic church.

    I was just watching Trump speak in Virginia this morning.
    He understands trade and contracts and legal agreements, and he supports individual agreements with individual countries.

    Paul Ryan and Omuslim and Francis are living in a Globalist dream that is Our nightmare. They will be the death of US.
    The divisions now are too deep, too wide to be bridged.
    And there is no place on Earth that is safe.

    May God have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

  4. Kathy says:

    Hopefully WI voters will vote Ryan OUT! Hopefully AZ will vote McCain OUT! If not – the establishment will continue the war on We the People.

    I do have one question for the Never Trumpers – what has the so-called establishment conservative Republicans done for you or the Country?? They have voted with Obama and the Dems at every turn – did not defund Obamacare, voted for Holder, voted for Lynch, voted to fund refugee increases, voted to raise the debt multiple times, are not working within a budget as required by the Constitution, allows un-Constitutional and lawlessness in regards to Obamacare, gun running, immigration, marriage, etc, they have not fought to uphold law, the list goes on and on. Wake up the establishment don’t give a damn about you!!!! When will you finally reject them?

  5. azgary says:

    ‘I Was Just Joking’: Media Apoplectic as Khizr Khan Attack on Donald Trump Goes Down in Flames
    Mainstream media figures from the New York Times to the Huffington Post to CNN are apoplectic Monday as their latest attack on Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has crumbled yet again under the slightest bit of scrutiny.

  6. Kathy says:

    Another note – Obama references Ryan and McCain stating Trump is un-fit to be President. Hello AZ did you get that McCain sides with Obama!!!! Once again. Wake up vote Kelli Ward!!!!!

  7. azgary says:

    Tim Kaine: Under Speaker Ryan, U.S. Will Enact Amnesty in 2017

    KENOSHA, WI–Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine told Telemundo that House Speaker Paul Ryan would work with a President Hillary Clinton to enact amnesty within Clinton’s first 100 days in office.
    As the Washington Times reports:

    A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in “the first 100 days” of her tenure, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told Spanish-language network Telemundo in an interview Monday… [Kaine] said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan will lead the GOP to embrace legalization.

  8. azgary says:

    Kaine Predicts Ryan Will Help Pass Clinton Agenda…

  9. azgary says:

    Omnibus Ryan Receives Standing Ovation at Koch Brothers Event – Vows To Pass Toxic TPP Trade Deal…

    Speaker Paul “Omnibus” Ryan was well received at the globalist summit sponsored by the Koch Brothers. Additionally, the Koch Brothers have given Ryan $1.2 Million for his legislative efforts.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      The left characterizes the Koch brothers as conservative. What a joke!

      • azgary says:

        the kochs and those politicians they purchase are not conservative, they are much more open borders globalist unipartiers bent doing all they can to destroy our middle class in favor of foreigners and profits they can make from them.

        Koch Sponsors Pro-Amnesty BuzzFeed Event
        10 May 2013

        I have completely dismissed and disregarded any usage of the term “conservative”.

        it has lost all definition and is used by everybody to praise or malign others and rendered meaningless.

        when Trump is said to not be conservative when his policies and positions are America and Americans first, THE most conservative positions their are in favor of open borders and globalism and those supporting it being “conservative” the word has been ba$tardized and the language of no value.

  10. azgary says:

    Breitbart News Daily – Interview Paul Nehlen – August 2, 2016
    on SoundCloud.

  11. azgary says:

    Nehlen’s blog post defending Trump can be read in full below:

    Liberals and the mainstream media are having a collective meltdown, verging on an aneurism, over Donald Trump responding to the political attack launched against him at the Democrats’ convention last week by the father of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed in Iraq.

    Without doubt, Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s son – Captain Humayun Khan – is an American hero who gave his life in defense of the United States of America while serving in Iraq in 2004. Our nation owes Capt. Khan and his Gold Star parents a debt that can never be repaid.


    Mr. and Mrs. Khan chose to politicize the death of their son when they appeared on-stage in support of Hillary Clinton at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia. Indeed, in his remarks Mr. Khan attacked, ridiculed and attempted to humiliate Mr. Trump and his positions on critical national security issues.

    Did he really think his attack would go unanswered?

    It’s not my place to respond on behalf of Mr. Trump; however, there are facts related to this controversy that the media clearly – and intentionally, in my opinion – isn’t telling the public about. So allow me…

  12. Saguaro Sam says:

    News Flash:
    Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani is singing John McAmnesty’s praises and volunteers to help him win re-election.

    And Guiliani says something interesting—–that McCain would Not have injected himself into the dust-up between the Pakistani lawyer– who has written extensively about Sharia and makes money by getting green cards for muslims, and who happens to have had a son in the US military—–and Trump if McCain was not up for re-election.
    (if you want to see Mr. Sharia’s now-deleted law firm website, go to )


  13. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Donald Trump twists the knife on Paul Ryan and John McCain | Washington Examiner

    McCain’s a day late and a dollar short:

    “McCain slammed Trump in a statement on Monday, claiming his criticism of the Khans “do not represent the view of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates.”