John McCain: Still working to purge conservative PCs

McCain operatives are back at work attempting to remove conservative precinct committeemen from their elected posts by overfilling the allotted number of positions in key precincts and striving to scramble the intra-party election results in his favor.  We witnessed McCain’s undermining actions in his orchestrated 2014 purge of conservative activists as reported by Breitbart, FrontPage Mag, and POLITICO,  which described the conservative cleansing that took place at the time, using these words:

“As the longtime Republican senator lays the groundwork for a likely 2016 reelection bid, his political team is engaging in an aggressive and systematic campaign to reshape the state GOP apparatus by ridding it of conservative firebrands and replacing them with steadfast allies. The ambitious effort — detailed to POLITICO by nearly a dozen McCain operatives, donors, and friends — has stretched from office buildings in Alexandria, Virginia, where strategists plotted and fundraisers collected cash for a super PAC, to Vietnamese-American communities across Arizona, where recruiters sought out supporters eager to help the incumbent defeat the tea party. Team McCain’s goal? Unseat conservative activists who hold obscure, but influential, local party offices.”

The article went on to say, “The McCain team hasn’t decided whether it will launch a similar campaign to influence local races in 2016; its priority that year, it says, will be reelecting the senator.”

Fast forward.  Here we are in the midst of the 2016 election cycle with early ballots in the hands of voters.  And what do we see, but more of the same sleazy tactics, including overfills to oust conservative precinct committeemen and McCain operatives going door-to-door handing out cards with the names of compliant McCainites all too willing to do the bidding of Arizona’s very senior senator, who at age 80 is running for another 6-year term.

This identical tactic was used by former Sen. Jon Kyl in 2012.

John McCain is still enraged over the unprecedented and embarrassing censure by Arizona GOP elected state committeemen. His ire reached such a fever pitch that he was moved to collude with liberal Democrat Sen. Carl Levin, who represented Michigan for nearly four decades, and then-IRS official Lois Lerner to target tea party and other conservative groups, as reported by Judicial Watch.

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15 Responses to John McCain: Still working to purge conservative PCs

  1. Realist says:

    Nothing changes when it comes to McCain’s deceptive tactics.. I’ve had reports from neighbors that they have been approached at their doors by these same card distributors, telling them which precinct committeemen to vote for. These unpaid posts are far down the ballot and there is no campaigning so most people are unaware of what their duties entail and who they are. I can tell you that my wife and I have been elected PCs for nearly 16 years, working to elect Republicans by engaging in pre-election efforts on their behalf, manning phone banks, hammering campaign signs in the summer heat, working on getting mailers out and contributing in countess ways to elect Republican candidates. We are the nuts and bolts of the party, unpaid, diligent workers and donors. Then we are kicked in the teeth by Team McCain. BTW, the Vietnamese PCs recruited by McCain allies have never shown up at the district meetings where they took out dedicated committeemen. McCain doesn’t care about the Republican Party and despises conservatives. His sole interest is himself.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Ditto. Same thing going on here in LD 6. I haven’t heard a peep from any of the AZ 5 GOP members of congress. They surely know what’s going on, but have become mutes. They sure know how to talk as they campaign. Is everyone is fearful of McCain’s wrath as he reconfigures the GOP in his own image?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The only time I see my Republican rep is around voting time when I get printed matter in the mail with his picture on it.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    This issue is so “inside baseball” that too few people understand the significance of McCain’s efforts to remove conservatives from the ranks. He and his surrogates are engaging in an insidious effort to gut the grassroots base of the Republican Party, simply to further himself. At his age, he should go home and play with his great grandchildren. But he obviously wants to leave his senate office in a box.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain’s Navy:
    I see that the US Navy is handing out medals to the sailors who got themselves captured in the Persian Gulf back in January.
    The sole female sailor will be presented with the Navy Commendation Medal “for pushing a button that activated a beacon”. A singular act.
    However, the history regarding this medal, which dates back to 1943, it states that it is awarded for “sustained heroic acts” or meritorious service.
    (story on today)

  5. Doc says:


  6. theprecinctproject says:

    On a related note, please watch this five minute video showing how a paid McCain staffer decided to withdraw his application to run for precinct committeeman after a lawsuit was filed challenging his apparently clearly fraudulent nominating petition signatures:

    Thank you.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain is evil. It’s frustrating that people who continually vote for him don’t see it.

    I never liked Jon Kyl. Back in the hot and heavy Tea Party days, saw him in an auditorium looking very defensive. He had two large bodyguards on stage with him – just in case the Tea Party rushed the stage I guess. lol He had a steel countenance and was a dyed-in-the-wool RINO. At least he got out and didn’t drag out his tenure as a strident pro-illegal immigration goon. But, he’s been working behind the scenes ever since. Arizonans want something done about border security – why can’t we find someone for office who agrees. If we could get rid of McCain, there’d be a chance. He and his minions undermine anyone they can’t control.

    Now the news media says AZ is in play to vote for Hillary in November. I’d bet anything that McCain & Co., including George Soros money, is behind it and will help her. Flake is ‘worried’ about Latinos and Muslims being bad-mouthed. McCain is a Democrat who poses as a Republican. How did AZ end up with these two frauds anyway. The better questions is why are they still here?

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    FEC Complaint Filed Over Alleged Illegal Foreign Contributions to Jeb Bush Super PAC | LawNewz

    The interesting thing is that the CEO of this group was a former legal counsel for McCain´s campaigns.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please read “Something is Very Wrong”, written by a brave man who has survived attempts to murder him due to his work as an
    intelligence analyst. This man puts it all on the line, all the time.

  10. Night Owl says:

    Typical McCain. He and his lackey AZ Republican Party chairman Robert Graham have conspired in their efforts to swing the party away from its conservative base. Graham has also pulled some fast ones as he siddles up to the unsavory McCain and Flake for his own benefit. He’s angling to lead the RNC and sucks up to anyone who can fulfill his dream. We are being destroyed from within.Today’s Republican Party is not the one I originally joined. It’s all about power.

  11. PV PC says:

    This McCain orchestrated purge is definitely taking place in precinct after precinct. I live in legislative district 28, which for years was McCain’s home precinct. Conservatives have been and still are targeted here. McCain operatives have recruited fresh-faced college age kids to go door to door handing out cards with fake “conservative” slates, urging residents to only vote for those people. Not one of them is an actual conservative, but when has McCain been above lying? It would be easier to throw up our hands in frustration, but if we love our country, our state and our families, it’s more important than ever to stay engaged and fight this deceit and political evil. It’s painful that this deception comes packaged as ‘”Republican.” Many of us learned years ago never to trust McCain.