Team McCain reportedly engaging in ballot harvesting

The corrupt practice of ‘ballot harvesting — collecting voted or unvoted ballots which are then filled out by others who deliver boxes of them to polling places has been exposed to such an extent that the Arizona legislature passed HB 2023 making the practice a Class 6 Felony. It was signed into law by Gov. Ducey in early March. The fraudulent action, utilized in minority neighborhoods most often by Hispanic advocacy groups, affects us all since it undercuts the integrity that each and every citizen has a right to expect from our election process.

Despite the law, the Arizona Daily Independent reports that John McCain’s team is also in on the act.  As a U.S. Senator since before many of his constituents were even born, the 80-year-old McCain, now running — scared  — for a sixth 6-year term, has voted on laws that affect the lives of Americans across the entire United States  He should know better than to authorize young, paid recruits working for him engage in such deceptive practices.

To skirt the law, Hispanic voter advocacy groups are now collecting people rather than ballots, renting vans to transport voters to the polls. They are recruiting high school students as drivers, and have announced they plan to deliver 50,000 people to the polls on Aug. 30. Our best advice is to stay off the roads in the areas where these young drivers with vans full of ballot clutching passengers are being madly shuttled back and forth. Are the drivers insured? Are they getting extra credit for skipping class to engage in this “civic duty“? Are the rental agencies aware of the fact that numerous drivers, insured or not, will be driving the vehicles?

McCain’s recruits are less obvious. McCain is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward, a vibrant former two-term state senator and family practice physician who has the savvy to work on restructuring the nightmare known as Obamacare. Unsavory out-of-state dark money PACs hustling for McCain in a desperate attempt to keep him around to do their bidding have bizarrely mischaracterized her as helping ISIS terrorists, though votes cast in the state legislature have nothing to do with issues of national security. Those take place in Washington D.C. where McCain has spent decades.

Her husbandDr. Michael Wardan Air Force Colonel, who has served voluntary tours of duty in global hot spots, is the Arizona State Flight Surgeon. The couple has three children.

Watch (scroll down for video) Dr. Kelli Ward, listen to her message, check out her issues pagesShe’s the real deal and wants you to vote. No one will be flouting the law to harvest your ballot.

The stark differences between John McCain and Dr. Kelli Ward can be seen here.


15 Responses to Team McCain reportedly engaging in ballot harvesting

  1. Army Of One says:

    The fact that McCain is reelected can be laid in large part at the feet of newcomers who feel the need to vote when they have not accumulated any information, but recognize his name on the ballot. Arizona’s seniors have bought into his carefully recrafted Vietnam saga that puts a luster on the actual stories told by those who know him, dealt with him or were actually imprisoned with him. This video reveals the truth spoken by those brave souls who are not reluctant to share it. There are other such videos available. I just picked this one.

  2. jakesez says:

    Bringing voters to the polls is not illegal . We might grab that idea and use it ourselves with retirement villages or other places conservative live.

    Anyway, anyone but McCain is my slogan.

    • Vince says:

      Most cognizant residents of “retirement villages” are signed up for early mail in ballots. Those who are unable to vote them are often “aided” by the nice Democrats who come around to “assist” them in filling out their ballots. This is not a practice any reputable Republican would engage in since it constitutes fraud. even though there is usually no one watching. I’ve spent considerable time visiting my dad and know the drill.

      • Michael Bryan says:

        If this has happened and you have proof, that is voter fraud. Because there has been no such reported crimes or prosecutions, one may safely conclude that you are deluded or a damn liar. I know which I would bet on…

      • Doc says:

        mr. bryan-after putting up for YEARS with our senior ?senator?’s flip-flopping/lying/hypocrisy/BOOLSHEET, I seriously doubt that the above accusations are false. I go on TRACK RECORD. mccain’s is HORRIBLE. If you don’t understand THE FACTS regarding his track record then, as a healthcare professional, I STRONGLY Suggest that you:

        …how do you confuse a liberal? Truth, Logic, & Facts…

  3. VINOAZ says:

    As I like to say McCain should be a Democrat, then fraud would be OK. Wonder how Democrats would act and react if legal and illegal immigrants registered and voted Republican. I think we know. Just sent Kelli another contribution.

  4. Hunter says:

    Now we know why the Maricopa County Recorder is not actively trying to have this law enforced.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      McCain and Helen Purcell are contemporaries. Both are Republicrats. She’s actually a year older than John McCain, which appears to be a tightly guarded secret. She was originally elected in 1988 and he was first elected to the US House in 1982. I was surprised he didn’t throw her a lifeline when all of her problems broke. Then it occurred to me that he couldn’t risk offending his Latino base, who are her major accusers and those he needs to pull him through the senate door again.
      We get screwed anyway you look at it. I’m voting for Arron Flannery to replace Helen Purcell and Kelli Ward to replace John McCain.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Scandal? Ol’ Johnny Boy knows about scandal. (He and Jeff Flake are written up in Politico ad nauseam.)
    McCain rips major Trump donor (who gave money to Kelli Ward), warns of future campaign finance scandals – POLITICO

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did McCain do Anything to help this young woman from Prescott?

    Here’s more on the story of Kayla Mueller, who was doing humanitarian work for Doctors Without Borders and was captured by ISIS while riding in one of their vehicles. Her year in captivity was undoubtedly hell on earth.

    Link to story that will air on Friday:

    (didn’t Cindy McCain do work for this organization or one similar, way back when she was poppin’ pills?)

  7. Retired in Mesa says:

    I think you forgot to mention that there is no documented evidence that “ballot harvesting” has taken place in Arizona. Guess that’s why the ill-conceived state law is not being enforced.

    • MacBeth says:

      Does this qualify as evidence of ballot stuffing?

      • Michael Bryan says:

        Um. nope, it does not. This is a person (whom I suspect you believe to be suspicious because of his evident ethnicity) doing a public service by delivering ballots of legal voters in accordance with the law. Ballot stuffing is the casting illegitimate votes. There is zero evidence here of that, only a baseless, and likely racist, supposition.

      • Disgusted in Arizona says:

        This person was more than suspicious. Plus he was obnoxious and a felon who obtained the ballots and filled them out himself

    • Doc says:


      …for God’s sake some people are just…stoopid.