2016 Primary Election: Wednesday morning quarterbacking

Some vote totals in last night’s primary election races remain incomplete. If you ran for precinct committeeman those numbers aren’t yet available. Since McCain operatives were once again working on his behalf, using deceptive practices to remove conservative PCs, you’ll have to wait to see if you’ve been purged.

So there! category: Popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s enormous 66% victory over nearest Republican competitor Dan Saban who carried only 26% of the vote. Arpaio’s triumph is more than the lopsided percentages. He prevailed despite contemptible daily assaults from the leftwing Arizona Republic and the relentless punitive measures taken against him and his chief deputy by Judge Murray Snow, who persists despite the fact that a personal conflict should have caused him to recuse himself from the case. Sheriff Arpaio’s runaway victory attests to the fact that the people are fed up with the overbearing judiciary, which previously conducted itself in a judicious manner and was held in esteem..Judge Snow, who suspiciously timed forwarding his bogus case to the feds to coincide with this election,  personifies the current contempt many have for the judiciary. 

Question with no sensible answer: How did Dr. Kelli Ward lose to the deceptive John McCain?  In his Tuesday night acceptance speech, McCain engaged in code talk and thanked his “coalition.” Translation: Out of state, deep pocket, lobbyist backed PACs willing to spend $ millions  to lie about Ward’s support of ISIS terrorists, allegedly based on votes as a state senator, where national security is never on the agenda. Those votes take place in D.C. where McCain has spent close to four decades.  Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick won last night with nearly 33,000 votes more than McCain. A mailer he sent out recently said he would safeguard our conservative Arizona values. How would he know a conservative value?

Unhappy surprise: Congressional District 5: Christine Jones’ single percentage point win over Senate President Andy Biggs, an intelligent and well-respected conservative who knows how to herd cats.

 Welcome upset: Conservative educator Jana Jackson beating incumbent Don Covey in the race for Maricopa County School Superintendent. ERROR: Steve Watson was the winner in the Republican Primary.

Running as a team?The dual losses of Al Melvin and Rick Gray stand as proof that the other fella might not do you a favor. The duo came in last in a field of five where three Corporation Commission were being selected. Bob Burns, who waged war on “dark money” spent by utilities to influence commissioners, Andy Tobin and Boyd Dunn were the victors.

Time‘s up: Longtime Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell will be replaced by Aaron Flannery, who has run a respectful but assertive campaign, calling out Purcell for the snafus on the day of the presidential preference primary where too few polling places left people standing in line for up to 6 hours to cast their ballots.

Jerk replaced by quality: Desert Ridge JP Clancy Jayne was trounced by the very capable Cathy Riggs, a former police detective and law school grad with a BA in Administration of Justice, who exposed Jayne’s numerous reprimands by the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. When Gov. Ducey endorsed Riggs, Jayne let go with a barrage of foul mouthed utterances that should enable him to find employment with John McCain, renown for his own crudeness — even publicly directed at his own wife.

Best resurrection from scandal: Congressional District 1: Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu easily won the GOP Primary, overtaking five challengers. Ken Bennett’s dismal 4th place showing should keep him out of the political arena in the future. Babeu’s previously much publicized romance with another male is of no consequences in this age of Kaitlyn Jenner. His Democrat challenger, also out of the closet, is the recipient of donations by the Gay& Lesbian Victory Fund.

More evidence of the lack of influence of the Arizona Republic: Though the newspaper endorsed his primary challenger, conservative Congressman Paul Gosar easily captured 71% of the vote.

No surprisesCD 6 incumbent Republican David Schweikert won with 80% of the vote. CD 8 incumbent Republican Trent Franks won with 71% against Clair VanSteenwyk who simultaneously was in the U.S. Senate race. Can’t something be done to keep egotists from running for more than one office at a time?

 Biggest loser not on the ballot: Secretary of State Michele Reagan whose job it is to oversee statewide elections failed miserably with her new “Error” plagued website That word popped up instead of the candidate names and vote totals Arizonans were looking for.  More proof that even this age of technological advances, the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” still applies.

9 Responses to 2016 Primary Election: Wednesday morning quarterbacking

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    I needed this today! Was up late trying to get returns. Sick over McCain win. The good news is Joe Arpaio’s victory.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Thank you SRAZ for background information on candidates running for office during this Primary. It helped in choosing a candidate.

    Kelli Ward did well against the vicious McCain campaign. I hope she runs again in some high profile office. She’s very impressive.

    One out of four ain’t bad when Sheriff Joe blew away the competition – but McCain, Rubio and Wasserman-Schultz won their seats.

    The detestable Angela Corey was defeated. She was the Jacksonville state attorney general who lied and forced investigators in her office to lie in the Trayvon Martin case.

    I’m under the impression that Steve Watson won County School Superintendent with 42% in a race with two others.

    Thrilled to see Helen Purcell go. Michelle Reagan should be next!

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Conservative Since Birth,
      Thanks for the correction. We have noted our error in the post. You are a valued part of this site. Today we appreciate your eagle eye.

  3. Kathy says:

    So sad on Kelli Ward’s loss against Liar McCain. Come November I WILL be writing in Kelli Ward’s name. Afterall the only 2 Senate choices in November are Democrats McCain/Kirkpatrick. So I will vote for the better non-candidate Kelli Ward.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Sheriff Joe has far more respect from the citizens of Maricopa County than Judge Murray Snow could ever hope to have. He accuses Arpaio of failure to comply with his orders when it’s Snow who has the real agenda. If federal judges stood for election, he’d be out on his ass in a hot minute. Last night’s overwhelming victory for Arpaio was the loud and clear unified voices of the voters, holding Snow in “contempt.”

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Two paragraphs from Conservative Review on yesterday’s vote:

    AZ Senate: John McCain was re-nominated yet again with a double digit win over his challenger, state senator Kelly Ward. There are no words in the English language to describe the degree of perfidy and betrayal this man has achieved in undermining conservatives over the years. He has scored more points for the other team than Democrats could have won had one of their own been occupying that seat for the past 15 years. Although he was extremely vulnerable, McCain’s ubiquitous name ID and huge war chest once again scared off first-tier candidates from challenging him. McCain’s victory is all the more devastating because he is the first incumbent to have won six years ago by lying to primary voters and winning reelection yet again. In 2010, McCain won his primary by running all the way to the right and promising to “build the dang fence.” Not only did McCain then turn around and push comprehensive amnesty, he voted against building the fence as a prerequisite for amnesty.

    AZ-5: Conservatives lose seats when good incumbents retire and we fail to replace them with likeminded conservatives. Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz. (B, 83%) is retiring after this year. He made sure to endorse state senator Andy Biggs, a man with a proven conservative record in the legislature, right out of the gate. But in came Christine Jones, a liberal millionaire who praised Hillary Clinton and accepted the premise of global warming… before she ran for House. By outspending Biggs by a margin of 3-1 and touting herself as an anti-Hillary conservative, Jones was able to pull out a very tight victory in a crowded and divided field. This conservative seat has just been flipped to the other side and will set back the Arizona delegation during the next session.


  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    On a different note, in a HUGE response to the San Francisco 49’ers very overpaid bench-sitting quarterback (name will not be mentioned), this is going to happen on Thursday night—–

    The San Diego Chargers will be hosting the San Fran 49’ers Thursday night. The San Diego Chargers organization is #1 in the NFL in honoring our military.

    So, as an in-yo-face to the SF $$$$QB who refused to stand for the National Anthem a few days ago, the San Diego Chargers organization has pulled out all the stops.

    An over the top Salute to the US Military will take place before the game commences, to include a US Marine singing the National Anthem; a fly-over of US military jets; a roll-out of a Massive US flag which will run the length of the football field; half-time events to various groups of Veterans, and another song by the US Marine.

    Let’s just see if the media gives the television audience the opportunity to view it.

    The multi-million dollar SF QB of average qualifications has also received an invitation issued publicly by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept. asking him to consider participating in their training academy, since he continues to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the scumbags known as
    the blm.

    Interestingly enough, the miscreants whom he is supporting financially now claim that he cannot speak for them. Because he was born to a Caucasian female.

  7. Cathy Riggs says:

    Thank you for the two stories on my race for Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace. I just want to make one correction. I have a law degree which I earned going four years, four nights a week, with three kids at home. I also have a BA degree in Administration of Justice. Both are on my website at RiggsforJP.com I have never been a lawyer, nor have I held a bar card.