AZ AG Brnovich: McPayback time is here

John McCain at age 80 is running — scared — for a sixth 6-year year U.S. Senate term, and is calling in his legal McChips. Just a couple of days ago we posted Dutiful Bill Montgomery plays errand boy for John McCain, reporting on the deceptive robo call made by the Maricopa County Attorney on behalf of McCain. The premise was McCain’s supposedly unwavering support of Second Amendment rights.  Seeing Red AZ exposed the fallacy of the claim with a link to this 48 – 50 Senate Roll Call vote in which he voted with the unified Democrats and three other GOP defectors in an effort to curtail this fundamental Constitutional freedom. Our nation‘s founders considered this right so  important it was placed second only to freedom of speech and assembly guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Now comes another dose of hoodwinking from Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich. He obviously knows better, but is now being reminded that he was the establishment recruit and as many of us heard our exasperated parents say, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.” They were speaking out of frustration.  McCain surrogates get the message out on his behalf, minus the tongue-in-cheek bravado.

Brnovich’s robo calls are remarkably similar to Montgomery’s in that they both peddle McCain’s steadfast adherence to “protecting Second Amendment rights.” Believe that at your own peril. Notice that this 2013 letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, clearly states the senate signers were putting Reid on notice they would oppose “any legislation that would infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms, or their ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance.”  Whose name is missing? None other than John McCain.  Bill Montgomery and Mark Brnovich might not be paying attention, but you should.

Gun Owners of America has endorsed McCain challenger Dr. Kelli Ward, acknowledging “McCain has been a thorn in the side of Second Amendment supporters for years.” GOA notes that only 35% of AZ GOP voters approve of the job McCain is doing compared to 50% who disapprove. The organization scores him a D – rating. McCain, who doesn’t own a firearm himself, has as his pet project closing what he mysteriously refers to as “gun show loop holes.”

McCain’s vile temper and vindictive nature are renown. If he or his surrogates gave a hand up to a fledgling politico, steadfast allegiance remains expected.  Consort with McCain at your own risk. He will own a piece of your hide and call it in whenever it suits him. If you received the auto dialer messages, you heard this truth in action. He and the McCain supporting PACs are not above lying if it benefits him, even alleging that while in the state senate Kelli Ward voted to fund ISIS militants. Votes involving national security take place in Washington D.C., not on Washington Street at the state legislature. This blatant deceit indicates not only the magnitude of his lies, but also the fact that he thinks Arizona voters are foolish enough to buy them.

Early ballots are in the mail. Vote Dr. Kelli Ward for Arizona’s U.S. Senator. McCain needs a rest and we need a vibrant, conservative former state senator and knowledgeable family practice physician to work on revamping the Obamacare monstrosity.


22 Responses to AZ AG Brnovich: McPayback time is here

  1. Rob Haney says:

    Montgomery and Brnovich know with absolute certainty that their ad is a bald face lie. So what does that say about the character and integrity of our two top law enforcement officers?

    What does it say about our Republican RINO leadership when they spend all their time tearing Trump down and say nary a word about Hillary Clinton. We saw the same actions when they endorsed Janet Napolitano over Matt Samon for AZ Governor over a decade ago. The RINOs usually keep their attacks on conservative Republicans under cover.

    They are out in the open now siding with the liberal MSM to take out Trump. If they are successful, it will signal the end of the conservative wing in the Republican party. Conservatives will go Independent and look for another party that actually follows the Platform Constitution of the Republican Party.

    The Republican leadership and the Democrat leadership differ little in their broad initiatives. The Republican elites have become the moderate wing of the Democrat party..

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Your assessment couldn’t be more correct. And now we have the unoly alliance of the top elections officials in Arizona –Secretary of State Michele Reagan and Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell — flat out refusing to enforce the law that restricts the ballot fraud known as ‘ballot harvesting.’ They both need to be replaced with elected officials who respect the law and will do whatever it takes ensure election integrity. Reagan is not up for reelection, but Purcell is. Aaron Flannery is a principled conservative who deserves our support. Helen Purcell is not above the law.

      • Maggie says:

        Where are Bill Montgomery and Mark Brnovich when it comes to these women? Enforcing election law is far more important than giving undeserving kudos to John McSlippery.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Jeff Flake was on the news this morning bashing Donald Trump. He never uttered the name Hillary Clinton – just the bad guy, Trump.

      • Disgusted in AZ says:

        So what does Trump do?? Endorse McShame and Paul Ryan as well as Kelly Ayotte pronounced Idiot!

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    John McCain goes way back with his weak stance on the Second Amendment. He and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) were always working to weaken it. His support of military veterans is also weak. And what does he run on for this campaign? “Gun Rights” and “Veterans.” Gun Owners of America has a great radio ad supporting Kelli Ward and denouncing McCain.

    Yesterday I posted an NBC article stating that Mike Pence would not endorse McCain. Lo and behold this morning – Pence came out in support of McCain. I wonder what transpired overnight.

    • Realist says:

      Something nefarious, you can be sure of that! Pence is no newcomer to the political world and has honed a smoothness that Trump doesn’t have and obviously won’t purchase regardless of his ability to do so. That arrogance is beginning to hurt him and the conservative cause in immeasurable ways.

      Donald Trump needs a loyal coach, who he will listen to. If Trump isn’t taken underwing by a team that can instruct him on subtleties, he’s not the only loser. The Republican party will go down in flames. He speaks like a petulant child, hurling invectives and then functioning as his own echo chamber as he repeats his previous sentences. I voted for Trump and will certainly support him over Hillary, but he’s wearing me down. I feel no pride in the choice I’ve made, but there’s no alternative.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    How disappointing that both County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Attorney General Mark Bronovich feel the need to cave to McCain in this manner. How can we expect them to neutrally and fairly enforce Arizona’s laws if they are being led by rings in their noses by the establishment?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    There is an old saying that goes:
    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    Take a look at these 3 suspicious recent deaths.
    What do you think?

    On June 22, 2016 a former high-ranking U.N. official named John Ashe was found dead in his home in upstate New York. His throat had been crushed, supposedly by exercise equipment. (Hey, that excuse worked for Harry Reid’s eye didn’t it?)
    Mr. Ashe WAS SCHEDULED TO TESTIFY before Congress regarding Hillary Clinton. Needless to say, he did not make it.

    On July 8, 2016, a very bright young man named Seth Conrad Rich was brutally murdered while walking home in Washington, D.C.
    None of his possessions—-neither his very expensive watch, nor his cell phone, nor his wallet—were taken. He was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time—but he did not see it coming.
    Mr. Rich worked for the DNC and was involved in overseeing databases.
    Many of his friends say that he was scheduled to meet with the FBI regarding information about the DNC. He never made it.

    Now we have this to add to the unsolved murder files.
    Another man, who was a Bernie Sanders supporter, who had served the DNC with legal papers regarding a class action suit.
    He has been found dead in his home, one week after doing so.
    Link to story:

    Meanwhile, in D.C. tonight:
    Did you get your invitation?
    Barack’s Big Birthday Bash.
    Guests are the usual suspects.
    No cell phones will be allowed, as it is being reported that Barack “really wants to let his hair down”
    Choom Gang, indeed.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Laura Ingraham endorsed Kelli Ward this morning on her radio show. Laura was instrumental in getting rid of Eric Cantor. Here’s hoping.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The mailman’s son speaks. The sense of entitlement runs to their very core.

    Kasich: Give McCain a lifetime Senate appointment | Washington Examiner

  7. William Heuisler says:

    Pessimism and hand-wringing will not kick McCain’s ass. Now is the time to get all the people you know to vote for Kelli Ward.
    This time next month the Arizona world will have changed forever and you all will have done it. Stop bitching to each other and go out and twist some apathetic or pessimistic or lazy arms.
    You know who you are. Don’t make me come over there!

  8. Doc says:

    The following from AP:

    “GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is striking a rare tone of party unity.

    In addition to formally endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump on Friday evening also threw his support behind Arizona Sen. John McCain and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, with whom he has sparred.

    Trump says, “We have to unite.”

    He says that, as president, he will need a Republican Senate and House to accomplish all of the changes he wants to make.

    He adds that, “This campaign is not about me or any one candidate,” and says: “We will have disagreements. But we will disagree as friends and never stop working together toward victory.”

    …figures. We’re just SKREWED.

    • Doc says:

      …oh. & trump’s also tossing a “shout-out” to house spewer paul “ASS-KISSER” ryan over True Conservative Paul Nehlin.

      …great. just great.

      • Patriot Dad says:

        The GOP establishment has finally gotten to Donald Trump who surged past a pack of 16 GOP primary candidates as the outsider. He has suddenly morphed into an insider before our very eyes. NOTHING could have prepared me for this. What a disappointment!

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        “Given his stature as our party’s official nominee, Mr. Trump’s decision to support the Republican Speaker is appropriate and is a display of true leadership,” Nehlen stated. “Mr. Trump’s early refusal to endorse Ryan sent a clear signal to Wisconsin voters that Ryan is not his preferred candidate in this race. Speaker Ryan’s globalist agenda stands in clear opposition to the will of the Republican electorate, who want safe communities, immigration control, smart trade deals, and leaders who put the needs of the American people first,”

  9. William Heuisler says:

    Donald Trump gave McCain a farewell kick in the butt.
    The Media won’t tell you why.
    Trump knows how much McCain is hated by Republican Primary Voters in Arizona (particularly after the censures). Trump knows about the implosion of McCain’s decoys in the Primary. And Donald Trump knows what Judicial Watch exposed a few weeks ago about Soros, McCain and the IRS stealing the 2012 election.
    Do you know about the 501(c) (4)s?
    Do you know some Tea Parties and Patriot Groups are still under “Audit”?
    Are you aware of the low turnout among Conservatives for Republicans in 2012?
    Now you know why.
    Trump knows why too.
    He endorsed a political Dead Man Walking.
    Sorry about the length but you should know all this.

    McCain, Soros and the IRS

    Donald Trump knows nothing can save John McCain from Arizona Republicans.
    Trump knows our 2012 election was stolen by IRS treachery contrived by John McCain and George Soros.

    John McCain accepts millions from the Left to silence Conservatives. McCain followed orders from multi-million-dollar-donor-George-Soros to help Liberal Democrats pass McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform that exempts News Media, but regulates all Conservative, pro-life and Tea Party political speech. How has McCain-Feingold silenced Conservatives? In 2011 and 2012 our Internal Revenue Service (IRS) delayed many conservative campaigns for the 2012 presidential election for months/ years. In fact, as you read this, some Conservative groups are still not allowed 501(c)(4) fund-raising status due to alleged McCain-Feingold-prohibited-speech. (1) (2) (4) (5) (6)

    George Soros?
    McCain’s Alexandria, Virginia, REFORM INSTITUTE was formed to hide funding from Soros’ Left Wing OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE. Soros financially backed McCain-Feingold due to anger at Republican election wins. And IRS audits probably won the 2012 election for Obama by using McCain-Feingold to muzzle Conservatives by harassment, threats, intimidating questions and long delays. The IRS obstructed justice for years – blaming “rogue agents” for delays and destroying evidence of systematic IRS voter-targeting on IRS Chief Lois Lerner’s computer. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

    In 2013, a Treasury Inspector General found that before the 2012 election IRS Agents had targeted Patriot and Tea Party groups to enforce McCain-Feingold. Lerner admitted the IRS “inappropriately targeted” conservatives. In 2014 Dave Camp, Chair of House Ways and Means, confirmed 100% of 501(c)(4) groups selected for IRS audit prior to the 2012 election were conservative! (1) (2) (4) (6)
    We know our IRS audits Republican Conservatives and ignores Democrats. IRS Chief Koskinen donated $100,000 to Democrats. IRS’s Agents Union donated to Democrats and endorsed Obama. IRS ex-Chief Lerner insulted GOP, calling Tea Parties “crazies”.

    The Senate Finance Committee said illegal acts of IRS-targeting Republicans were “incompetence” or “mismanagement”. But McCain, Feingold and Soros corrupted elections, using US Government Federal police-powers dictated by McCain-Feingold to silence Conservative voters. John McCain helped elect Obama in 2012 and yet complained the IRS didn’t rein in political advocacy groups enough. (1) (2) (4) (5) (6)

    Now we all know. Pay attention to # (6).
    Bill Heuisler, Republican, Marine, Cop, Investigator & author.


    Vote Kelli Ward. Let the world know we know all about McCain.
    Bill Heuisler
    Sources, research, questions? (520) 403-2939

  10. Disgusted in Arizona says:

    Conservative since birth have some more koolaid Party unity my butt, how about unity with the people and for us in AZ that have denounced McTraitor and the Speaker of Lies Ryan now we see the Art of Deals in play. OMG we is screwed!!!

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Trump’s party/incumbent endorsements are required primarily because the Trump campaign needs to starve the media of disunity talking points to facilitate the larger objective, to win the White House. The incumbent challengers (Nehlen, Ward) fully understand this dynamic.

      However, it is somewhat surprising to see the number of voices who cannot grasp the necessity of this approach; specifically surprising because those same voices have requested Trump to stop giving the media fuel to continue their disunity attack narrative.

  11. Disgusted in Arizona says:

    Every one of the REAL conservatives in AZ should send a large contribution to Paul Nehlin and end the speakers career and hope that McTraitor is ousted or God intervenes and sends the Maverick to his just reward ie fire and brimstone anyone would be a better candidate than the Manchurian Candidate.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I’m a REAL conservative who sent money to Paul Nehlen when he first announced his run against Ryan. Being a REAL conservative, I have never voted for McCain – only once – against Obama in 2008. I’ve never voted for Jeff Flake.

      Time’s running out for REAL conservatives like you I assume to get that money to Paul Nehlen. The WI primary is this Tuesday. FedEx can get it to him fast.