Haney delivers spot-on response to McCain puff piece

Rob Haney, former two-term elected Maricopa County Republican chairman responds to the Arizona Republic’s McCain-assigned reporter Dan Nowicki. The most recent publicity effort on candidate McCain’s behalf undeniably missed the mark.  McCain, unable to fittingly relinquish power is, at age 80, arrogantly running for reelection to a sixth six-year US Senate term. Seeing Red AZ titled our coverage last week,John McCain, Vietnam, 1969: audio bombshell.

Haney’s rejoinder to Nowicki which was not given space in the increasingly anorexic, far- left newspaper. is given space here:

Nowicki does get one thing correct in this sycophantic piece on McCain. McCain’s betrayals are nothing new. That inference is absolutely correct. McCain has a long history of betrayals which predate his time in Vietnam. Because of space limiting requirements here are but a few. The point here is that the following betrayals add veracity to the charges about his actions in Vietnam.

Betrayed his wife and children who had stood by him during his captivity in order to chase after his current wife, Cindy.

Betrayed the !st Amendment guarantee of free speech through his Campaign Finance Reform legislation.

Betrayed the 2nd Amendment right to own firearms through his attempt to pass legislation closing gun shows.

Betrayed traditional families when he flip-flopped on the marriage amendment legislation.

Betrayed the Constitution when he refused to protect our borders and citizens by pushing for amnesty for all illegals.

Betrayed the Constitution and Republican Platform as he pushed for pro-abortion laws for embryonic stem cell research.

Betrayed our country by refusing to back legislation making us energy independent. He opposed drilling for oil in the U.S.

Betrayed American workers by backing Gore’s global warming hoax & a huge bureaucracy to trade carbon credits.

Betrayed the Platform by blocking the conservative agenda and supporting efforts to eliminate conservatives from the party.

Betrayed U.S. seniors by supporting social security benefits for illegal aliens.

Betrayed POWs and their families by his shameful, bullying conduct at the Senate POW hearings he conducted.

Betrayed the sacred oath he took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Seeing Red AZ supports conservative Dr. Kelli Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term (2 years each) state senator in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race. John McCain has earned the “F” rating he has received from Conservative Review. The Senate Conservatives Fund has also had its fill. It’s time for John McCain and the despicable PACs that support him to be shown the door.


10 Responses to Haney delivers spot-on response to McCain puff piece

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    It appears that there is Nothing American about McCain.

    I depend on SRAZ to let me know when the azrep goes off the rails, because I would never spend my money on it.

    It is supremely enjoyable to walk past a sad and overlooked stack of pulp parked next to the check-out stands at the grocery store.
    They only exist because of the snowbirds.

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Great job, Rob!! I supported you in both of your successful elections for Maricopa County Chairman, and have frequently wished you were at the helm of the state Party instead of the establishment lackey we have.

    • PV PC says:

      Comparing outspoken and honest conservative Rob Haney to McCain toady Robert Graham is like comparing daylight to darkness. I join you in your wish. Rob Haney (not to be confused with an unrelated RINO Haney named Tom) was an honest broker when he served as the District Chairman in McCain’s former home district. You can imagine how that irritated McCain and his gofers. All these years later they are still trying to take out conservative precinct committeemen, with mailers and hiring unknowing college age folks to walk the precincts handing out cards listing “conservative” slates that are anything but. McCain is a despicable guy who has gotten even more foul with age and has never been above lying when it benefits him.

      I appreciate SRAZ’s support for Kelli Ward. She’s the real deal!

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    Bravo, Rob!! You have always been a dependable truth teller.

  4. Vince says:

    It looks like Robert Graham’s grand scheme to replace Reince Priebus as RNC chairman might be running into a block wall that even his mentor McCain won’t help him with. Carly Fiorina is giving a hard look at the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. I’ve read that she’s contacted over a dozen GOP office holders and candidates in recent weeks, offering to help on their campaigns and even agreeing to travel to appear at events with them. As a former GOP VP candidate and HP chief exec, she can easily punch holes in Grahams’s aspirations. Neither of them are true conservatives and both have strong ties to McCain, but it sets up an interesting scenario.

    Fiorina has registered the web domains CarlyForChair.com and CarlyForRNC.com.

  5. William Heuisler says:

    In his book Admiral James B. Stockdale contradicts John McCain’s account of heroism under torture. Too bad the AZ Republic hack did not bother reading “In Love And War”.

    Stockdale’s conduct illustrates TRUE heroism almost beyond belief.
    The presence and absence of the Medal Of Honor speaks volumes.

    September 9th, 1965, 51 years ago, Medal of Honor recipient, Admiral James Stockdale, was shot down over North Vietnam and taken prisoner for 7½ years. Along with his Medal of Honor he has been awarded four Silver Stars, two Purple Hearts and other medals for valor in combat and in NVA prison.

    But, more important than all his medals is his revelation of John McCain’s famous deception. We now know Stockdale (Navy Captain, and senior POW in Hanoi,) issued a “No release order” in May of 1967 to be passed to all the American prisoners in Hanoi. Captain Stockdale had ordered, “No early release; we all go home together” five months before John McCain was captured and a year before he said he had refused early release. This information is in Stockdale’s book, “In Love and War” on page 254. “In Love and War” was published by Harper and Row (Bantam) in 1984.
    Also see Amazon.

    Stockdale, an American hero, was decorated for having resisted all efforts to get him to cooperate and, according to other POWs, actually disfigured himself with a razor and bloodied his face with a wooden stool to avoid propaganda films and pictures (like those taken of McCain by the NVA).

    As to many other Prisoners Of War, all POWs were not free when McCain left Hanoi in 1973. Worse, McCain blocked a POW Truth Bill in 1990 and much worse, he and John Kerry blocked the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996.
    WHY? Why would they do this? HR1147- the Truth Bill.- would have informed POW MIA families what the Pentagon knew of their sons, husbands, fathers (dead or alive?) who did not come home in 1973.

    This August remember POWs still unaccounted for and remember the Medal of Honor hero, Admiral James Stockdale. Spread the truth and vote accordingly.

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    Rob Haney got it right again. My thanks to him and Seeing Red AZ for getting the facts out. It’s easy to see why the Arizona McRepublic newspaper wouldn’t let this be seen by its readers. Robert Graham and his minions must be having fits in his GOP fortress on 24th Street.

    He knows all too well how Team McCain (and previously Jon Kyl) worked to purge conservative precinct committeemen from the AZ GOP. They are still at it doing the same dirty work in precinct after precinct. I don’t know what’s going on in the East Valley precincts and LDS stronghold towns around the state where Jeff Flake has influence, but I strongly suspect it’s more of the same.

  7. Andrew Costanzo says:

    Rob, thank you for once again standing up to the liberal Mcwing of the Republican Party.

    I would like to remind everyone that Robert McGraham refused to follow the resolute order of the AZ GOP State Committeemen to close the Republican primary elections. If McCain wins the Republican primary on August 30th it will be courtesy of non Republicans voting in the Republican election. McGraham followed his RINO orders well.

    I further predict that if McCain wins the primary, he will lose to Kirkpatrick in the general. That will be the legacy of Robert Graham and no National Chairmanship for you.

  8. Buffalo Rick says:

    Rob, you are spot on and a hero to many conservatives in AZ. McShame IS everything, Stockade has exposed and more! As a Vietnam Veteran, I have seen absolutely nothing accomplished by McShame, to benefit veterans! On the contrary, he has been deceiving Americans for far to long and needs to be retired, permanently!

  9. Doc says:

    Rob-My #1 Hero is my Dad, who, among MANY Other things, at 67 years of age, came out of retirement to serve 22 months @ Camp Slayer in Iraq, in an intelligence op. My #2 Hero is Ben Franklin, who, without his work in Creating America, we most likely Wouldn’t have an America. YOU Sir, are my #3 Hero. Your Honesty, Character, Integrity, & Steadfast Service to Arizona, set the Standard for us all. Thank You So Much.

    As for mc$#!+head, because of the list you pointed out, as well as being a WORSE LIAR than shrillary, is an accomplice to the destruction of what’s left of Liberty, Freedom, & America as a whole. There’s a Very Special place in hell for his sorry @$$.

    Thanks, SRAZ for your “as usual” Phenomenal post.