AZ Republic endorsements: deliberate deception

August in Arizona takes its toll with no relief from triple digit, scorching temperatures and the realization that they‘ll be no reprieve for weeks to come. Residents used to joke they could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Now that stale humor is put aside for real entertainment. It is the political season, after all.

Case in point is the leftist Arizona Republic’s endorsements in the upcoming Primary Election. Over the last week, the predictably skewed endorsements provided a bit of levity, starkly evidenced by the newspaper’s pick in the First Congressional District. Highlighted are two Dems, both former Republicrats — exactly the type of apostates that would get the nod from the conservative-despising boors at the newspaper. They credit their favored of the two, while a state legislator,  as having been a facilitator for liberal Gov. Janet Napolitano’s “many budget (and) policy wins during her tenure….” 

Day after day, the preposterous endorsements are head shakers for those who actually follow politics. The McCain endorsement was an exercise in foolishness, sloppiness, and willfully dangerous, since coffee drinkers across the state choked on their first morning sips. According to the newspaper, the marginal McCain is “a global figure and one of the most influential people in the world.”  Omitted is the fact that McCain has been censured by elected statewide Republican party officials, has been a regular White House visitor advising Obama on myriad issues and has been funded since 2001 by freedom-hating Socialist, multi-billionaire George Soros.

The error filled editorial refers to his opponent Dr. Kelli Ward as having served “two years in the Arizona Senate.”  It was actually two terms, two years each, which equals 4 years. You can guess that  facts are irrelevant and playing fast and loose is the newspaper’s stock in trade.

Another challenger, who has since pulled out of the race was deceptively referred to as a “GOP party activist,” although he was previously registered as  a PND —- Party Not Designated.

The brain-dead McCain sought to arm Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi, posed with ISIS terrorists —- and promised the “revolutionaries” weapons, training, and funding.  He referred to them as “freedom fighters.”

Here is the “influential global leader” in a 2008 CBS News clip haughtily speaking with reporters in Jordan and exhibiting abysmal ignorance of who the extremists and terrorists actually are. He was immediately corrected by far more knowledgeable then-Sen. Joe Lieberman while an obviously embarrassed Lindsey Graham hung his head.

If reelected, McCain and his Democrat allies are prepared to roll for another shot at amnesty in 2017 — which its proponents prefer to call “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” though it has nothing to do with actual immigrants, who arrive legally. Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Kelli Ward supporter, writes,”If you were asked this question — which Republican politicians have lied to voters while supporting illegal immigration and opposing border security, what name is at the top of your list? It’s that same 2008 Republican presidential candidate, US Senator John McCain.”

Politico has written, “McCain has long championed immigration reform, albeit with occasional lurches to the right.”

Know this.  McCain lurches to the right about as often as Seeing Red AZ lurches to the left. His “lurches” are always pre-election and he reverts as soon as the ballots are counted. Sending the 80-year-old McCain back to DC for another six-year term is delusional and dangerous.  We deserve better. Vote for Dr. Kelli Ward



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  1. State Delegate says:

    The Arizona Republic is all about open borders and curtailing American sovereignty. The newspaper is far to the left of holding liberal views. Thanks for calling the “leftward lurchers” out. It’s clear the editorial board is pro-McCain and his long held despicable views, since it always endorses him and gives him cover. He even has his own assigned reporter!! McCain and his seat mate Jeff Flake are cut from the same extremist, Obama colluding cloth. And neither of them has ever seen an illegal unworthy of their embrace. Another fine post, SRAZ. Thanks.

  2. MacBeth says:

    John McCain has never represented me or the interests of my family. He is an establishment elitist who uses deception to get elected but is still the same old liberal. What angers me is the silence from the supposedly Republican Arizona member of Congress. They are all fearful of having McCain’s opposition research teams splay them. Have they no backbone or are they all terrified of Team McCain?

    • Hunter says:

      Over many decades, McCain has built up a powerful political machine. He can block legislation any representatives propose. He can strongly impact fund raising by representatives’ re-election campaigns. He also has attack dogs that can smear anyone and who will do so at his command.

      Yes, the representatives and many other Arizona Republican elected officials are afraid of McCain. They will continue to be afraid until the Republican primary or general election voters of Arizona elect somebody to replace McCain which will eliminate his power and the resulting leverage over other people.

  3. Mac, McCain’s “opposition research” is terrible. His Judas Goat, repeated easily refuted claims against me and he keeps repeating idiotic lies about Kelli Ward. His ugly ads gave her name ID.
    Our Congressmen were afraid of the Wizard’s millions and all the whispered threats by his well-connected donors. The curtain has been pulled back this year and the small Wiz is exposed.
    You are absolutely correct. Had any of our incumbent House Members run there would have been little doubt, but the pack mentality in DC is so overwhelming I guess it’s even hard to breathe.
    Kelli Ward’s victory will start the “told you sos” and these Congressmen will be quietly kicking themselves.

  4. Hunter says:

    Apparently, on some issues, Donald Trump has more in common with the Arizona Republic than Seeing Red Arizona. Trump endorsing McCain is one more reason real conservatives don’t trust Trump. If Trump had endorsed Kelli Ward or stayed neutral, that would have been conservative. There is no reason an endorsement had to be made before the primary election. Trump is no conservative.

    Trump’s behavior after the convention just keeps creating more problems for the Republican Party and especially for conservative Republicans.

  5. Hunter,
    Your points about Trump are well-taken and moot. Maddeningly, Trump is being advised to Unite the Party and the little guy (girl) is forgotten. As usual the National Media cheers flawed facts and plots our destruction. Why do they love the Clintons so much?
    So what do we do? Shoot ourselves in the head to fix frostbitten toes? Hillary Clinton ends our Weimar Republic and all we love about the US – Trump’s history shows he may very well rescue this country with lower taxes and a more insular foreign Policy.
    Better than a Hobson’s choice; better than suicide.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Hear! Hear!

    • Hunter says:

      We have a choice between an International Socialist like Hillary Clinton and a National Socialist like Donald Trump. We are screwed either way. The best reason to vote for Trump is that he could possibly be impeached and removed from office while Clinton would never be removed from office because Democrats will never vote against a Democrat no matter how obviously guilty the Democrat is. In fact, if he is elected, it would be ideal if a Republican Congress impeached and removed Trump the day after he takes office. Pence could be a good President; Trump is a bad joke on America.

      Those who supported Trump in the primaries have a lot to answer for. It’s not like this situation was unpredictable during the primary season.

      As for making excuses for Trump endorsing McCain as a response to calls to unifying the party, that is baloney! Trump does what he wants, he doesn’t listen to anybody except himself and his “good brain.” Trump has aligned himself with the GOP establishment and is screwing conservatives. He was never a conservative himself, anyway. Trump has more in common with McCain than he does with most conservatives; they are both Democrats in Disguise.

      Trump’s so-called conservative backers should be at the forefront calling on him to drop out of the race if they want to preserve any credibility as actually being conservatives. We would be better off with Pence being moved to the top of the ticket. Heck, we would be better off with almost any Republican being moved to the top of the ticket. It’s not beyond belief that Trump is throwing the race so he wrecks the conservative movement, destroys the Republican Party, and gets his friend Hillary elected president. Plus, he can’t exploit the additional publicity his personal brand is getting for personal profit if he is actually elected president – at least not until he is out of office. It’s not clear that he really cares if he wins the Presidency.

      If the situation doesn’t change, it’s likely that the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party will get more votes for President than they have ever gotten. Trump and Clinton are both so bad many people won’t be able to vote for them no matter how tightly they hold their noses.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    A fish rots from the head down


    When an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause.

    The state of Arizona would be a different place without John McCain, who like the Clintons, intimidate and threaten politicians in the Republican party to heel or shut up. We have some pretty conservative representatives in AZ who aren’t doing their job of representing constituents. Not one of them stands up to the tiny emperor who holds sway over print media as well as local radio, especially one 50,000 watt station in Phoenix. If we get rid of McCain, this entire state will go free once again.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The other Senator who prefers Democrats to Republicans.

    GOP Sen Flake: It’s Possible Hillary Could Win Arizona – Breitbart

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Time to get fired up over Jeff Flake’s lies as he appeared on Face the Nation television show today.


    Can you imagine what the people throughout America must be thinking after hearing that comment?

    Lies. A pack of lies. A pack of damn lies.

    No doubt he is McCain’s new favorite sidekick since Lindsay Graham apparently has performance issues.

  9. William Heuisler says:

    McCain gone this year, Flake in two, we promise.

  10. jakesez says:

    When concerning the difference between Trump and Clinton let’s look beyond our own like or dislikes. Not only will Hilary get to appoint the Supreme Court justices, she will appoint about 300 Federal District Court justices and Federal Court of Appeals justices. These are the courts which bring us the bathroom cases, the gun control case and all other liberal case which the Supreme Court gets to rule on. Hilary will also appoints all the federal prosecutors and the head of the Department of Justice who already is able to black mail her over the Shy Harbor meeting. The head off the FBI is also one of her choices. How many of you remember when Hilary was the first lady and had over 400 FBI files on her enemies brought to her office for review. The FBI agent who blew the whistle on this was transferred to some outlying station.

    There is a lot to remember when you vote against Trump. Like him or not he is much better for this country that the witch.

    • Hunter says:

      That’s like voting for McCain in the general election instead of the official Democrat nominee. Voting FOR a third party candidate is not voting for Clinton. If people vote the way they feel instead of the way they are being told to think, the Libertarian candidate may actually win some electoral votes this year.

      Those who supported Trump in the primary should be abjectly apologizing to conservative Republicans instead of scolding them and saying “At least Trump isn’t as bad as Clinton.” We already know that’s probably true, but we don’t know that you think Trump is a disaster and is worse than almost all of the other Republicans who were running for President.

      For example, when AZGARY publicly acknowledges Trump’s faults, apologizes for supporting him, calls on Trump to step down as the candidate, and pledges to support his replacement on the ticket so we can have a real Republican (preferably a conservative) replace him, then I think Republicans have a realistic chance at unity. That won’t be happening.

      Although Clinton is likely to be worse than Trump, it is all too possible Donald will be worse than Hillary. Trump might do at least as much damage to our country and stamp it with a Republican label. Nobody can be assured he will actually appoint conservative judges or that he will not use the FBI has his personal revenge agency. Clinton will definitely lead us down the path of decline, but Trump will possibly, through his stupidity, lead us into a big war by accident (such as in Europe or Korea by Trash Talking our alliances). Donald’s supporters are just as willing to overlook his deficiencies as Hillary’s are hers. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated she is a criminal in the political sphere. Donald Trump just hasn’t had a chance yet.

      Those who, by supporting Trump, put us in this position have betrayed conservative principles, freedom, the Republican Party, and, ultimately, the country.They need to take steps to solve the problem they created so Americans have a conservative alternative to Clinton. They should call on Trump to step down as the nominee.

  11. jakesez says:

    Its a little late to be thinking about an alternative to Trump. I am sure you can go sit at the feet of wise man on the top of a hill and think about what a good person you are but the rest of us will have to fight the good fight with what we have.

    Reality is a hard thing to face.

    • Hunter says:

      Good luck. This reality was made by Trump supporters; I’ll let them fix it. There is more useful work to be done down ticket for candidates who are real conservatives.

      As soon as Trump gets serious about fighting the good fight, I’ll think about supporting him.

      The reality is that Trump suckered too many Republicans into voting for him, and now we have a general election between two Democrats. Conservatives have already lost the Presidency this year; we need to salvage what we can in other elections.