Jeff Flake’s deceit exceeded only by his arrogance

The fact that Donald Trump won the GOP nomination over 16 other candidates is of no consequence to Flake

Jeff Flake, a first term U.S. Senator, who previously spent 6 terms in the U.S. House, used the banner of the Republican Party as he barely squeaked into office in 2012 by a mere 3 points. He was helped over the finish line with ample assists from the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl and the eager-to-buck GOP principles, self anointed maverick, John McCain — both of whom taught Flake the value of campaigning to the right and once elected, veering left.

These linked campaign ads show Kyl and McCain each taking their turns being tough on the border. Immediately after the ballots were counted they shepherded amnesty legislation. As a senate candidate, taking a cue from his mentors, Flake drew the wrath of the open borders newspaper, sending the editorialist spinning into apoplectic spasms. It was energy wasted. Following the election, he joined McCain crafting the infamous amnesty-gifting Gang of Eight. Arizona conservatives have had decades to get used to the duplicity, but somehow it still catches many off guard.

Now Jeff Flake is winging it on his own since the 6-year U.S. Senate terms are staggered and McCain is in a tight race against conservative Dr. Kelli Ward forcing him into uncharacteristic silence, as his vicious, out-of-state PACs do his dirty work against her.

So Flake has decided to veer into punditdom, opining Donald Trump, the GOP’s presidential nominee, “can‘t win and shouldn’t win,” the election. The only takeaway from that statement is that Flake will be supporting scandal-plagued leftist Hillary Clinton. SRAZ came to that conclusion in July with this post.

At a Tuesday event at the offices of Allstate Insurance in Tempe, Flake lobbed a barrage of spew at Trump, even disapproving of the way Trump expressed “regret” for some past comments. Flake, of course, remains the ideal in the apology department. When his son Tanner, used offensive racial, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs on his Twitter account, papa Flake stepped in and publicly apologized for him, letting a teachable moment pass.

Flake got his foot in the political door when U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon honored his term limit pledge and stepped down after three two-year terms. Flake made the same pledge, but the seductive siren call of Washington was too bewitching for him to resist, and he announced that “it was a mistake to limit my terms,” even grinning and declaring, “I lied.” Was that an apology?  Did it meet the standard Flake holds for Trump?

In July we postedSo you think you know Jeff Flake? Think again,” Is it any wonder Flake is rated as one of the nation’s least popular senators? He shares the dishonor with his mentor John McCain.

Though Flake appears to revel in his role as chief Trump hatchet man, those of us who have actual conservative views are appalled at the arrogance Flake exhibits. He needs to be primaried by a conservative when he runs for reelection.


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  1. Ellsworth says:

    Jeff Flake lives up to his very appropriate last name.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    Recall, recall, recall. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to our once great state..

  3. Justin says:

    I’m an Arizona native, a college graduate and the married father of three and I’m not old enough to remember a conservative U.S. Senator representing our state. .My folks point to Paul Fannin (NOT Barry Goldwater who they say was called “Mr. Conservative“ but wasn‘t) as the single conservative senator in their memory.

    • Observer says:

      This is a Channel 12 report on the deception being used in 2012 when Jeff Flake was in a tight race for the US Senate. He was running against Dr. Richard Carmona, a Democrat appointed by George W. Bush as Surgeon General. Is this Flake’s idea of playing fair and square?

  4. William Heuisler says:

    Another long-winded post, but it’s hard to cover three decades of betrayal and deceit in a few words. Please have patience.

    John McCain’s 34 Years of Corruption

    Most of us have voted for him. He seldom votes for us. John McCain voted to fund Obamacare, bail out Wall Street, raise our debt limit 14 times & for a $600 billion “fiscal cliff” tax hike. McCain-Kennedy in 2005 and McCain-Schumer-Gang-of-8 in 2013 Immigration Bills would have “legalized” all illegals.

    More troubling, the Soros-backed-McCain-Feingold Law probably cost Republicans the Presidency. McCain Feingold exempted the News Media while IRS Audits limited and regulated all Republican, pro-life & Tea Party political speech. McCain Feingold unleashed the IRS only on Republican political groups. Consider this: in May 2013, a US Treasury Inspector General audit found the IRS specifically audited groups with “Patriot”, “Pro Life” and “Tea Party” in their names. In July 2016 Judicial Watch v. Department of Justice (No. 1:14-cv-01239) found “illegal targeting, perjury, and obstruction of justice”. Lois Lerner admitted her IRS had “inappropriately targeted conservatives”. But Senators McCain and Levin insisted the IRS was “not reining in political advocacy groups” enough. (5) (9) (10)

    McCain survives due to his POW history. But the Liberal Press ignored McCain’s failure at Phoenix Veterans hospital (only blocks from McCain’s mansion) where over 40 Veterans died on waiting lists. The press also ignored McCain killing POW-MIA Bills like the Truth Bill in 1992 and the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996. (13)
    McCain’s longevity is also due to lots of dirty money and corrupt connections. McCain came to Arizona (AZ) in 1981 with a $31,000 pension and ran for Congress a year later using influence from AZ Republic publisher Duke Tully and House Majority Leader Burton Barr. He also received a Half Million Dollars from United Liquors, employer of brand new father-in-law James Hensley – General Manager of the lucrative, mob-sanctioned, AZ liquor monopoly since 1944. (1) (6) (11) (12)

    Darrow “Duke” Tully was a decisive McCain connection – publisher of the AZ Republic and Phoenix Gazette – friend of Pulliams, Barrs, Keatings and Hensleys. For years Duke Tully bragged he’d been a decorated fighter pilot in Vietnam, even speaking at military functions in the full-dress uniform of an Air Force Colonel.
    One problem: Tully had never served in our Armed Forces.

    All should remember: Senator Barry Goldwater was a retired Air Force General and Chairman of the Armed Services and Select Intelligence Committees with vast military connections. John McCain was a retired Navy pilot and Pentagon lobbyist with similar military connections. Both veterans certainly knew the publisher of AZ’s largest newspapers was a “Stolen Valor” fraud. But newcomer John McCain made sure he was Duke Tully’s best buddy; he even made Tully Godfather of Meghan McCain in 1984. (1) (2) (6) (11)

    Republic and Gazette publisher, Duke Tully helped his new buddy by ordering both his editorial staffs to endorse the completely unknown McCain (despite a long-time newspaper policy of strict neutrality in primaries). So McCain won his 1982 Republican primary against 4 well-known Arizonans with only 32% of the vote, benefiting from completely bogus newspaper endorsements and extravagantly outspending all other primary candidates with a half million Hensley/Marley dollars. (1) (2) (11) (12)

    Why Hensley/Marley dollars? McCain’s new AZ father-in-law, Jim Hensley managed United Liquors, AZ’s only beer/liquor monopoly distributor since the 1940s. United Liquors was wholly owned by Kemper Marley, millionaire Scottsdale developer, owner-operator of Transamerica Wire Service and protégé of liquor Baron (Emprise co-founder) Sam Bronfman. So McCain’s main money-connection was mobbed-up Kemper Marley (through his General Manager, Jim Hensley). (3) (6) (7) (11) (12)

    Charles Keating Jr. organized a massive AZ real estate fraud with so-called “US Insured” Lincoln Savings and Loan. Keating gave John McCain over $112,000 in campaign contributions between 1982 and 1987. McCain invested $359,000 Kemper Marley money in Keating’s “Fountain Square” shopping mall in 1986 and sold the mall for 15 million in 1998. When the “Keating Five” scandal broke in 1989, Keating was imprisoned for defrauding elderly AZ taxpayers of $1.1 billion dollars, but John McCain was only scolded by the Senate Ethics Committee for “poor judgment.” (1) (11)

    McCain was also connected to AZ Majority Leader Burton Barr (whose net worth after 20 years in the AZ House had grown to $9 million). During Mecham’s 1986 primary with Barr, our investigation found Barr-invested companies selling hundreds of acres of land to County taxpayers for an Outer Loop route around Phoenix (the same route Barr had “coincidentally” planned and mapped as senior member of the Maricopa Association of Governments). Voters will recall we mailed that Barr-damning information to all Republican Primary Voters in 1986 and Evan Mecham became AZ’s Governor.

    Ironically in 1987 John McCain was the first AZ Republican to accuse new Republican Governor Mecham of corruption. Courts later found this to be false, but McCain’s lie gave our State House to Democrat Rose Mofford and then to another big McCain campaign donor, Fife Symington. In a few years, Governor Symington was convicted of 7 felonies for defrauding elderly Arizonans and filing false financial statements during the 1980s and early 90s for his real estate businesses. (4) (8)

    As a 48-year AZ Republican, US Marine, Tucson Policeman and AZ Department of Public Safety licensed Private Investigator, my exposure of McCain corruption was assisted & detailed by many AZ cops, politicians and reporters. Many reminded me how McCain’s biggest connection paid to have AZ Republic reporter, Don Bolles blown up.

    Most know Bolles’ dying words “Mafia”, “Emprise” and “Adamson”, referred to race track (Emprise) and Mafia-run wire service activities of Kemper Marley. Marley was an associate of Pulliam (Tully’s boss), Barr, Symington, Keating and then-30-year-boss of John McCain’s father-in-law. After his arrest, long-time-Marley-crony, John Adamson, confessed in court how Kemper Marley had paid him and Max Dunlap $50,000 to kill Bolles. (6) (7) (11) (12)

    County Attorney Donald Harris declared Adamson’s confession and Bolles’ dying declaration were sufficient for a Grand Jury indictment of Marley. But AZ’s Attorney General, Bruce Babbitt, cancelled the grand jury and Publishers Pulliam and Tully completely ignored the murder of their own reporter. No official prosecuted, investigated or bothered to interview Kemper Marley, the man accused of paying for the car-bomb execution of an AZ Republic reporter – and the man who also paid over a half million dollars to elect newcomer John McCain to Congress 5 years later. (1) (6) (7) (12)

    My fact-based book, “Casual Executions: assassinations in Arizona,” shows justice is blinded when newspapers misinform the public. Cover-ups of Soros links, Keating-Five and IRS-targeting are bad enough, but when newspapers also ignore dying declarations, murder confessions & AZ politicians using mobbed-up millionaires’ money, the result is Arizona’s John McCain. (7) (9) (10) (11) (12)

    Look everything up. Questions call or visit William Heuisler (520)-403-2939 in Tucson, Arizona.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    This is a disturbing thought, but it has occurred to me with increasing frequency since Jeff Flake has begun his verbal assaults on Donald Trump. It would not surprise me if he is making waves on an issue on which he has been given cover by AZ Republican Chairman Robert Graham because Flake wants to run for the presidency himself. The senate sets him up for that. Robert Graham is angling to be RNC Chairman when Reince Priebus steps down. Graham has not publicly chastised Flake for coming out against the Republican presidential nominee, because he feels the same way. Remember how he boycotted Trump’s first appearance in the Valley before he won the nomination? Flake’s relative, Chad Heywood is the AZ GOP Executive Director. He previously worked for Jeff Flake, Sean Noble, former AZ House Speaker Kirk Adams (now Gov. Ducey’s Chief of Staff), former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, current Mesa Mayor John Giles and former Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, along with Graham are ALL members of the LDS church and BYU alums. Many East Valley folks know this group and those they asset in gaining state legislative seats as the Mormon Mafia. Flake already has his team in place to accomplish this goal.Sure, I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be on it!!

    • Vince says:

      Powerful information contained in your comment, EVC. I Googled some of the names and found what you wrote is accurate. I also found a site saying what a wonderful thing it was to have (Mormon) Harry Reid as Senate President since he was just a few heartbeats away from the residency. Nearly every Mormon I’ve known has been conservative, but even a liberal like Harry Reid in the Oval Office obviously has greater appeal than quashing his destructive and wrongheaded politics. I vote on positions, not religion, even if it’s my own.

  6. Sgt. Preston says:

    With these amnesty supporting senators running the show, Arizona citizens must be serving penance for hosting pre-statehood cattle rustlers or pony express bandits. Can’t figure out why else we’ve had to endure these frauds.