Dutiful Bill Montgomery plays errand boy for John McCain

Maricopa County Attorney still “playing well” with AZ Senators

Many of us arrived home from our daily grind Tuesday to find one of those annoying robo calls on the answering machine. This one was of particular interest since it was from the impatient and ambitious Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. And who did he find time in his busy day to pimp for?  None other than the edgy oldster John McCain. McCain, at age 80, is running, albeit scared, for yet another 6-year U.S. Senate term, telling Arizonans he still has work to do.

Among McCain’s unfinished business is continuing to push for amnesty for those illegally invading the USA and further constricting our Second Amendment rights. On Dec. 3, 2015, John McCain was one of only four U.S. Senate Republican defectors who voted with the unified Democrats to limit Second Amendment rights. The Roll Call vote was 48 – 50. (Deceptively worded “Statement of Purpose” accompanies vote.)

Don’t get sidetracked by the flowery description of the bill as a protective or “healthcare freedom” measure or the language that makes it sound as though it’s a budget bill. It was a Democrat-led expansion of background checks on law-abiding purchasers of firearms. GOP Sen. Mark Kirk, who joined the renegades faces a tough reelection campaign in the  blue state of Illinois and is willing to wave the white flag of surrender on constitutional rights. McCain’s motivation is his arrogant, long-held view that he knows better what’s best for the rest of us. His pet project is closing what he calls “gun show loopholes”

Yet in his robo call, County Attorney Montgomery waxes eloquent on McCain’s unwavering support for “protecting our Second Amendment rights.“

Don’t believe it for a second. Bill Montgomery has other motivations that have more to do with his own political aspirations than John McCain’s attempt to hoodwink us during his last hurrah campaign. 

Gun Owners of America has endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward, saying, “McCain has been a thorn in the side of Second Amendment supporters for years.” GOA notes that only 35% of AZ GOP voters approve of the job McCain is doing compared to 50% who disapprove. The organization gives him a  D – rating.

Early balloting in the Primary Election begins today, Aug. 3.  Election Day is Aug. 30.  McCain has been in office since he was first elected in 1982. It’s time for a change.  For conservative representation, send Dr. Kelli Ward to D.C. Here’s her view on  the Second Amendment which she calls “one of our most treasured liberties, and it must be protected.” No double talk on “gun show loopholes” or purposely convoluted babble.  Check out her entire Issues page.

Arizonans know we deserve better than what we’ve been getting, regardless of what we hear from a McCrony on a robo call.


13 Responses to Dutiful Bill Montgomery plays errand boy for John McCain

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Kelli Ward already has the support of this household. McCain has been a disaster for years. I’m beyond disappointed that Bill Montgomery would try to pull this fast one on Arizona voters. There are so few politicos worthy of trust. Too many are motivated by their own self interests, as evident by Montgomery’s actions and in the silence we get from the AZ Congressional 5. Matt Salmon is retiring, so he has nothing to lose by telling the truth about McCain. The others are no doubt fearful, since they know the ruthlessness and vitriol that spews from Arizona’s senior senator. My respect level for them all has fallen to zero.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Saw a sign that said “Recall Trent Franks” yesterday. Does anyone know what that’s about? I’m disappointed in Trent Franks – he’s nowhere to be found … hiding under his desk.

      • CD 8 PC says:

        Haven’t seen the bumper stickers, but agree with the sentiment. Congressman Franks was previously a solid guy, but now he talks a good game but appallingly allowed illegals and their supporters to squat in his front yard overnight. The incident was a couple of years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it and it affects my vote to this day. I live in his Congressional District and as a Republican “elephant” I will not forget this outrageous scene which I saw on the evening news.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    Montgomery has shown he is not to be trusted. He has never given a satisfactory answer to first charging the freeway shooter amid great fanfare and then mysteriously dropping all charges and not explaining what caused his turnaround. It made no difference to him that charging a young man as a multiple random shooter terrorizing the valley would have lasting consequences in his life. I’ve waited for an explanation and have seen and heard zip.

    But he sure was concerned about charging Jeff Flake’s son and daughter-in-law in the suffocation deaths of the two dozen dogs in their care at an East Valley kennel. In dropping their charges, he said the dogs weren’t children. Nope. The “children” he was concerned about were those related to Sen. Jeff Flake. Instead, Montgomery charged her parents who were vacationing out of state when the deaths took place. They are serving jail time. The “children” are suing Maricopa County taxpayers for $8 million!

  3. Villanova says:

    Obviously political expediency leads to deceit. Montgomery knows John McCain is a gun restrictionist, but claims otherwise hoping to be rewarded for his efforts. Meanwhile the clock is ticking and McCain isn’t making room for Montgomery, who clearly doesn’t want to remain County Attorney forever.

  4. MaskedTruthman says:

    The political cesspool seems to have unlimited power to seduce the best of us. I had hoped for Montgomery but even he is not strong enough to resist the lust for power. Sad.

  5. Rob Haney says:

    The lies in Montgomery’s endorsement of McCain illustrate how lock-step the establishment marches with the corruption within the Republican hierarchy. Remember years ago when Montgomery lent his name to the organization for deceit….S.A.N.E.

    S.A.N.E. was the organization set up by open borders advocates to pretend they were opposed to illegal immigration. Montgomery touted himself as the only conservative in the organization who would help the organization actually oppose illegal immigration.

    When Montgomery told Senator Russell Pearce and me that story, six AZGOP staff members rushed in to pick us up off the floor. I knew then that Montgomery was in the tank for McCain.

    • State Delegate says:

      Those of us who have been in the conservative Republican trenches for years know who to trust in this instance, and it isn’t Bill Montgomery.

      II suspect there is a deal being cut that if McCain is reelected, he will not serve out his term and his loyalist Montgomery will be shoehorned into that seat. I pray there is no chance for that to occur and that Dr. Kelli Ward beats Señor Juan McAmnesty handily.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    John McCain runs the state GOP as the puppeteer pulling the strings on Robert Graham, Unfortunately the same appears to be the case as it relates to the Arizona Congressional Delegation. Not a single one of them speaks up because they are all too aware of the damage McCain and his operatives can do. Look at the sewage they’re throwing at Dr. Kelli Ward for having the courage to challenge his McHoliness. From the Governor’s Office on down they are in the tank for McCain because they’re all afraid not to be. There is no level too low for Team McCain to sink to.

  7. azgary says:


    1776 Patriot News

    • azgary says:

      the above is my bad, it was only new reporting of a release that had taken place July 10, but saying it was new.

      NOT a new release.

      Sorry for the oops

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just so you know,
    for the first time in history, the director of the Dept of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson the proud muslim, has gone on record today saying that, oh yeah, there just might be trouble with the voting machines this year. (those anonymous hackers again, says he).

    Would those anonymous hackers be sitting in the basement of a federal building in DC, Mr. Johnson? Or perhaps in one of those underground bunkers at Foggy Bottom?

    Meanwhile, French President Hollande becomes Obama’s puppet by going nuclear on Trump. Wonder if Hollande will be paid in euros or Swiss francs or gold for this little charade?
    As he “retches” over Trump, a transit bus in Paris is ambushed by terrorists who firebomb it. Luckily, the driver escaped with his life.

    And in Paris, riot police descend upon a centuries-old Catholic church, use battering rams to gain entrance, and throw the priest to the floor while holding him down with their steel-toed boots.
    Apparently, this is how they serve eviction notices, as the city of Paris has decided that the ground could be better used to build apartments. The photos of it are unsettling and gut-wrenching at the same time.

  9. jakesez says:

    Vote against all incumbents Too long in power too much corruption