AZ Republic peddles the fraud of moral relativism

In what is clearly not a coincidence, the Arizona Republic runs two articles a single day apart. Each deals with faith.  Article One, titled, “The Many Faces of One Faith,“ is three pages in length. The faith in question is Islam. The oversized quote accompanying the report is attributed to Hani Rahal, identified as Leader of Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation. His quote? “Many Americans are afraid of the unknown, they don’t know what Islam is.”

In fact, in recent years Americans have come to know what certain adherents of Islam tell us and show us it is.  No rational observer believes all Muslims follow such beliefs, though this National Review report, Obama’s Bad Math on Islamic Terrorism, is rife with disturbing polling data and specifics that give rise to suspicions. It also makes the point that Muslims are no more fundamentally bad than Christians or Jews. But it is not true, as Barack Obama has said, “99.9 percent of Muslims” reject Islamic terrorism. Obama’s 99.9 percent figure is demonstrably false. Pew Research has polled the issue extensively. In surveys of the Muslim populations of nine majority-Muslim countries, an average of 57 percent have an unfavorable view of al-Qaeda, not 99.9 percent. Thirteen percent have a favorable view of al-Qaeda, not 0.1 percent. 

Article Two in the Sunday edition uses an almost 90-year-old Holocaust survivor to make the point that she was hated merely for who she was. The horrors she endured have no relationship to mainstream American Muslims, though that is the point attempting to be made. The Nazis rounded up 6-million Jews and millions of others and sent them to death camps where they were starved and subjected to unspeakable atrocities, then gassed or put into ovens. American Muslims, described as being about 70 percent Democrat, live ordinary lives here. There are no parallels to 1930’s and 40’s Europe.

The elderly Holocaust victim was led down the Primrose Path by columnist Karina Bland, who specializes in midlife travails and was clearly over her head in making this moral equivalency on behalf of introducing individual Valley Muslims and their faith.

The differences are stark. European Jews did not commit heinous crimes in the name of God. They did not behead, bomb, drive massive trucks through crowds engaged in outdoor festivities with their children. They did not butcher or strap on suicide vests to randomly slaughter wedding attendees, shoppers or diners. They did not commandeer commercial airliners and fly them into skyscrapers. They did not hand out candy to their children as they celebrated wholesale slaughters, accompanied by joyful shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” which translates to “Allah is greater!”  — meaning Allah Is Greater Than Your God or Government. Robert Spencer of “Jihad Watch” provides a more complete explanation.

Islam is fundamentally different than the religions of Christianity or Judaism. Islam, the fastest growing worldwide, demands strict adherence to its precepts, which are often incompatible with our Constitutionally granted freedoms, since it seeks dominance. Tom Trinko at “American Thinker” provides an in-depth analysis in his column, Islam: Not Just a ReligionFor the Arizona Republic to use an elderly victim to try to convince us otherwise is reprehensible but understandable, as Obama opens America’s  floodgates to hundreds of thousands of unable to be vetted Muslim “refugees.”


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  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Well done! Moral relativism holds that there is no good or bad, morality or evil. Since it’s all subjective, we should be tolerant of wrongdoing. Typical liberal BS, and exactly what people like Karina Bland learn in journalism school and our kids are being indoctrinate with from the earliest grades. We should tear down the prisons, since criminals are misunderstood. Murderers can’t help themselves and pedophiles just like little kids.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    An entire industry grew out of this thinking, when addictions were transformed into “diseases” like cancer and diabetes and the addicts into victims, removing any responsibility from them for injecting heroin into their own veins or snorting cocaine up their own nostrils. If they drank to excess and caused damage to their families through job loss and violence, it was out of their control.. That concept of removing responsibility from the offenders spawned a spate of upscale “clinics” (Sierra Tucson here in AZ) for the well heeled. The Betty Ford Center opened in the early 80’s after President Gerald Ford’s wife was identified as a heavy drinking alcoholic.It was filed with addicted celebrities. Passages Malibu .has been advertising lately.

  3. Clementine says:

    Islam is absolutely NOT a religion. It is a way of life encompassing government, law, family interaction, dress codes and strict obedience. Muslims who leave the faith are considered apostates and are denounced, shunned and can be killed .Compare that to Judaism or any denomination of Christianity.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look at the photo in the story linked below.

    Catholic children making their First Holy Communion in Iraq, under threat of ISIS attacks just last week.

    Meanwhile, flying low on the weekend news cycle, Salon online magazine sends a message to the GOP, telling Repubs that they must DENOUNCE JESUS if Repubs ever hope to win again.

    As usual, Salon has it very wrong.
    Denouncing Jesus is exactly what the Left wants and needs Americans to do. Replace God with government.

    However, if we are so ignorant and stupid as to do that, we will continue to see the decline of our country. Look at Europe.
    (you may want to ponder over the fact that Portugal is seemingly being spared from misery–there is a reason)

    The exact opposite tact should be taken by Americans.
    Increase your prayers. Increase your acts of kindness.

    Take a look at the innocent children:

  5. VINOAZ says:

    How do thinking people follow a “religion” founded by a warrior?

    • PV PC says:

      Good point! Also Muslims rarely assimilate into the cultures in the nations to which they move. Witness what is occurring through Europe recently with the huge influxes of Muslims who are bringing with them their primitive and repressive ideas including subjugating women and young girls through rape—often done in broad daylight in public venues. Uneducated and unemployed hordes of criminal youth have set fires, overturned cars and engaged in violent crimes in France, England, Spain, Belgium, Holland and even in Sweden. I recently traveled to Germany on business. It was nothing like the country it was just five years ago. Angela Merkel should be removed and tried for crimes against Germany. She has facilitated the destruction of a nation.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    This YouTube video is a few years old. France has gotten worse – think the city of Nice. Muslims want to conquer not assimilate. Obama, along with the heads of Germany, France and others want more “migrants” to enter which will change our way of life. In France, Muslim women ‘go swimming’ in burkini’s which cover most of the body. A conservative politician in France said they cannot do that – they must assimilate. Bill O’Reilly took the side of the Muslims in France. Invading Muslims do it their way. It’s fast encroaching in cities in the U.S., e.g. Detroit.

    Obama’s been going around Congress and Congress does nothing.

    Europe, The Dying Continent
    If the US allows these people to come, this is what we face! 4:40

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      MY God! That video should be sent out to all those who think we should celebrate diversity, rather than unity. This is diversity gone amok. The France I visited many times is obviously no more. What are these so-called leaders thinking of besides the next election? You’d think none of them had families of their own .Political Correctness spells ruination.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I see too much of this with the ‘religion of peace.’

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