John McCain, Vietnam, 1969: audio bombshell

TRUNEWS, a non-profit Christian digital news source, has released what is referred to as a “bombshell audio recording.” Writing that the “1969 North Vietnamese radio broadcast has never been heard in the United States of America,” the news site says, “there has never been any knowledge that such a recording existed.”

The article and script are headlined as “John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” propaganda recording released.” It was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio. The audio recording was reported to have been found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts.

Throughout his decades in Washington, McCain has worked to suppress information about POWs and discredit those seeking answers, as reported by WND in McCain and the POW cover-up, written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Sydney H. Schanberg. 

John McCain has done everything in his power to block the release of information on American Vietnam era MIAs as evident in this shocking video by Vietnam Veterans Against McCain. It features veterans, U.S. Congressmen and knowledgeable staff.

This equally stunning video shows John McCain stomping out of a congressional hearing after insulting Delores Alfond, chair of the National Alliance of Families, who dedicated her life to seeking information after her brother was shot down over North Vietnam. McCain intentionally made sure all information was classified and made unavailable.

The “why?” has been answered by TRUNEWS.

13 Responses to John McCain, Vietnam, 1969: audio bombshell

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain has always been a despicable snake. The fact that Donald Trump has done a turnaround and endorsed him (along with Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte) is more than suspicious. Had he done so earlier he never would have drawn the large crowds or won Arizona. Now we are left with a squish or Hillary and have to take the squish.

    McCain and Ryan each have conservatives challenging them. Dr. Kelli Ward deserves our support in Arizona.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Perhaps Trump has not “done a turnaround”.
      Maybe he subscribes to this maxim:
      “I have always paid attention to the merits of my enemies, and found it an advantage.” (van Goethe)

    • kylelyles says:

      Can’t stand McInsane nor Ryan. But I also am aware of two huge negatives for their competitors, and like to make people aware of them.

      Nehlen, Ryan’s competitor is running on an anti globalist, H-1B visa stance. The irony is as COO and Senior VP of operations in his last two companies, he was a huge employer of H-1B visa holders. So he’s quite a hypocrite, so beware!

      Kelli Ward has a nearly anonymous history in the AZ Senate, (not a killing issue on its own) but she’s also a YUGE Trump backer, and coupling that with her chemtrails history and loony Alex Jones appearance, she would be a weak candidate against Kirkpatrick when so many Arizonans hate Trump.

      Make your own choices, but be educated and not based on riding a bandwagon.

      I’m registered in California, so can’t vote here. However we’re moving our registration to AZ from CA next year. We split our time 50/50, but our vote counts more in AZ.

      As for me, this is the year of None Of The Above.

      • Kent says:

        Take you head out of that dark smelly place and pay attention. “None of the above” is a vote for Hillary Clinton and the unacceptable status quo.

  2. Rob Haney says:

    This post by Seeing Red AZ is but a fraction of the reasons we in the grass roots of the Republican party have been opposing John McCain and his corrupt cabal for decades. Thank you SEEING RED for all the wonderful links. The FORKED TONGUE EXPRESSED has been exposed once again.

    Let us see if any MSM publishes the info. I know, it was just my attempt at a joke. But maybe the Republican Establishment will get a back bone? Another bad joke.

  3. Army Of One says:

    The Oath Keepers has more on McCain’s slippery deception. He’s managed to pull the wool over many eyes as he grabbed the gold political ring, that enabled him to shut down the truth. At least he knows more and more American people are on to him, tho it would have been better to expose and replace him decades ago. He cultivated the “Maverick” image because it enabled him to use the Republican label while acting as a liberal.

  4. Michael Bryan says:

    Nothing new here. This recording has been available for literally decades. This sort of forced propaganda was standard for POWs in Vietnam. The airmen were even instructed to go ahead and make such confessions by our own standing orders to protect them from mistreatment and spare them harm. McCain held out much longer than most before making his. much to his cost; I wonder how many of you self-righteous armchair chicken hawks have endured more than a hangnail in your whole lives.

    McCain may be the antithesis of everything I believe politically, but I still find attacking his heroism and endurance in his service to this country despicable and low. Shame on you.

    • Army Of One says:

      I believe you write for a left wing site. No wonder you give aid and comfort to John McCain. He’s your kind’a guy!!

      PS I’ve served and “endured far more than a hangnail.” Have you? Liberals typically disparage our military even working to keep ROTC off high school and college campuses. What branch of the service were you in?

    • Rob Haney says:

      I have been fighting McCain’s betrayals to the Constitution and the Republican Platform for two decades. I have never heard this audio before, and it is clear from the links in this post how McCain betrayed our POWs and their families and our veterans.

      His actions against our country by his advocacy for illegal aliens and backing Obama’s open borders for unvetted immigrants from terrorist countries would lead me to believe that there is more “sealed” evidence of McCain’s treachery in government archives.

      McCain’s “Manchurian Candidate” credentials have long been a part of his dysfunctional character. It is true that his betrayals are nothing new. But they simply keep occurring.

    • Doc says:

      How much did the mcTraitor campaign pay you to post here, richard knoggen? Best watch yourself here, buster. there’s more than one Veteran you’re insulting.

      Go Pound Sand boy.

    • Hunter says:

      McCain making those statements while in captivity is not the real issue. Not making them would have been better, but it is difficult to imagine the torture and psychological pressure the Communists subjected him to. Obviously, we don’t want any US Service member captured making statements like that. However, when someone is held for many years and has special propaganda value because he is an officer and the son of a senior US officer, we should show some compassion and understanding for the situation the prisoner was in. An interrogator who has unlimited time and is allowed to use heinous torture will be able to break almost anyone eventually. We can’t realistically expect military personnel to be super human. They are generally exemplary people, but they are still human beings with limitations.

      On the other hand, those statements should have been publicly acknowledged and repudiated as being made under duress shortly after the conclusion of the official prisoner releases. Failing to do that IS a real issue.

      McCain’s record, even without this problem, is also a serious issue that justifies real Republicans voting for Kelli Ward instead of McCain who is really a Democrat in Disguise (a lower status than RINO).

      There is enough to attack McCain on legitimately without taking cheap, unfair shots at him.

  5. Old Salt says:

    Informative site. I live out of state and was sent the link to “John McCain, Vietnam, 1969: audio bombshell” by a former Navy buddy, who lives in Prescott, Arizona.
    I’ve never understood how a red state like Arizona keeps reelecting this Democrat who calls himself a maverick. If I lived in AZ, I would never vote for either McCain or Flake. Their votes and alliances hurt ALL Americans across our blessed nation.

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