Jeff Flake: AZ’s aptly named senator endorses Hillary

Republicans should commit rogue Flake’s words to memory: “I don’t expect that I will be able to support him [Trump] in November….I just don’t see how I can.”

Republicrat Jeff Flake appeared on CBS News’ “Face the Nation (video) with host John Dickerson Sunday morning — slamming Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Then slamming him again.  And a few times more, for good measure.

DICKERSON: You talked about the tone and tenor of his campaign. We have had this conversation, you and I, before. Since then, Donald Trump has made a bit of a pivot. He said he regretted some things. He’s tried to change his position on the undocumented workers. He’s also kind of layered over his view about not allowing new Muslim immigration. Have any of those moves done anything to change your thinking about him as a president?

FLAKE: Well, I would like to see him stick with some of those positions for awhile. The ban on Muslims, he does seem to have walked back. He’s talking more about regions or visa vetting process. That seems to be better. I’m glad to see that. With regard to immigration, he pivots, and then pivots right back, so it’s kind of a 360-degree pivot at times. So, I would like to see a firm position that he sticks with for awhile. And, obviously, I would like to see it a more realistic position in dealing with those who are here illegally now.

DICKERSON: You have said a version of that before. Given how long you have held this position, aren’t you really at a point of no return in terms of ever supporting him?

FLAKE: Well, it becomes increasingly difficult to see that he’s going to change. So, I don’t expect that I will be able to support him in November. I would like to, but he’s the Republican nominee. I just don’t see how I can.

DICKERSON: And you have advised other Republican senators running, including John McCain in your state, to distance themselves from Donald Trump. John McCain in an ad appears to be doing that, saying he will be a check against Hillary Clinton. Is he taking your advice?

FLAKE: No, I wouldn’t suggest he’s taking my advice, but he’s doing what I think Republicans need to do. If we want the future of our party to be what it needs to be, we can’t associate with this kind of message and certainly with this kind of tone and the rhetoric that’s being used. Long term, I think that drives away young voters. It certainly drives away a lot of people in the minority community that we’re going to need moving ahead. So, I think John McCain and others are doing exactly what they need to do.

DICKERSON: Hillary Clinton has been saying that Donald Trump is not a part of the Republican Party. She’s been saying there are Republicans who are not like him. Does actually help Republicans who are trying to win in the same year he’s running as president?

FLAKE: It probably does for anybody to say that. For people to be reminded that this is not what the party stands for, I think, is a good thing. I wish more Republicans would say that as well, but if Hillary Clinton wants to say it, I’m glad people — voters are being reminded of it anyway.

This is a transcript of the full exchange between Flake and host John Dickerson. The interview follows Chris Christy‘s interview.

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8 Responses to Jeff Flake: AZ’s aptly named senator endorses Hillary

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    This is disgusting and insulting to presidential primary voters in state after state who put Trump in the lead over 16 other Republican candidates.

    Jeff Flake won’t be supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and my wife and I won’t be supporting Jeff Flake when he’s up for reelection. He’s doing everything within his power to call attention to himself and separate himself from the GOP pack, because the word among East Valley insiders is he’s positioning himself to run for the presidency next time around. He wants to be the first LDS president. He’d have a built in constituency, and would carry the sanctuary state of Utah but it didn’t help Mitt Romney who is much sharper than the mediocre Jeff Flake. Flake is angling for the Hispanic vote. Like Jeb! Bush he can point to the Hispanics in his own family, a new son-in-law and grandson — to broaden his base. Flake should do at least as well as Jeb!

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    Ha! But whether Jeff the Flake likes it or not, Spanish language ads have tied him and McCain to Trump.

  3. Fed Up says:

    Flake is another AZ Senator defector. McCain has called Hillary a “rock star.” He and Flake are tied at the hip. I trust them both as far as I can throw my Dodge Ram. McCain ran a lie filled primary campaign against Dr. Kelli Ward and deserves a much needed retirement. I hope to give it to him.

    I’m an elected precinct committeeman and will never again vote for him. My last McCain vote was for his censure at the January 2014 Republican state meeting.

  4. Attila The Hunny says:

    Señor Juan McAmnesty is running scared, and has a new ad up in which he promises to be a check on Hillary. The same Hillary he previously called a rock star he could support for president. What a joke! Get the puke bag out before you watch this with McCain using a soft voice to pummel us with more lies, as gentle music plays in the background. No cursing from the foul mouthed pig who actually called his own wife a cunt in front of reporters. That must be OK with the Flakes who are standing beside him with big smiles in the opening frame of this video.

    • Doc says:

      …he called his own wife that…& she’s still with him. That in & of itself speaks VOLUMES when mcskidmark says that shrillary’s a “rock star”.

  5. Army of One says:

    What a phony! Most of what he says he “will do” if reelected is exactly the opposite of what he has done while in the senate for decades. He opens this charade by saying he never had a home because his dad was in the navy and they moved every couple of years. What he omits is that his father was not a lowly seaman but an Admiral as was his grandfather, which is how the not very bright McCain got into the Naval Academy, tho graduating at the bottom of his class.

    He says Kirkpatick is a good person, but will raise taxes and not look out for our veterans. How much more accurately could McCain describe himself? He was called out for lying about supporting tax increases by Tim Russert, which he finally admitted to doing. The Veterans Administration scandal that resulted in needless deaths of countless vets who were denied timely medical care occurred right here in Phoenix. Where was McCain? Probably on one of his many visits to the Obama White House, giving Obama advice on spiffing up his legacy. McCain is solely responsible for sealing all of the Vietnam era POW and MIA records that military families have begged to have released. Why?

    John McCain is a practiced liar. This commercial is desperation personified. And how dare he think that at 80, he should be running for another 6 year term? It’s way past time for a change. McCain has shoveled lies for years. Voting for him indicates we like it. Ask yourself, what has he done to deserve your vote? The answer if you’re a conservative Republican is nothing.

    I don’t vote for liberals or known liars, so I won’t be voting for McCain. He has voted to confirm liberal federal judges and Obama’s cabinet members. Wearing the Republican label is only a political convenience in this red state. I hope to see him booted out like House majority Leader Eric Cantor was.

  6. Hagar says:

    This 75-year-old life-long Republican and precinct and state committeeman of 30 years will pass by the U.S. Senate race on the November ballot, or perhaps cast a write-in ballot.

    • Doc says:

      Just a thought…like I did with JD Hayworth, I will be writing-in Dr. Kelli Ward. Ya’ know, @ th’ end of th’ day, I HAVE to sleep with myself. I personally believe there was some “shenanigans” on this, & I REFUSE to vote for either mc$#!+head or kirkpatrick.

      As for the Usual Fine post by SRAZ, l’il jeffy mcFlake should be WWAAAAAYYYY EASIER to primary than the entrenched mcMoron. His potty-mouthed words of yesterday won’t earn him any favors come next year, no matter who ends up residing @ 1600 PA. Ave…!