Phoenix: Sanity clashes with absurdity on topic of illegals

Within the same time frame Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrived in Phoenix to share the fundamentals of his 10-point immigration plan with thousands of supporters, the City Council was busy with a plan of its own. Trump’s announcement on Wednesday included pulling federal funding from cities that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens. The Phoenix City Council, on the other hand, was actively engaged in providing ID cards to “undocumented migrants.”

It’s all a matter of terminology, don’cha know?

Phoenix will even generously allow applicants for the city ID card to use a foreign passport to establish their identity, opening the door to identity theft and encouraging more illegals to flood Phoenix seeking jobs and myriad taxpayer paid social service benefits.

According to the report in the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) The ID Card program should be in full swing by Feb. 1, with pre-registration starting in December.  Phoenix now joins New York, San Francisco and Oakland, which have made municipal IDs available regardless of immigration status.

The ID card is nothing short of miraculous, allowing illegals, the homeless and even transgender folks access to bus and light rail, libraries, community centers, the ability to open a bank account, rent an apartment, report crimes, allow parents to visit their children’s schools, access free food, health care, child care, recreation centers, golf courses, and even provide discounts at local shops. Who knew Phoenix residents were prohibited from engaging in these activities?

The 5 – 4 vote was split between rational thinkers and far left council members joined by liberal Mayor Greg Stanton voting in favor of this magical carpet ride. The daily reports councilwoman Laura Pastor who supported the ID and represents areas of the city “with large immigrant populations” (read: “illegal“) revealed her agenda as she said, “It means they belong to our community and our city.” The citizens in District 4 are in dire need of representation, since they don’t get it from her.

Call and thank council members Sal DiCiccio, Jim Waring, Thelda Williams and Debra Stark. for remembering that they represent the citizens of Phoenix.


5 Responses to Phoenix: Sanity clashes with absurdity on topic of illegals

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Leftist lunacy is alive and well in Phoenix. The city is run by unions. They count on low voter turnout in city elections, which were purposely rescheduled to August when many residents are vacationing. What clearer picture of Democrats at work do we need?

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I hear too much about how Arizona is ready for Hillary in November. She’s going to be running ads in this state. I’m sure Greg Stanton is busy working on that around Phoenix to impress the D.C. rats.

    Even though I don’t live in the city of Phoenix, it’s embarrassing to have Phoenix mentioned in the same breath as San Francisco, Oakland and NYC – all liberal cesspools that are falling apart at the seams. Michael Savage talks about what a hellhole SF is. NYC is run by a communist who is anti-cop and is as corrupt as they come. Phoenix, under Democrats of today, will be as unlivable as Oakland, et al. The only thing keeping it upright are the four councilmembers, especially Sal DiCiccio, mentioned above. Illegal aliens are afforded more attention and ‘benefits’ than the veterans at the Phoenix VA. That is the downfall of big cities run by Democrats.

    • Clementine says:

      t’s been said the inmates are running the asylum. The City of Phoenix is a real live example. It’s becoming embarrassing to say I live here. Maybe I’ll just call myself a native Phoenician and people will tell me how young I look coming from the the country that invented glass.

  3. MacBeth says:

    I’ve never understood the use of the word “community” as Pastor conveys it and Mary Rose Wilcox always used it, to mean only the minority community they represented or live in. Same thing with the BLM usage of the word “community.” When most Americans talk about their communities, they include everyone who lives in the area. I never think of ethnicity as a definer of my community, but minorities appear to do so regularly. “celebrating diversity” has divided us along ethnic lines making us Balkinized. The United States became strong by celebrating unity. Legal immigrants desired to be Americans, speak English and celebrate our country’s history as their own.

  4. Vince says:

    I strongly suspect the “access to bus and light rail” lines translates to FREE ACCESS where the rest of us have to pay their freight as well as our own if we were riding. I’m so sick of politicians viewing us as the golden egg laying goose. How many schools do you imagine refuse to let parents attend parent teacher conferences? How many of these people do you think have rented quarters in which they live. This is all pure BS. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ultimate motive behind these IDs have something to do with voting in our elections. Pardo me for being suspicious. Living long enough to see liberals at work on various fronts, has given me a healthy dose of wisdom.