MCSO Chief responds to AZ Republic’s relentless attacks on Sheriff Arpaio

Beneath the device of a sarcastic headline (not included here), the Arizona Republic provides “My Turn” space for Jerry Sheridan, chief deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to respond to the incessant assaults on the integrity of career law enforcement officer and popular Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Sheridan, a 38-year veteran of the office, wrote the following in response to a recent editorial endorsing a newly minted Republican also ran.

Your recent editorial endorsing Dan Saban for sheriff of Maricopa County (“Sack Sheriff Joe Arpaio — and vote Dan Saban instead, July 31) was sad, but not surprising. As is typical, it read more like a liberal blog than a serious opinion from our state’s largest newspaper.

As chief deputy, I am deeply offended that The Republic would impugn the reputations of so many dedicated and faithful law-enforcement officers that make up the MCSO by taking cheap shots at their sheriff who has dedicated his life to public service.

The editorial board at The Arizona Republic knows full well that Saban does not stand a chance in this primary campaign, and upon defeat will immediately run to Paul Penzone’s side to endorse him just as he did four years ago.

In the general election, The Republic will undoubtedly endorse our opponent, which means The Republic is willing to sacrifice any shred of integrity it has left to support both of these candidates. This, in contrast to Sheriff Arpaio, who not only has more experience than any other candidate but has successfully led this office and this organization of more than 3,400 employees for more than 23 years.

There is no mention of Sheriff Arpaio’s successful programs, saving taxpayer money by creating and operating Tent City or the millions of dollars the sheriff returns to taxpayers each year by operating under budget. Also curiously absent is the mention of the support he has from the 17,000 men and women in Arizona law enforcement who have endorsed his campaign for re-election. As a matter of fact, the areas the MCSO patrols are the safest in the Valley.

The Republic abandoned any sense of objectivity regarding Sheriff Arpaio a long time ago. Any real “extensive reporting” by The Republic would show that the MCSO, the second largest law-enforcement organization in Arizona which also runs the country’s third largest jail system, is a world-class operation that other agencies envy.

The Arizona Republic should be ashamed for printing this garbage, but sadly, your readers know this is only just the beginning.

The Republic endorsed problem-plagued and opportunistic party switcher Dan Saban. During his last attempt at running for sheriff, Saban did so as  a Democrat in 2008. Arpaio trounced him 55.2% – 42.2%.

After years of nearly daily attacks on Sheriff Arpaio, employing  biased reporting, vicious cartoons, skewed editorials and leftist columnists who don’t let facts get in the way of their agenda, allotting his chief deputy a constricted opportunity to reply isn’t evenhanded. It’s the newspaper’s  typical, self-serving and condescending move, enabling the editorial board to point to Sheridan’s defense as  evidence of fairness. It is not.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a solid conservative, has been treated miserably for doing the job he’s been repeatedly elected to do.  He deserves our support again. 



6 Responses to MCSO Chief responds to AZ Republic’s relentless attacks on Sheriff Arpaio

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Dan Saban reminds me of a political pretzel, a Democrat when it suits him and Republican when he thinks it benefits him. He’s nothing but an opportunist. Saban must think we’re all easily duped stooges.

    I’m on board with Sheriff Joe!! He has not disappointed me as he does his job as Maricopa County’s chief law enforcement officer. A lesser man would have decided not to take the continual abuse he’s endured years ago. May God bless Joe for standing up to the left as he does his job.

  2. State Delegate says:

    I have no doubt Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan meant well, but you can’t reason with a fire breathing dragon—-albeit one nearing extinction. It will only serve the dragon, who in this case buys its ink by the barrel.

  3. East Valley PC says:

    Those of us who reason will support Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Few people even buy the Arizona Repugnant.Why pay to be insulted?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    God Bless Sheriff Joe.
    Even after all these years, he is not a sit-behind-my-big-desk-in-Phoenix kinda guy.

    He’s out and about in the community regularly.

    When crimes, like the recent killing of a 3 year old child at the hands of the child’s 16 year old sibling occurred in Youngtown, Sheriff Joe was front and center. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday or Sunday or late at night.

    One of my favorite parts of the Christmas parade in Wickenburg—-yes, it’s an old-fashioned, patriotic, downhome kind of parade—is when Sheriff Joe and Miss Ava make their appearance.
    (And the crowd goes Wild with applause!—they really do.)

    • Maggie says:

      The media and federal judiciary are all in for taking Sheriff Joe out. But the citizens of Maricopa County still have the final say. Don’t forget to vote!!

  5. William Heuisler says:

    The Arizona Republic has covered for the car-bomb murder of one of THEIR OWN reporters and also covered for the hit and run death of a woman struck by a drunken EDITOR OF THEIRS. The Republic admitted and apologized in Maricopa County Superior Court to/for libeling me. I had the nerve to tell the truth about their cover ups.
    (Heuisler vs. Phoenix Newspapers)

    Court records show Murphy libeled me after I helped elect Evan Mecham because I told the truth about him and his evil newspaper.
    Couldn’t get a settlement verdict because I was a “public figure” and couldn’t prove state-of-mind (Actual Malice) according to the Judge.

    The Republic’s long-time Editorial Editor, Pat Murphy, was the drunken driver in the hit-and-run death of a lady named Viola Faber. I investigated her death and the subsequent Republic cover-up. A reporter for the Republic was a passenger in Murphy’s car. He was interviewed by police. But the Republic squelched the ongoing investigation (much to the disgust of many of my friends at Phoenix Police) just the way they covered up for Kemper Marley, the man who paid John Adamson, who confessed in court to being car-bomb killer of Don Bolles. Recall Bolles last words included Adamson’s name, one of Marley’s businesses “Emprise” and the word, “Mafia”.

    Bruce Babbitt was Arizona’s AG at the time of the Bolles killing and stopped County Attorney (former Marine also) Donald Harris from empaneling a Grand Jury on Marley by taking the Bolles murder Investigation up to the State level on Governor Castro’s orders.

    Sound like a bunch of good news stories? Not at the Republic; they were involved ONLY in covering up news for phony editor, Duke Tully’s friends. Tully was that admitted stolen valor fraud, remember?

    I wrote a Roman-a-Clef called Casual Executions (Amazon) that tells the larger story with many recognizable people but no real names because I was concerned Murphy, Marley, Pulliam, Tully and many others might sue me (the Goldwater family publicly threatened suits during the famously useless IRS reporters’ investigation).

    I was concerned. Not any more. Hell, a good law suit might sell some books for me.
    Call me at 520-403-2939 or buy my book, Bill Heuisler