It’s time to demand Hillary release her health records

Said to be showing signs of Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurological disorder

Many of us who take our first sip of morning joe with the Drudge Report have already seen some concerning reports regarding Hillary Clinton’s rapidly deteriorating health. Seeing Red AZ is posting them and others along with a compilation of Hillary’s lies

HeatStreet posted the well-documented oddity of Hillary’s need for being propped up with pillows. We have seen her being assisted by aides as she has difficulty navigating a few stairs. Her frequent and uncontrolled coughing jags are also well documented. But it’s Alex Jones’ Info Wars that puts the icing on the troubling cake with this report and accompanying video titled, Dr. Drew “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health. Don’t dismiss this as partisan politics. Several medical doctors, including Dr. Ben Carson, a noted neurologist, express genuine concerns regarding her physical limitations.

Then watch this video documentation of Hillary lying throughout her public life. It’s over a half hour in length, but we urge you to make time for viewing it. Hillary is running for President of the United States, and if elected, will be making life altering appointments for generations of Americans as she reconfigures the U.S. Supreme Court with leftist justices.  Knowledge is power.  Send the link to today’s post to your friends and family. It matters.

According to American Mirror, Hillary concluded her public events schedule Wednesday and has nothing on her calendar until Sunday, opting for rest time. Kyle Olson asks the pertinent question, “With 83 days to go, what’s she doing for the next 96 hours?”

11 Responses to It’s time to demand Hillary release her health records

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    It could be that despite the obvious and what is looking more and more like her inability to carry out the duties of the presidency, she wants the distinction of being the first female elected president. Democrats are moved by “historic firsts” a we saw with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. That certainly worked out well, didn’t it?

    If she’s elected, an epic nightmare to consider, liberal Tim Kaine will end up as president…another nightmare.
    Tim Kaine once wanted Bill Clinton to resign.

    Now he’s hoping it will be Hillary.

  2. PV PC says:

    Thanks, SRAZ. I’ve followed your advice for the excellent reason you state (the SCOTUS) and sent a link to this post to my email list of politically attuned friends—regardless of their registration, since we will all be affected by this election. We have spirited political discussions and often disagree on specifics, but we are respectful and each of us has admitted at one time or another over the years to being swayed to a position we did not previously hold. I’m fortunate that my associates are rational and we never take information as insults.

  3. Maggie says:

    Hillary appears to be in worse physical shape than I even thought. The fact that she bizarrely ballooned up never appeared to be to be an eating disorder, but something far more serious. From the reports, it looks as if that’s the case.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    BREAKING: Web Page of Dr. Drew Interview on Hillary Clinton Health Concerns Taken Down By KABC

    Can’t have truth blocking the path for the future queen.
    Like the old Soviet Union – heads of state were never sick and time of death was several days after they died.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Hillary Clinton, the bloom is off the ruse.

    The half-hour video above is worth the time. (I did it in three parts.)
    Seeing things from the past, already forgotten by us, makes you realize just how evil this woman is.

  6. mbryanaz says:

    Trade ya. Hill’s medical records for Trumps tax returns.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Typical leftist baiting to obscure facts. Trump’s tax returns won’t put the nation at risk. Not having Hillary’s complete medical records when she has shown ample evidence of health instability is not unreasonable. For that matter, I’d like to see Trump’s as well. Full medical disclosure should be required of all presidential and VP candidates.

      And BTW, what about Hillary giving full disclosure on the flim-flamming at the Clinton Foundation and her taking money from nations that she was having direct contact with while she was Secretary of State?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I’d rather have an investigation into the Clinton money laundering foundation donors instead of her medical records. She’s obviously not well and the records would be bogus anyway.

      What is it with the Left and Republican taxes. Harry Reid said Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for years and when the election was over, he said he lied – but they won.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hillary may have Parkinson’s, but I do not believe that it is her primary neurological diagnosis.

    Please recall, that a few years ago, info was dropped that she had a probem—a blood clot– within her transverse sinus. And it appears that everyone heard the word “sinus” and thought ‘no big deal— most people have sinus problems.

    It is not a nasal sinus that is the issue with HIllary. It is much more complicated and serious.

    The transverse sinuses are two of many venous sinus networks deep within the brain. Think of it this way—–the venous sinuses within the brain are like rivers which can flow in either direction.

    Please note that intracranial veins and venous sinuses DO NOT have valves (which the other veins in our bodies Do have—the valves are like little doors that open and shut to prevent backflow). So, unlike other veins in our bodies, the veins and venous sinuses inside the brain have blood which can flow in either direction.

    A blood clot formed in one of the transverse sinuses can easily move to the other.

    This is probably more than you will ever want to know, but:
    The superior sagittal sinus drains into the transverse sinuses.
    The transverse sinuses also receive venous drainage from the middle ear and the mastoid cells.
    The transverse sinuses becomes the sigmoid sinus before draining into the internal jugular vein.

    Are you beginning to see the potential for a catastrophic event?

    Classic signs which present early are vague, such as headache, malaise, earache, or tinnitus. As it progresses, a patient will experience eye pain (around the boney orbit of the eye) and double vision. There may be eyelid drooping or swelling (edema) around the eyes.
    Motor coordination will suffer as, progressively, there will be deficits in cranial nerves III, IV, and VI.

    We hear that she is on blood thinners, possibly Warfarin (Coumadin), which requires constant monitoring to evaluate coagulation levels. Too thin—hemorrhage; too thick—-clot formation which can lead to stroke.
    There are dietary restrictions for those who are on Warfarin—-no green leafy veggies for you.

    A clot in the transverse sinus can affect the absorption of cerebrospinal fluid, thus causing cerebral swelling (edema) and lead to stroke or coma, etc.

    Transverse sinus thrombosis (clot) is most often diagnosed in women. It is the opinion of many physicians that long term use of contraceptives may be a factor.

    There is also a congenital condition that sometimes presents with the same symptoms as TST. This can be differentiated by a CT scan.

    A non-contrast CT scan will be looking for the presence or absence of what is called the sigmoid notch (which is a boney groove). The absence of a sigmoid notch—-or a “negative notch”—suggest transverse sinus thrombosis and is considered to be a highly specific finding.

    An MRvenogram can also be done, but has a high degree of risk associated with the test.

    Remember the prism eyeglasses she wore for a long time after she took a fall? Her stumbling? Joe Biden holding her up, under her armpits? Her head jerking uncontrollably, with the dolls-eyes phenomenon? Her Freudian slip, recently, when she stated that she
    “short circuited”?

    Whatever the medical condition is—there is a high degree of medical likelihood that it is neurological in nature, with co-existing circulatory conditions.

    Want to know why she did not give press conferences for hundreds of days at a time?
    Want to know why she did not want to debate Bernie?
    Want to know why her campaign audiences appear to be poorly attended? (I contend that they only bring in a small number of people, or sit them behind her)

    As with most advanced neurological conditions, bright lights and loud music or many people talking simultaneously, and people waving signs or multi colored banners——-all of this will provoke seizure activity in a brain which has neuro deficits or abnormalities.

    Remember the time when disco dancing and the use of the disco ball and strobe lights on the dance floor were popular? It was during those years that folks who never previously knew that they had a seizure disorder were finally diagnosed, because they had their first full blown seizure on the dance floor and were 9-1-1’d to the ER.

    It appears that her handlers are equipped with what are called
    auto-injectors, which are pre-filled single-use syringe/needle combo to be used for emergencies.

    And, by the way, please don’t put all your eggs in the TV doctor’s basket. He lives a very fast life and loves nose candy—used to
    use while on air during his wild radio show. Out of control.
    He is in favor of recreational drug use across the board.
    But I do agree with him, just this one time, that Hillary Clinton has a serious medical problem that is potentially life-threatening.

    Like Valerie Jarrett is to Obama, Huma Abedin is to Hillary.
    Both Muslims. Both running the show.

  8. VINOAZ says:

    Mental health records are confidential. She is mentally ill, in other words a normal leftist liberal.

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Clinton Foundation says it will no longer accept foreign donations if Hillary Clinton is elected – Democracy 2016 Story

    The crime has already taken place – it’s time that Hillary is held accountable for her crime. Not taking any more money is a mere distraction. What a couple of scammers. They should both be in prison.