Jeff Flake schemed with liberal pal to “turn red states blue” now using issue for fundraising

Jeff Flake, who has earned an “F” rating from Conservative Review, and whose Second Amendment restrictionist views are held in contempt by Gun Owners of America, is already prepping for his reelection,sending out fundraising solicitations over a year in advance of the beginning of campaign season.

The subject line of his recent email is peculiar, reading,ICYMI: They want to turn Arizona BLUE.” He goes on to warn that “Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are blitzing Arizona and trying to turn it into another blue state like California!”

Flake is obviously hoping Arizona voters are suffering from chronic memory loss and have forgotten that before he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012 — squeaking in by a mere 3 percentage points — Jeff Flake and radical leftist Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) were like-minded amnesty amigos in the U.S. House.

They were so close, in fact, that when the dedicated open borders extremist Gutierrez wrote the piece, “The Numbers Are On Our Side,” for the far-left Progress Illinois, he publicly thanked Jeff Flake by name for his efforts in helping to “turn red states blue.”

Now Flake uses the same slogan with which he had more than a passing relationship, trying to mold it into a conservative money grab.

In this excerpt Gutierrez specifically mentions Jeff Flake:

“”During the 110th Congress, I introduced the only bipartisan, comprehensive immigration bill with my colleague, Congressman Jeff Flake, from Arizona. Our bill would create a system that allows undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and work here legally and safely and humanely…It creates a system predicated on family values by developing laws that keep families strong and, most importantly, keeps husbands and wives, parents and children together.

Passing sensible immigration reform is good policy and good politics. So how do we win? We need more engaged progressives who are willing to stand up for what is right. We need labor unions to keep leading the charge. We need grassroots efforts to register immigrants to vote and to turn them out on Election Day. In the end, democracy is about numbers. The side that can count the highest wins. And the numbers are on our side. Hard-working immigrants are turning red states blue.

They are electing leaders from school boards to the U.S. Senate. They are standing up and marching and speaking with one voice. Immigrants will remember on Election Day who heard them, respected them, and fought for them,” says Jeff Flakes’ friend and co-sponsor of amnesty bills, Rep. Luis Gutierrez.”

But in 2011 as a U.S. Senate candidate, the ever slippery Flake morphed into a border hawk which the had the pro-amnesty/open borders Arizona Republic, sputtering out of control  — calling his change of heart on amnesty “jarring” and referring to Flake as a mere politician.”  The newspaper needn’t have gone so apoplectic. Immediately after the votes were counted, he joined his mentor John McCain on a renewed push for amnesty, partnering with the most liberal senate Democrats on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

In July we posted “So you think you know Jeff Flake? Think again,“ Is it any wonder Flake’s is rated as one of the nation’s least popular senators? He shares the dishonor with his mentor John McCain.

Arizonans deserve better.

9 Responses to Jeff Flake schemed with liberal pal to “turn red states blue” now using issue for fundraising

  1. Doc says:

    So…I’m not trying to be a jerk here but, while I agree with your assertion SRAZ, that “Arizonans deserve better”, Arizonans ELECTED his sorry, arrogant, lyin,’ self-absorbed @$$.

    Lord willin’ an’ th’ Creek Don’t Rise, mcTraitor’ll get HIS ancient @$$ “CANTORED” by Dr. Ward, who should beat th’ crap outta’ kirkpatrick, l’il jeffy’ll wet his pants, & somebody’ll get pictures of it & replace th’ shirtless pics with it!

    • Kimball says:

      Your point is well taken, Doc. I don’t know a single conservative who supports either McCain or Flake. My best guess is they keep getting reelected due to the fact that we have so many out of state transplants here who have no historical knowledge about these two RINOs. Also, Flake did much better running as an East Valley congressman than he did running statewide for the senate. Although the demographic stats are changing, the EV still has a significant LDS (Mormon) population, who will vote for Flake even if they disagree with his liberal views, It’s a faith-based bond that supersedes politics. As one who was raised Mormon, I know this is true.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Conservative talk show host and brilliant legal mind Laura Ingraham previously said she’d like to mount a primary challenge to Jeff Flake. Come to Arizona ASAP. You need to establish residency to run against the Flake. You’ll have the all the help you need and the campaign cash will roll in from disgusted Arizona citizens. We’ve been screwed over by the McCain/Kyl/Flake cabal for decades and desperately need relief.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s a trio of “immigrants” who Flake and McCain might like:

    Last Sunday, while church services were being conducted at the
    St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California, at least 3 men in a green Honda were driving around outside, using a bullhorn to
    shout those infamous hateful words, A. . . . A. . . . .

    Interestingly, although the police were called and a report was made, it was later learned that the police conveniently forget to document the part about the shouting of A. . . A.. . .

    Meanwhile, in Germany, Christians are being told to “hide their Bibles” and the Swedish people are being told to allow immigrants into their homes for “up to 9 months”.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic – Kelli Ward takes on the unstable, fossilized McCain

    McCain is “Directly Responsible” for ISIS

  5. VINOAZ says:

    Just heard that McCain is ahead in the polls. How can any conservative, Republican or decent person support McCain or Flake? Recall Flake, dump McCain. I love Laura Ingraham. She was my choice for VP, but it would be a huge pay cut.

  6. State Delegate says:

    Jeff Flake is more dangerous than Señor Juan McAmnesty , since he’s younger and has more time to inflict his RINO damage. .He’s in his first senate term. BEFORE he runs for reelection, it’s imperative a solid conservative challenges him. We have to dedicate ourselves to recruiting a winning candidate and replacing him The problem as I see it is the establishment elites are protected by the state party Republican chairman Robert Graham. He also needs to be replaced by someone who is trustworthy and not on an ego trip.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Today, on

    The father of the terrorist who killed many people at the Orlando nightclub a few short months ago—the man who has the nerve to hold a copy of the US Constitution in the air and taunt Donald Trump—-the man who sat behind Hillary at a recent campaign speech—–this man is on national TV calling on John McCain, specifically John McCain, to use his power to defeat Trump.